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Published: November 17, 2012
Welcome 8D thanks for visit my journal <3

needs Money!! :iconlazycryplz: ..:cries:
Update 03/10/2018


Commissions are Open

commissions OPEN

After accept you commisson idea and you do the payment ,no refound and you need to be patient

Sketch sketch FB $15 each character 

May Sketch by Miyuki-Tsukiyono

Skech/not background
I no do only Linearts sorry =(

Mini-Chibi  500 :points: per character
Lizzichibichiquito34 by Miyuki-Tsukiyono


chibi $10.00 / each Character
for each chibi

another-chibi-cute-examplexD by Miyuki-Tsukiyono Tamaki-chibipractice by Miyuki-Tsukiyono

With eye blink $15
Delay_HB_Freya_Dreyar_x3 by Miyuki-Tsukiyono

Head Shot $15.00  add character $10.00 
Kiss_Me_x3 by Miyuki-Tsukiyono  FairyTailOc_FlirtyLook by Miyuki-Tsukiyono Kyoya_Declaration_xD by Miyuki-Tsukiyono

Half Body $20.00
 add 15.00 extra char

Sayuri_anotherArt by Miyuki-Tsukiyono Pokemon_MagmaAqua_Team by Miyuki-Tsukiyono

 Waits Up $ 25.00  add $17.00 extra char depending of the complexity

  Polarshipping_kiss_in_the_rain by Miyuki-Tsukiyono FT_CuteJuvia_Swimsuit by Miyuki-Tsukiyono

full body $ 30 Usd 20.00 +extra char  depending of the complexity

Pokemon_MikkiArt_GM by Miyuki-Tsukiyono Commission_Serena_KalosQueen by Miyuki-Tsukiyono YGO_Sweetie_Dark_Magician_Girl by Miyuki-Tsukiyono


chara desing  35 USD each 
 depending of the complexity 
complete Reference Sheet $ 55
reference sheet

character_Adoptable00010_CLOSED by Miyuki-Tsukiyono cherry_Adoptable_PKMN_oc_CLOSED by Miyuki-Tsukiyono

Ecchi/nudity No explicit 
half body $ 25 .00 extra chara $ 13.00
waist up $ 29.00 extra chara 17.00 (sorry for error xD)
full body 30.00  extra chara 18.00
Commission_Iceelia by Miyuki-Tsukiyono Commission_Gray_kanna by Miyuki-Tsukiyono


Front $35 1 side, Dual view $ 60-65 same character on dual version


Mature Content

Commission_dakimakuraAika by Miyuki-Tsukiyono

Mature Content

Commission_Dakimakura_RiePetoriyacowa2 by Miyuki-Tsukiyono
dakimakuraElianfront1 by Miyuki-Tsukiyono

nude version $5 USD extra

dual view is the same character in a different position, even if have a swimsuit or different lingerie (not apply on dress/outfits)

a different character even on each side/position counts as a different commission ($30)

nsfw (only private explicity nudity sexual etc)

Waist up 35 USD extra chara 20
full body 40 extra chara 25

Mature Content

Commission_AllysaXMarcus by Miyuki-Tsukiyono
preview HBruLo by Miyuki-Tsukiyono


Very important note:

It has already happened several times that some people delete the references of their character
I'm sorry if I don't find the references I can not finish your commission not had too good memory to remember characters (I have so many references of past commissions that I'm hard to find them)
or in this case of chibis and sketch I will finish the work with the references that I find about character,
if you think to eliminate the original references send a note giving warning to be entered

Some times I'm late on answer a note please be patient 

I will try to accept all the commissions but first need to think on accept or refuse the idea (because is complex, i have so much works to finish first, or will take so much time to finsih that idea or other possible situations)
please don't feel bad if I can't accept your idea is for my times and complexity of the idea that I need check if is able to me accept the idea

Some times I don't understand very well the idea and this cause i can't accept the commisison.please be specific.

Sorry for the inconvenience

Extras charges
Fetish or extra elaborated ideas have a extra price 5-20 usd or more based on the complexity
Color elaborated (or softh) 10 USD

Background simple is to $ 5 dollars or super elaborated $ 10-20
complexity of character (costume accessories, armor ) 5-10 USD

I'm based on references and explanation give me but extra details you forgot tell me on the note before star the work and exactly precision details or various changes or changes of the finish work will count at extra charge about 5 USD 

after of 3 character the 4th counts as an independent commission

about pokemon and pets depends
if is a s a pokemon or pet simple ( Ditto, Voltrov etc) is a 3 extra

if is a pokemon or pet elaborate (Eevee pikachu pipplup frennekin, snivy etc) 5 usd extra

 if is very elaborated (ex Sylveon,ninetales,gardevoir,  etc)  is 5-10 usd
(on chibis the cost counts as each character) 

 Charizard Mega , lucario, arcanine,Charizard ,chariazard X Y, Metagross,suicune,Aggron,Milotic, Gyarados etc. counts as extra character

I do
-shonen Ai
-shojo Ai
-fan art
-sonic character
-furries (ONLY GIRLS)

I do not draw

styles I do
-Ouran Host Club
-Fairy Tail
-Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
-my own Style

DA Nick:
Order Type:
background/not background:
No. of Charas (max 3 Characters) :
References: (i forget this XDD)
Traditional/Digital (option no valid in sketch)

Payment metod
-Pay only if accept the order
-Pay for start the work
-pay me!!! not payment not work >=(
-only USD

-some time show the sketch (not is an obligation) for some little only I do 2 or 3 changes on the sketch (hairstyle, lines ,lack of details , modifications on the pose ect. I no do other pose or sketch (at least that I no are convinced) this is because counts as other sketch job , is okay?)
- once started the lineart and finished the job I can not make changes =( so I send a pre sketch based on references you send me for ask changes, only  minor modifications, color change, add, remove, details, eye color, skin and obviously not refunds after of start/finished the work -w-
this is to prevent the extremely demanding customers as they I  do not think to take  a whole month to making modifications even to the smallest and insignificant details , is stressful XD

the final product is the pic with adn without bg in HD resolution not the PSD file

If you wish a sketch and work over the sketch and modificate the pose and other details have a extra charges

the commissions are usually private, they are sent to S.tash
If you want your commission to be published, you must inform

-you must pay the fees (if my gets me less than the required amount to my account  I reduce the quality of work
sketches is not good quality, not renders ,no changes, no backgrounds, and work will be flat colors, ok?)
For sketch and mini chibi ot adoptables I not do no acept money just points . acept money commissions after $ 6 USD  at least that you paid all fees

clause PLEASE READ IT!!!!

After accept you commisson idea and you do the payment ,no refound and you need to be patient

time of delivery
Depend of how works i have on list and complexity
that include if are various commisions of the same client please be patient

The time is undefined based on the complexity and the saturation of my to do list or for some personal troubles sorry about this 

 always advance payment
you get what you pay

you must have patience
I do not accept unpaid work and impatient people (I notice that)
the waiting period can be long or short depending on the saturation
if you are an impatient and intolerant person I ask you to refrain not ask how long will be ready, otherwise ignored your commission note, I do not want that kind of trouble again
if not answered your note on long time is because notice a problem with his attitude and/or obvious impatience, not take it personal, just try to avoid problems and avoid a bad experience you and me 

Do not be sending notes every 2 hours or every day
of wants a refund will be given only half of payment in return

please avoid requiring work without pay

if you have not given paymente of his commission you not have right to claim because eventhough I accept commissions without previous payment, these are pass a secondary and unimportant stuff, and You cannot demand something that never paid so , without payment you maybe not get a commission even if pass the months or even years!!! is my desicion

Please note that before assembling a tantrum or being ignored

Points  Maybe are accepted :) 

on pay pal please you not send mexican money only USD

if you are from mexico and want to pay in local currency you can send the payment in bank deposit =)

(not post commission here losing it with the rest of feedbacks :cries:)


if you do not have to pay not ask

No Kiribans by SweetDukefor now T____T)
No Requests by SweetDuke NO :iconseriousnoplz:
Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke (only if I like your Art ;___; sorry!! )

Skin by SimplySilent
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causticsugarHobbyist General Artist
are you still open/taking commissions?
how many slots are currently on your list?
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SparvelyStudent Digital Artist
Siguen abiertas bb?
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Well, I am curious. You have my attention.
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isatchiStudent Digital Artist
Did you get my note dear? ówò
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I would like to commission you again please.
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Howdy! I'd really like a commission from you sometime and I sent a note, but since I saw you haven't read that note yet, I'm going with another artist on that particular piece. I'd like something else from you when you get the chance though, so whenever your schedule clears, please let me know and we can go from there :) 
Miyuki-Tsukiyono's avatar
you send a note?
it probably was lost in the sea of ​​notes that I have XD
I didn't imagine what kind of idea you had
sorry u.u
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Please let me know when you'll have time to get back to me. I really love the way you depict Seto Kaiba. I've had a crush on him since I was about 13 and now that I'm 30, I've set aside a monthly budget for art since my crush on him has only grown stronger over the years. Based on your commission prices here, I earmarked $42 in this month's budget for a commission from you, but if you're swamped with work, let me know and I can try again next month. Please let me know soon so I can reallocate that or whatever. 
Miyuki-Tsukiyono's avatar
Oooh sorry for this

As you mentioned to me that you had already asked someone else for the job
Pass the conversation
Sorry ><
happyare's avatar
Yep! No worries, we can do a different scene. Currently I'm interested in a Seto Kaiba x OC kiss to accompany my fan fiction. That Mai x Joey example you have is really hot, so anyway, I can send you more details and the money if you have the time to do that for me. 

Fair warning, though: It's a rather controversial story. The story itself is mature, but I'm keeping the artwork PG-13 so I can display it. You might want to check it out to see if you're OK with the concepts first. It's not necessary to read the story first, but it might be helpful.

I have it on multiple platforms including here on DeviantArt:
Kaiba's Prostitute Part 1
Chapter 1: Introductions
Joan stepped off Caltrain with her phone in hand, waiting for the next communication from her boyfriend. It was their fifth date and he had invited her to meet him at work, telling her to wear something cute. Not one for frills and ruffles, Joan opted for a knee-length navy blue dress with a white floral pattern. The neckline plunged low enough to attract attention without being dangerous.
Joan didn’t have to wait long for Marc. The tall, Filipino descendant of Genghis Khan strode towards her on the platform, a prince of this urban jungle. Although a mere fraction of a centimeter shorter than him, Joan fell into his arms a quivering lump of woman, the excitement and tension from the past three weeks of not seeing him overtaking her. Her head pressed against his firm shoulder as she tried to steady herself.
“Calm down. I’m here now. We’ll have the whole weekend together,” Marc said as he stroked Joan’s arms.
After the t………
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Oooh I see xD cool
No problem I do nsfw stuff with my oc and kaiba too xD
Just not shows on DA because some people report my stuff TvT
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Yep! I still need more commissions, though! I want a kissing picture, just one in different clothes and setting from the note I originally sent. I'll put together reference pictures in a new note soon and then you can take a look and invoice me or whatever.
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So I can do a commission?
MasterPanther2000's avatar
Cool. I think I might have some ideas.
Miyuki-Tsukiyono's avatar
awesome and osrry for delay XD (I lost a lot ot messages XDDDDu) 
MasterPanther2000's avatar
It’s ok, I’m sure you’ve been busy with other stuff
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KagamiArtworksHobbyist Digital Artist
I wanted to ask for a chibi commission (2 Characters) x3 I really love your art style 
KagamiArtworks's avatar
KagamiArtworksHobbyist Digital Artist
Alright I sent them in a note c:
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Lady-of-IndigoStudent Digital Artist
Do you have rules for Canon characters that are paired with your own OCs? I ask because I know some artists that don't do commissions with other OCs with Canon characters if they have their own OC paired with them (which is understandable, it's personal preference after all). xD
Miyuki-Tsukiyono's avatar
...owo depends
 send details ^^ 
Lady-of-Indigo's avatar
Lady-of-IndigoStudent Digital Artist
Okay! Gotcha!
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