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Entretaining himself

While King Thranduil is doing paper-work little Legolas is entretaining himself quietly with some carved toys in his Ada's study.
Anyone guess what are the carved toys? :giggle:
Right now I am doing an online course about Photoshop painting ilustration and I am trying to apply what I am learning, I hope I am improving a bit my coloring habilites ^^; By the way, painting fabric is a pain in the a***
Thranduil and Legolas (c) Tolkien

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Are those carvings of Glorfindel slaying the balrog? This is cute.
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o my goodness the cuteness!this is soooo well drawn too!wish I was as talented as you!
pennysstuff's avatar
Gorgeous - I can never get enough of a cute baby Legolas!  Heart Heart Heart 
ToaNova's avatar
Just...too...adorable...!!! *clutches chest & falls*
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And thats why it is Legolas who recognizes and names the balrog in Moria, thanks to the realistic elven toys, how handy. :D I love Thranduils legs, soo sexy. And of course the elfling is cute. Good luck with the brushes.
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aww! that leaf belt!!!! genius!!!!!!!
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GLORFY!!!!! Love Glorfindel and th Balrog!Love Love Love 
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This is adorable, awww. :love: Little legolas is precious. I like the little leaves on his outfit, too.
The-Gaming-Demoness's avatar
One look at the toys and I immediately thought 'OMG! It's Glorfindel and the Balrog!'

Amazing work! :)
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Yay! I am glad they are recognizables! :la:
Thanks a lot!!
The-Gaming-Demoness's avatar
You are very welcome! :)
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Glorfindel and the Balrog. Glorfy, as I recall, was the first and only known being to kill a balrog prior to the quest of the ring. 
ElemmireOfValinor's avatar
you forgot about Ecthelion :P But the toy is definitely Glorfy.
ChristineMW's avatar
Who? I'm limited in my knowledge of Tolkien lore, who was Ecthelion?
ElemmireOfValinor's avatar
A lord from Gondolin, possibly a Noldo, he drowned Gothmog the chief of Balrogs (and himself) in the fountain.
ChristineMW's avatar
Did he pull a Gandalf and come back more powerful than before, or did he just die out-right?
ElemmireOfValinor's avatar
what does it mean "pull a Gandalf"? Funny phrase :D
ElemmireOfValinor's avatar
he (Ecthelion) died and maybe was reembodied later, we don't know. We know about Glorfindel only because he returned to Middle Earth and yes, was called one of the mightiest of the Elves.
ChristineMW's avatar
Ah, so technically, anybody who faced off against a Balrog died and only two thirds come back, that we know of. By "Pulling a Gandalf" I meant die and come back more powerful after facing the balrog.
ElemmireOfValinor's avatar
yes, and there are only this three known examples of killing a Balrog. There were also examples where Balrog wins e.g from First Age Noldor Feanor and Fingon died fighting a Balrog, also Maedhros faced a possibly few Balrogs but they have taken him prisoner to Morgoth instead of killing him.
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Yay! Correct! :D
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I love it when I'm right!
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Adoré cómo diferenciaste el fondo de la figura, con el fondo mucho más parecido a una pintura al óleo... O sea, es muy lo que hacen en las animaciones: fondos bien detallados y los personajes con colores planos
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