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Pokemon BWII Back To 90s

Other title: "Pokémon BW II meets Pokémon 90's"

Done with Faber Castell & LYRA pencils. (NOT pencil colors. 2 pencils only: HB & 6B)

When I heard on Tumblr that Brock, Misty, and Gary will be official Characters in the new Pokémon-Game Black-and-White-2 (btw, that's why it is in black and white *kekeke*) I felt so, so, so, SO happy! Because that means these three beloved characters will get a guest role in the Anime again for about - let's see... 99,9%? YESH!!! Maybe only, but YESH! X) <- EXPLANING: So far when a character appeared in one of the games -doesn't care which age- they got a guest-role in the anime as advertising, because, as you all know, the Anime is for the game's advertising. I'm just hoping there, that's all. ;P And you know, it's not that impossible or weird to think that way.

I really miss Brock, Gary, and Misty... I love them all.
Pokémon is not the same without them.

Ou, and to all the Dawn-Fans: She's in Pokémon BWII, too! There is a Japanese magazine which told about her coming back! Be as happy as I am! :la:


Onix, Brock, Ash, Pikachu, Misty, Azurill, Gary, Umbreon
Pokémon belongs to (c) Satoshi Tajiri, Pokémon Nintendo, TV Tokyo, Game Freak
FanArt done by =MiyaToriaka
Clothes Design of the gym-leaders Brock, Misty, and Gary designed by =MiyaToriaka | These are no official designs - just saying XD
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Wow 0_0 i now know how who can draw like a god with a gray pencil 0_0

Ow!Realy!? They will be in tne game again? COOOOOL!!!!
MiyaToriaka's avatar
Oh no, that was only a bad rumor because of the games.
Austria-Gentleman's avatar
eins der besten bilder, obwohl ich doch die neuen Charas mehr mag ;)
Aber du kannst einfach toll zeichnen, das ist klar!
OblivionIchigo's avatar
This pic makes me sad how I miss the classic Pokemon..I still watch it if this was the cast. Great job!
MiyaToriaka's avatar
I see what you mean. To me it is the same.
Phoenix-Horizons's avatar
i heard roumors saying that ash won't excist in the seconud unvoa T.V series
MiyaToriaka's avatar
That was only a rumor ^^
Phoenix-Horizons's avatar
my little bro said it too and he also watched a trailer
MiyaToriaka's avatar
But as I said, it was only a rumor. Ash will be in Best Wishes 2, together with N.
Austria-Gentleman's avatar
da hast du recht. zum glück bleibt ash uns erhalten ^^
Gingersnap821's avatar
AAAAAAGGGGGHHHH SO cute my heads going to EXPLODE!!! :D Love, love love!
MiyaToriaka's avatar
Thank you so much :glomp:
Gingersnap821's avatar
You're very welcome :) And I think Faber-Castell pencils are the BEST! :D
MiyaToriaka's avatar
I only like LYRA :D
I really hope they are back i mean all of them are in the world tournament. it would make everyone happy as hell xD
MiyaToriaka's avatar
fawfulmk-II's avatar
Red/Ash is there too, as one of the World Championship opponents.

seriously,World Tournament is probably one of the best unlockables in a pokemon game since unlocking Kanto in Gold/Silver.

bringing the World Championship Saga to the show would be the perfect way to bring things ull circles as well,and bring everyone in-Misty, Gary, ritchie,Harrison, even that one dude with the Sandshrew.
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