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I thought I should announce it here as well.
I have a FACEBOOK PAGE where I post many illustrations and sketches. 
Check it out if you're interested. :>
I haven't been very active here on dA recently but I'm opening commissions for anyone who's interested! Have a look :)

The thing is, I’m still working with my very first tablet (Intuos3 A5) I got 5-6 years ago and it’s getting old and laggy and annoys me (especially when animating). So, I’ve decided to buy a Cintiq next! In order to be able to afford that I’m opening commissions!

Please read the commission info page carefully. If you still have any questions write me an message :> 
I feel bad for not uploading much here so I wanted to remind everyone that I upload a lot of silly scribbles and concepts over at my 
twitter account   (quicker scribbles and more wips)
and also tumblr
If you like, you can follow me there, too :> I'd be happy!

A new illustration is coming up soon, though ;D
I was so happy to find my Falling Star deviation under the daily deviations!
Thank so much for everyone who cared to look at my art! Big thanks to all who give me lovely comments and special thanks to kangel for suggesting my work and jcroxas for featuring it <3

My motivation to keep on drawing knows no boundaries now!
I wanted to give my new watchers a list of sites where my art can be found! You're welcome to add me there, I'd be happy :D

tumblr (artblog):
tumblr (animation blog):

Youtube and vimeo will be added to this list when I have actually uploaded sth there...

Also, I'm working on a FAQ section, so if you have any questions about anything you're always welcome to ask me!

Thanks :blowkiss:
I'm in a bit of an financial crises so I'm taking commissions!
More info here:…

Note me :blowkiss:
Thank you zakkiya29 and SRaffa for the DD on my Beautiful Love piece!
That picture is still very dear to me and thanks to all the nice and encouraging comments I get I really feel like doing more monster designs! I have just ordered "Animals Real and Imagined: The Fantasy of What Is and What Might Be" by Gilbert Banducci and Terryl Whitlatch. Hope to get some nice inspiration from there!
I'm currently in the middle of creating a portfolio website (also as a part of a school assignement).
So I wanted to ask around what people like to see in an artist's portfolio site or what annoys you about such websites?
Do you like some interactive elements and an unusual navigation or shall it be clear and transparent for you?
Any advice would be highly appreciated!
"Knowing the figure is not going to make an artist of you. What is going to make an artist of you is a combination of a few basic facts about the body, a few basic principles of drawing and an extensive, obsessive desire and urge to express your feelings and impressions."
(Walt Stanchfield, from "Drawn to Life - 20 Golden Years of Disney Master Classes")

I like this thought <3
So I thought I needed a new fresh journal entry!
It's about the ABC-Team!
I plan to include them in my animation portfolio so character profiles and storyboards will come soon! (maybe some animation attempts, too~)

Also, thank you to all who suggested a job for my characters!
I think I found something interesting!
What do you think of Monster Whisperer?
I hope it hasn't been already used >__<
Hm, I have some ideas already but what do you think what does a Monster Whisperer do exactly? XD
(I apologize for this long text. I just felt like pouring out my heart a bit…)

I have been thinking a lot about art and what kind of artist I want to be. It made me realize that I am very far from my goal. But the realization brought me closer to it!

I have been studying literature and different time periods of art for my final exams. It made me realize how broad the field of art is. Everyone defines it for themselves. There is no one true way to go about it.

People have different reasons and different perceptions of what an artist is supposed to do and what art is supposed to evoke.
Art can educate, criticize, provoke, shock, make people happy, make them sad, make them think, make them feel. Art can also be some sort of self-therapy. Other human beings are bound to have similar feelings as the artist so there are plenty cases of successful artists who used art as a means of self-reflection and did not think much about their audience.

So, I have been thinking, what does art mean to me? What do I want to achieve with it?

The thing is I am not very good with words. I am not very confident since I know my arguments can be easily refuted. (I can only win an argument if the other party has no idea about the topic lol). So I actually feel a great deal of insecurity writing this… Though, for some reason, I believe my art can have a stronger effect on people than my words.

When I can indeed affect other people's thoughts, their feelings, maybe even their actions, it makes me feel like I am alive. That I have a reason to be here and that I cannot be easily replaced. Imagining that my art might have an effect on people even when I'm gone I really feel like I will live forever (as cheesy as this might sound). I want to inspire people, motivate them, make them feel. I want to be someone you can look up to. And above all, I want to be remembered.

At this point, I don't think my art can do that. It is not very expressive. Neither my stories nor my characters have a soul. But maybe that is because I have not given them the chance to live in other people's mind. I always wonder if and for how long they would survive (haha).
I admit I am a coward. I enjoy drawing fan-arts because there already is a feeling, a character with a story and personality. I know that I can reach people easily with that but in the end, not I or my art will be remembered but the series that I have been borrowing.

I also tend to go crazy about numbers. Page views, favorites, comments, watchers… It's pitiful but I believe to see some kind of trust and appreciation there. I am pitiful for putting such a great meaning on mere figures, am I not?

I have been trying to improve my skills but in the end it is all but a hollow shell. A better quality can be a powerful transmitter  for the message and emotions but without those it is just a lifeless stone which can easily be forgotten! (It might only inspire other artists to improve their skills but will other people really remember it or even care to look at it a second time?)
I do not want to create lifeless stones. But it feels like that is what I am doing at the moment.
Maybe I am thinking too hard about how to reach people. In the end, the doubts and thoughts prevent me from doing anything at all. I should learn from experience rather than from assessments of things that have not yet occurred.

Art makes me feel alive when other people appreciate it. I want to be appreciated for being special and creating special art. It is like people would appreciate my existence.

I want to create something epic.

Thank you for reading! :heart:
I'm trying to come up with a story for the one shot I want to print soon...

But every good idea I have is best for some kind of picture book...

This is my new account for personal work~

My commission account is here: :iconmiyuli: