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PSC Tourney: Final Round Cover



:pokeball: Previous five pages
:pokeball: Next (recap)

:star: Themesong for this round: Coming Undone by KoRn

:iconpokemonsupercontests: -- Jikan

Team Aqua motto written by ~OnlyLookin:

We're team aqua drown drown drown.
we're the coolest kids in town.
we'll punch you once and flush you twice.
cause we ar~en't very NICE


I've been sitting on this cover for a while, decided to finally upload it before I get crushed by OCTs. Just kidding but not really? I'm aiming for thirty pages, hopefully that will break everything into a nice three parts and still give me the 100+ page count I'm hoping for! But, eh, I don't have any of the battle scripted yet. D: My bad!

There's so much time in between rounds, I've totally given up on consistency. |D Please don't go back and read it from the start! I tried to, and it hurt.

Credit to Posemaniacs for help with the angle! And *edface for talking me into buying bristol!
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hi there. i was wondering if you would let me write a fanfic about Jikan and her sister. It would focus on one of Quipaw's cubs to be more specific a trainer that picked one of them up would wind up meeting Suika and Jikan would be there too and since Poison Fang is a powerfull move my own trainer would train it and a cub would be found.

thank you for the considereation.

P.S. i really like the whole story of your battles.