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'Down', p.1

By MiyuKey
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Music: Jason Walker - Down

Part 1

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wow that is a change
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May i dub this? 
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Sorry, but as you can see I give no more permissions to use my works on YouTube
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Thats oke i understand youre art is anzing by whe way x3
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Thank u!
Good luck!
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I just read all your comics and i loved it!! I know i cant repost it of course. That's why I ask you, could I take a screenshot of your home page so as to post it on Instagram? I think it will be easier for my followers to find you that way!
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You can give a link, but if you prefer a screenshot of my page, I don't mind if you take it)
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I'll take a screenshot because links dont works on Instagram UwU
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Hello, MiyuKey. My name is Na'ama. I want to ask if I can translate this into Hebrew and put it in my Instagram account and of course credit you. So please can I?
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I don't give permission to post my works on Instagram, sorry
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hi! i was wondering if i can use your "down" comics in a youtube video. i plan on voice acting lines for it and just having it be a project that me and my friends will work on together for my youtube channel!~ if you are more than willing to give me access to do this please tell me!~ but id like permission to use the complete series of "down" !~ ive seen many others do this and simply thought it wouldve been a great project for me and my friends to work on!~ well thank you for reading this ~ have a meowrrific day!~ credit will be given at the end of the video and the description!~ <3 
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Hello. Sorry, but I give no more permissons to use my arts on Youtube.
KittyMega's avatar
thats perfectly fine thank you!~
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May i dub your comic?
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hi there, can I use your fanart for my video edit? I will surely give you credit
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Hi Im Flower Crown Annie and im asking permisson if i can dub this comic to my channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UC-odH… if thats okay with u?
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I'm sorry, I don't give permissions anymore.
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can i please dub your comics on my YouTube channel www.youtube.com/channel/UCfyl9… i love down so much and i know its late to start dubbing it but i really love this comic so please??
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Yes, you can)
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I like your stile. Really curious what'll happen next.
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This was really good and well made what did you use to make the comic panels and things?  :)
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Thank you!
I use Paint Tool SAI, line tool for panels. And Manga Studio for speech bubbles and text =)
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