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When I think about Pokeshipping

"Du bist weitergelaufen - aber ich bin stehen geblieben..." ["You were going on - but I'm still standing here..."]

These were my words when I wrote my Blog to that FanArt. When you're interested in what I had to say to and about the picture, I'd be happy if you could read it there, because it's a lot of text and I don't want to spam on the FanArt. It is very personally.

Why are there two "right" hands only?
Ash and Misty often reached hands for some usual reasons. I only wanted to show what out of this normal touch can become, when you wish for it.

Finally I was able to make a "real" FanArt again - you can't imagine how happy I am and I have to thank you for your great support and for cheering me up that much. You're awesome and I have to thank you for everything ♥ And I give you the whole credit for what I am able to make ♥

This picture was made to and inspirated by the following songs:
"Friends" by Aura Dione
"Himmel auf" by Silbermond
"Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson
"Nordpol, Südpol" by Jupiter Jones

I really hope you'll like it, although it's very depressive again - but hey, that's the real "MiyaToriaka"

Yours =MiyaToriaka

Ash Ketchum / Satoshi / Sacha and Misty / Kasumi / Ondine belong to (c) Satoshi Tajiri, Pokémon Nintendo, Game Freak, Tokyo TV
FanArt done by =MiyaToriaka
Original Size: A4
Made with pencil, pencil colors, Pastellis
Time of Making: circa 24 hours
Image details
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1374x982px 3.67 MB
© 2012 - 2021 MiyaToriaka
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Hello, this is a drama picture, why is it not in my favourites WHAT HAPPENED

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It's so breathtaking to see such a beautiful masterpiece. I can't help but have watery eyes when I see this.
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OMG thank you so much. ;__; ♥
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After reading your blog post, its important to see that many share your views on Ash and Misty and you along with several other stalwarts have brought this pair forward throw the years in many different forms.  I hope that all of you (Miya) and the rest carry on drawing, writing and exploring these characters in the future as many come to find these stories as they explore the old pokemon that we grew up with and want to see more of these character.  Oddly enough its people like you that are the answer for them.

Thanks for everything and keep plodding!
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OMG thank you so much, my friend. ;__; I'm trying to do my best and I hope, others will have fun in doing it, too.
Fire-Star-Bird's avatar what you beautiful...
Stand for what you believe in.
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AWW thank you very much. :D I'm trying ♥
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From one Miya to another, stay strong and keep up your work!
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AWW thank you, you too! :glomp:
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you cry when you think about pokeshipping?
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I read what you wrote and now I wanna cry! It's totally true! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!Waaaah! 
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But we are pokeshippers, and we will fight (in a  way that doesn't cause a shipping war) for Ash x Misty!
Rage I am a dummy! 
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No shipping-wars is my favorite way to fight that fight :D
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This is heartbreaking... :'(
Great art!
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Thank you very much. ;w; ♥
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I just hope one day, even though I know it'll never happen, those two will meet again...
No problem! :D
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I'm still hoping, too!
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Wow that tumblr was... Deep. A very profound explanation on your love of PokeShipping
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Ur welcome! I think that the fact that you had that much to say means that you are true to them, and that their bond, as both friends and anything more, and just your connection with them means a lot to you :)
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