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Expected reunion

By Miyucchi
For some reason in my mind Lestat is some kind of a pervert xD And after all this time without Louis this is the first thing he was waiting for
Lestat: I missed your backside, Louis!!
Louis: ... -.-# Screw you...

Now seriously, this is the scene I was expecting all the damn book, the reunion of these two. And when they hugged it was like "D'awwwwwww" <3
And now I've spoiled the moment so bad xDD Sorry xDD
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KehXKeova's avatar
YES!! So perfect!! XD

That's exactly how that scene should've ended! :nod:
THIS SCENE THOUGH. THIS SCENE GAVE ME ALL THE FEELINGS. I am so glad someone illustrated it. (... Albeit with a 'creative' ending! :-P)

And honey, it's not just in your mind that Lestat is a pervert. I am 200% sure that's canon.
Silverstonarellena's avatar
XD that's so what should happen! (Haven't read that far yet) 
Blue-Demon-Hybrid's avatar
:rofl: Naughty Lestat~ XDD
Marilovett's avatar
Hahahhaha pobre Louis pero por algo regreso que tal si Louis extrañaba que le tocara el trasero? Hahaha bueno oye una pregunta en que libro pasa esto esk apenas estoy empezando y me faltan muchos libros
ChibiChick137's avatar
XD Gotta love Lestat! 
blightfighter45's avatar
Louis probably has a great backside :3
Miyucchi's avatar
Totally agree!! xDDD
blightfighter45's avatar
Louis seems like the Brad Pitt of the vampires with the way they make him sound.

Oops.. was Brad Pitt the wrong person to say? XD
blacklolaroses's avatar
you know with their relationship i like to think they got married in between books at some point but to be honest lestat is such a hand full i don't know if one man alone could put up with him forever i mean he lasted 40 years last time but they had a kid so :shrug: regardless i'm sure lestat will be groping him for eternity :XD:
Miyucchi's avatar
Hahaha!! Yess xDDD And actually, I believe in the books they lasted nearly 70 years xD (4 or five before Claudia and 65 with her xDDD, so yes, Claudia was the one who made them last xDDD )
blacklolaroses's avatar
well the solution is obvious "hey louis i changed a young effeminate child that thinks of you as a father" "DAMNIT LESTAT! AGAIN REALLY?"
tina-hewitt's avatar
This could SOOOO easily be Armand and Daniel as well, huh? x''D
Miyucchi's avatar
Yes? I'm not so sure, really xDDDDD
(poor Daniel, by the way xDDD )
tina-hewitt's avatar
I think it could. :D xDD (Oh, yup, poor thing xD)
seasoncall's avatar
Louis volvé!! A Lestat no (solo) le interesa tu trasero D:
Miyucchi's avatar
Totalmente cierto! No (solo) tu trasero... otras partes son también interesantes :iconimhappyplz:
seasoncall's avatar
Que no lo escuche Louis, sino Lestat duerme este día bajo el sol XD
Sara666Bathory's avatar
fantastic <3 <3 <3
Miyucchi's avatar
CaptainLaura's avatar
This is so funny that I don't know why I hadn't faved it yet. :XD:
Miyucchi's avatar
Thanks for favoriting it x3
Louis and Lestat are so cute together >3<
sheepSkeleton's avatar
hahaha, awesome! I can totally imagine something like this ;) (and Loius' reactions always make me wonder how he managed with Armand? xD)
I love your style and sense of humor :D
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