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FAITH Special page04

"FAITH - An AGMP Story" - a Doujinshi/Comic by =MiyaToriaka
Translator German into English: ~MoD366 (Thank you very much ♥)
Beta-Reader: ~Da-Wabbit (Thank you very much, too ♥)
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This is the last page before I'm going to England! :la:

Page 04 of the Special of the story :D
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Have Fun!

Story and Art by =MiyaToriaka:iconmiyatoriaka:
All original Charas of the Story belong to (c) Satoshi Tajiri, Pokémon Nintendo, Game Freak
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© 2012 - 2021 MiyaToriaka
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ValerieFaller's avatar
Better stop before I break DA.
Or, y'know, my browser. Or my mom's computer.
MiyaToriaka's avatar
N-no, DON'T DO IT.
ValerieFaller's avatar
Don't worry, the computer is safe. ^.^ Hehe!
Sheikhni's avatar
I wanna go with Pikachu...I can't wait to know what it is!!!
Girl-of-the-Rose's avatar one night!
OMG I LOVED IT!! I can't wait for more pages! :D
MiyaToriaka's avatar
OMG thank you very much ;3; I'm happy you liked it ♥
Girl-of-the-Rose's avatar
oussa123's avatar
Hope you fnished it soon. no rush but i just want to see the comic so please finish it
SalPal22's avatar
;v; man I'm sad FAITH is over but it was a beautiful story!
Gah! I love this comic so much! And I LOVE Misty's outfit! :heart: It suits her well!
I can't wait for the next page!
MiyaToriaka's avatar
AWW thank you so much ;3; I'm happy you liked it ♥
SalPal22's avatar
:clap: it was beautiful~
I sure hope my comic will be as good as yours! >V<
MiyaToriaka's avatar
It will for sure :)
Jeewolf's avatar
yeah im looking foward to it too XD
ashchu1's avatar
when will there be more ?
MiyaToriaka's avatar
When the pages are done.
ashchu1's avatar
i mean when do you think the pages will be on da
MiyaToriaka's avatar
When I've finished them. I mean it as I said it. I can't tell you exact dates...
ashchu1's avatar
Kasmirau's avatar
i wonder what it is
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