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Next Gen: Flurry Heart

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Princess Florence Heart
" Good morning to all my beloved family! Who is ready to start a new bright day? "

Nickname(s): Flurry (please, please call her like this), Fluffy, Flu-flu, Furry Ass.
Queen Cadence and King Shining Armor
Siblings: Radiant Passion Eros, Romeo
Species: Alicon/Female
Build: Tall, well-built
Special talent:  Warm the ice of the hearts with a flurry of love.
Occupation: Princess/Protector of the Crystal Heart
Voice: Lucy-Despicable Me 2&3 (Kristen Wiig)

From the day she was born, Florence was the apple of the crystal ponies' eyes and a wonder in all Equestria for being one of the first natural born alicorn in centuries. Educated since she was little to be a perfect lady and princess, there was no doubt the young alicorn grew more beautiful, gracious and full of love with the passing of years, destined to greatness as expected from the heir to the throne. Unfortunately, (for other) Florence had other plans. When she reached her adolescence, tired of always trying to fulfill everyone's expectations, she rebelled against the system. She was much more that just a pretty perfect doll, No sir! Flurry was much more!
She cut her very long mane, shaved both sides of her head, have her first tattoo (without her parents' consent), and she showed up to the crystal castle meeting room proclaiming her new self or rather her true self. 

Flurry Heart (as she likes to be called) is really a special thing, she's an exuberant, outgoing, optimistic big mare determined to find the fun in every situation. But all those past years of restricting her emotions, demanding her best, and faking the perfect smile, left in her… let's say issues. Flurry is somewhat oblivious to the sad aspect of things. It’s not that she is insensitive to the emotions of others, she’s very empathic but sometimes her need of over control the situation and always try to see just and only the good of absolute everything, Flurry doesn’t let the "negative emotions" flow so she push them aside, because sadness/anger only delay things, and her constant anxiety makes her say the least appropriate things at the worst moment. She’s working on this, 
Flurry knows the good that she can do when she let things happen on their own, after all her talent eradicates in not eliminating the negative emotions but help those who have these feelings by teaching them to express this in a healthy way, to accept and release them with care to continue. 

Even so, in spite of having her own big struggle, Flurry’s still the sweetest mare, a good mother and wife that only wants the best for her family and give her little ones the normal childhood that she never has.

-Flurry has a... complicated relationship with both her parents, she loves them but since she renounced her position as heiress to the throne (she is the firstborn) they sometimes fight when they try to talk her into accepting her title again. Most of the disagreements are with her dad, although in her childhood she was a harcore daddy's girl and deep down still is, in a certain way she feels hurt that he doesnt approve many of her decisions. Cadence is a different story, she is not as inflexible as her husband, and supports her daughter in everything she can. She secretly tries to repair the father and daughter bond, but Shining and Flurry are equally stubborn, so it will be very difficult.

-Flurry is very in love with her husband and wife (Thorax and Ember). Of course they have their many disagreements and complications since the three of them live in different places, but they try to make it work by spending a certain number of seasons all the family in the three kingdoms. She adore her children very much and although she doesnt understand their things, she always encourages them to follow their dreams and is always ready to stand for them.

-Radiant, Eros and Romeo are her dear little brothers and she is very proud of them, they never let the pressure discourage them from being themselves, something she learned older. Whenever she can, Flurry visits Radiant at the funeral home, practices some sport with Eros and go together to the spa, or tells Romeo stories of the other kingdoms (sometimes she secretly take him and show him all kinds of cool places).

-Twilight is her role model, Flurry admired her aunt since she was a filly. Both have a very fun relationship but full of sass, mostly because Flurry likes to tease her, reminding to Flash and Tempest the most embarrassing moments of Twi. Flurry really loves her Uncle Flash, he is so easy to talk, sweet and remembers with great affection as he used to take care of her when she was little. Tempest is scary for everyone, but Flurry thinks she is really great, a little emotionally constipated but still cool. When they started their relationship, this opens another path in Flurry's eyes. She also wanted that, but she admits that when the three are together and forget that she is in the room, oh noooo how they talk like a fools in love, and oh gosh when they start with the excessive PDA, nuuuu please, it's romantic to a certain extent but wait for me to leave.

-Her best friends in the world are Morfeo and Dionysus, they are very similar as different. They loved to dance and sing together (to the great displeasure of many) and start many musical numbers, or just sit down and talk about their lives. Flurry affectionately called them her babies boys. She and Morfeo are very protective with Dionysus, hurt him and you will suffer.

-Flurry relate with her cousin Hermes the most, since both are so tired with the fact that just because they were born alicorns, everyone expects them to be perfect and the next ones on the throne of their respective families. Same with Bellona, although she admits that sometimes her extreme tendency to excessive intimidation is something that the girl must work on, and Bellona knows it. And secretly in her heart she supports Loki and Atea in their desicion to renounce the crown and have told their truths the corrupt.

-With Nyx and Erebus it's kind of hard to explain, she feels in some way responsible for the incident that hurts them horribly and does everything to make up to them. But they dont blame Flurry or hate her it was not her fault, and even though they try to be friends, Flurry knows that they are hiding something from her, if not, why do they act so weird in the presence of her dad?

- Everyone think her cutie mark its linked with the crystal heart or how she would be the next queen, but the truth is different. Flurry got her cutie mark when she was a teenager, it happens when she allowed herself to let go of her perfect persona, for a moment, and comforted her Aunt Twilight when she had her first miscarried (due to natural causes) Flurry say and do just what her aunt needed, a compassion and an advice: left herself grief. Just the two in that room, she let her cry, heard her pain, just let her feel that it was okay to have this emotions, and then the mark appear in her side.

-Flurry is a proud asexual polyamorous, she is married to Ember and Thorax (she is the kind of asexual who feels romantic attraction and although she doesnt have a negative idea of sex, still is a big no, no thanks, no, no interest. And her lovers respect that).
They have three children, Kaiserin (Garble and Ember child, just for political reasons, a dragon thing), Nymph (Thorax+Flurry), Aqua Lilium (Thorax+Ember). Flurry and Thorax consider Kaiserir their own child even if they don’t share blood. And in case of Nymph and Lily, Thorax was the one who birth both of them, poor dude. 

-Her tattoos have great value for her and have different meanings. 
On her shoulder: An ace of heart. Her low or lack of sexual attraction to other was always difficult for her to discuss, everyone told her that it was only a phase that just needed to find the special one. In spite of the fact that the Crystal Empire is the city of love and respect different types of sexualities and love, but the inhabitants dont understand that there can be love without sex, or that someone could be born with the  wrong body, or not identify with any gender. The millenium that they disappeared, left them behind in these issues. Flurry decided not to hide it anymore. This was her first tattoo.

In the center of herchest: The polyamory symbol. Another part of her that she want to show. 

In her legs:
 A beetle with a heart and the word Love Bug, it's her husband Thorax. Two dragons forming a heart, it's her wife Ember.
She is planning to have another tattoo in honor of her children, still working on the design.

- In her childhood she had many crushes (including her current spouses) among them his uncle Flash, his mentor Sunburst, her aunt Tempest, even Queen Luna. It seems that she had a thing for sweet fluffy gentle things and serious plus little aggressive beasts… Mhhh that explains a lot of things.

-Despite her rigorous training to be a princess/lady, Flurry always hates those puffy dresses and fancy makeup, it's just that it was too much work to do every day and those clothes didnt let her breathe. She loves drink beer, fight hoofs, wrestling, loud music (especially any kind of rock, old or new), tattoos, piercings and punk/rock fashion. No one knows where she got the like for those things. Well, maybe Flash influenced in her actual style and musical tastes, by listening with her his favorite rock bands when he was babysiting her,play metal with his guitar for her, reading music magazines, secretly giving her records and some of his old clothes whe she ask it for it, and taking her to concerts... Sooo maybe its Flash fault, just a little.


Wow those were many words but here it is, oh and before I forget I liked :iconazure-art-wave: headcanons that
Flurry's actual name is Florence, and that Flurry its just a nickname. Well I hope everybody enjoy what I did with this girl ;)

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Man, those expressions are p er f e c t
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Flurry is what we call "wacky face maker". Her expressions are very honest she can not lie her face betrays her XD
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Flurry being a rebellious teen is also a hilarious concept imo, and one that makes sense 
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-My own apologies for the very late response to your epic update on this epic picture but...OH MY MIYATHEGODLENFLOWER!!!! THIS IS AWESOME TACULAR! :iconflutterhappyplz:

I do not know even where to begin with how great this version of 'Florence' Heart, such a fancy name for a fancy lass...eeee!^-^!

I literally love everything about this, the shipping, the backstory, the intrigue, etc! It's all great. She's not like other princesses, she a rebel! I love it so much! 

Everything you had was fascinating and so well thought out. It's hard to comment without just devolving into praise for how creative as well as perfect for it all is. You have really outdone yourself this time, not only in concept but in design. I love the design and explanation for the tattoos, giving them more than just shock value but importance to her life really sells the design. The feel that the conflict between her and her father, Shining, is reasonable. He's a good boy and a soldier, I can see him having a metaphorical stick up his arse while Cadance is much more the mediator between the two. I hope they both come together well some day. 

But even on a difference character I can't help but comment on how it ties into my OTP, or your OT3 as the case is. The fact that she sees Twi as role model, Flash as her fun uncle, and thinks Tempest is cool beans is super awesome but it only gets better with the fact you have having crushes on her cute guard uncle, hopefully she didn't find those Guard Calendars you mentioned before, and scary Tempest is great, but having her crush on cute nerd Sunburst, yesss! I ship him with Starlight but I love this just cause the idea of Starlight becoming jealous of little filly over affections for Sunburst is hilarious for me. 

Also Flash influencing Flurry's development, I'll admit does show some bias to Flash 'dreamy cute bottom' Sentry...bias that I share and fully approve of Miya ^-^!

But what really struck me was the bombshell you dropped in Flurry's cutie mark story...miscarried child from Twilight. If I didn't catch that before, shame on me, but damn did it hit me reading here like a frick-ton of bricks. I am a guy IRL, but I cannot imagine anything in this world more devastating than a miscarriage, natural or otherwise caused. To think one of my favorite pony characters going through that, is well, devastating. I legit shed a tear for that. I can only imagine the turmoil and pain both her and Flash went through. The fact that Flurry was able to help Twilight through that is inspiring and really shows a maturity beyond her years that makes little Flurry so great here. I wonder though what Flash went through, if Flurry helped him or he needed someone else to get through such a calamity. Either way that's a fascinating, interesting story...THAT I DEMAND YOU EITHER WRITE OR AT THE VERY LEAST SHOW VIA YOUR ART. I'm sure I'll cry seeing it but It's a huge important plot in your next gen. I don't usually make such huge claims or demands but I feel that needs to be represented more than just in a very well done character backstory. 

In conclusion, sorry for the rambling but Oh Miya Goldenflower (the new OMG), this is an incredibly backstory and redesign. I wish I had even a sliver of the creativity and artistic skill that you have in you. You have never disappointment with you work and I look forward to watching as well reading your tales of these lovely great characters. 
MiyaTheGoldenFlower's avatar
Oh my God! I do not know what to say. I have a huge silly smile on my face now.
The truth is I'm slow to upload the bios because I want them to be well explained in a few words, and I thought a lot about the personality of Flurry, I did not want to do what most do, you know? I know it's stupid and that by now be "original" is impossible, but I try because I want someone even if just one person feel identified with one of my characters to see that they are not alone.

I'm glad you're interested in Flurry's relationship with his dad, I mean Shinig is a great guy without a doubt, but he can still make mistakes like anybody. Also let's be honest the it seen that Sparkle family has a problem is to try to control everything and believe that they are always right (just look Twilight) But it's not just that why they are so apart, some things happened that made Flurry not talk to his dad for years. I dont want to tell spoilers but I can say that part of being ruler/captain of the guard of a kingdom, sometimes your desions have bad/good consequences, you can never predict what's going to happen.

Oh the Flurry crushes is a fun thing to talk about, and it has many interesting stories. The funny thing is that she is not ashamed of her old crushes, in fact she is proud. Often she fought for her Uncle Flash's attention with Twilight, but in a nice way. Like giving him kisses on the cheek, or telling him things like "you're so pretty! I love you" and to Tempest "You are so cool, why do not you marry me?"
Flurry was always a smart girl, she could see for miles that Tempest was in love with Twilight and when the unicorn began to feel sentiminetos by Flash Ohhhh Flurry said the most inappropriate yet inocent things "Miss Tempest, I thought you liked my aunt Why do you look at my uncle's butt? Is it fun to look at someone's butt?" Oh and with Sunburst it was so fun to see Miss Starlight's jealous face "Dont get mad, Miss Glimmer, we can share him!" The girl has a heart full of love as you can see XD

To this day Shining blames (in a funny way) Flash for the "bad influence" on her baby girl. Neither Cadence nor Shining are into rock of any kind less metal, so it's a singular scene see her with Flash playing his guitar, both moving their heads to the rhythm of loud rock. Something like this www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAgnJD… Even for Twilight it was fun when she discovers that behind that fluffy face there is a rock lover. Flash is like that cute boy that is a sweetness but with a wild side in his case the music XD

I'll admit does show some bias to Flash 'dreamy cute bottom' Sentry...bias that I share and fully approve of Miya What do you mean, I do not understand, sorry, my bad english XD

The story of Flurry's Cutie Mark is something I'm planning to do when I have time, I'm happy that you liked it, I was not sure how delicate the subject was, but I decided that my universe would not be so perfect and always happy, not so tragic but bad things happen like in our world. The difference is that in this, there are creatures who care and if they make pay for their crimes to those who escape.

Oh Gosh! The new OMG, makes me blush. I really mean so many things but I do not know how to put my emotions into words, thank you very much for your comments, they always make me the day (>//v//<)<3
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Wow, this comment makes me smile like a silly person too. The replies you make are so well thought out and make me feel really appreciated. Probably more than I should, I only just commented when you are the awesome artist after all. You deserve all of the praise.

This idea does interest me. Shining Armor is often shown to be the perfect knight, but that doesn’t mean he is the perfect father. “Love is the death of duty” a wise man said, so seeing him have some issues raising his rebellious daughter really develops his character a great deal. Cadance trying to keep the peace is very fitting, she just wants the happy ending type family but I like how your headcanon leans towards the more realistic and thus less happy results.

I would love to see some images of Flirty Florence with Sunburst, Flash and Tempest. Even better seeing Starlight get frustrated competing with Flurry whole Sunburst gets all flustered. I can only imagine what would go through his mind as that two vied for his attention. Also Flurry having a sassy, salacious personality sounds so cute. Her commenting on Tempest staring at her Uncle Flash’s butt is so funny.

My mistake, sorry for the miscommunication. The writer of the first EQG movie used to call Flash Sentry by a silly nickname that she used in the first draft of the script, that name was Dreamt Cute Bottom. Saying that Flash was a dreamy hot guy with a cute butt. Which he is. Hope that clears up my words. Admittedly I was wee bit tipsy when writing my comment. Sorry for confusion.

I look forward to you doing the story of Florence’s cutie mark whenever you do. Like I said earlier. I love that you are going as far as you are to make this alternative universe unique as possibly by including real life types of tragedies and not giving clean cut happy endings. I wish my own Next Gen characters could have the same among of care as you have for yours. You are super cool!

I understand. And am glad that
My silly simple words can make you smile. Hope you have a wonderful day whenever this comment finds you.
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I really love her cutie mark and her tattoos. Cause if anybody has got a great backstory for them it’s MiyaTheGoldenFlower. OMG you rock out!

I do get a bit of a rebellious, bad girl vibe out of her. Like she isn’t the perfect princess as opposed to her Perfect Knight Father and Pretty in Pink Mother. She’s a Rebel and has her own thoughts. I can see her doing all the things that rebellious teens do. Getting tattoos, underage drinking, staying out late, getting into fights and even, *gasp*, dating a changeling. She’s the dark horse of the family despite looking super cute and cuddly!
MiyaTheGoldenFlower's avatar
Ok I do not know what to answer because you left me justWow! How can you analyze my drawing so well? Well I do not want to give spoilers but you are very close to what I have planned.
Thanks a lot! I worked a lot on both designs, I did not want the "typical" thing that others do with Flurry and I wanted to do something fun.
Darthsylar12's avatar
Oh, I hope it is a good “WOW”I left you with. I am glad that I was in the right track with what you had in mind and look forward to your next awesome art work!
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For some reason I feel like Flurry Heart would look good in a collar like this: img0.etsystatic.com/000/0/5426…
Except if it was white with hot pink lace around the frills.
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Her CM is really cool! I think it's pretty unique from what I've seen before.
MiyaTheGoldenFlower's avatar
Thank you! I wanted to do something with hearts, glass and snow, but with a royal appearance and touches of breezes. I'm happy that you consider it unique, Im very proud of it :)
Plus the irony of super-pretty and ultimate-feminine CM for a not so conventional rebel princess XD
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Blink Icon: Princess Flurry Heart Flurry Heart WTF Princess Flurry Heart Poundheart - Pounrry scene Flurry Heart Crying Icon Flurry Heart's Stare Flurry Heart's stare Flurry Heart Snif Flurry Heart Wut Flurry Heart cringecuteBlink Icon: Princess Flurry Heart Flurry Heart WTF Princess Flurry Heart Poundheart - Pounrry scene Flurry Heart Crying Icon Flurry Heart's Stare Flurry Heart's stare Flurry Heart Snif Flurry Heart Wut Flurry Heart cringe  
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I don't mind at all sweetheart~!
Expression's bring our characters to life, by displaying them in a multiple fashion other's-including ourselves fall in love with them on a deeper level~!!
So keep up the great work, and I hope you feel better~!!!
MiyaTheGoldenFlower's avatar
Awww thank you (>//v//<)
It's just that I love your expressions and style, you have such a unique sense of harmony and caricature. It's so cool! That is criminal that you have no more recognition!
Secrets-of-Everfree's avatar
Hug All the recognition I need is from wonderful people like yourself hun~!!
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I love your take on her XD
MiyaTheGoldenFlower's avatar
Thank you so much! <3
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