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Pokemon Delta Dance Party

Commission to:iconwwelord:

a beauty idea i love to do

Three couples in love having a romantic dance at night.

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Slade aside i love how everyone else's attire matches their respective fav pokemon^^

Amethyst: Alola -Vulpix





So sweet and cute^_^

Miyuki-Tsukiyono's avatar

:heart: yes is so nice hehehe

and slade in this case?

WWElord's avatar

well he does have a shiny greninja as one of his pokemon, so I suppose his ninja attire is close enough to that^^;

after all Shiny Greninja is black, with grey spots...pretty close indeed.

So i guess they are all pokemon themed, makes the picture even better^_^

EloTheDreamgirl's avatar

Where is Freya & Peter and Mikki & Steven? 👀

Miyuki-Tsukiyono's avatar

I was thinking of including them but would have taken me more time XD and the customer only asked for few characters ^^; don't worry I will try to do them (extend the work) the next time I have time or opportunity to do xD

EloTheDreamgirl's avatar
Yay can't wait to see! 😊
WWElord's avatar

so if you did do that, would they be added to this picture or be by themselves.

either way i'm happy to have inspired such intriguing and epic picture ideas for you^_^

WWElord's avatar

who's Peter?

edit: so apparently that's a name for Lance, didn't know that my bad^^;

EloTheDreamgirl's avatar

Oh lol yeah it's Lance's french name, sometimes I forget some names are different in english. 😅

WWElord's avatar

sorry that confused me^^;

as epic as that would've been the three couples in the room are taking up enough of an epic feel as it is^^;; anymore and the room would explode from sheer epic preportions^^;

Miyuki-Tsukiyono's avatar

in the other room i guess hehehe

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un baile realmente romántico owo

Miyuki-Tsukiyono's avatar

>/////> chii graciaspor tu apoyo lo aprecio mucho

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Oh this is rather creative~ Nice going here^^

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lol still think it's awesome that Evelyn and Raihan are dancing again in a similar pose like before^^

The other girls are still great as well, Amethyst is an adorable snowflake, and Lizzie makes a grand gardevoir style sunny princess^^

Miyuki-Tsukiyono's avatar

yes all the girls look amazing with their dresses

WWElord's avatar

sure do, with the right partners to boot ^_~

this will a great picture forever^^

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Such gorgeous ladies!

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