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Angry Flash by MiyaTheGoldenFlower
Here is a small preview of a very sketchy comic in which I am working.
Oh boy! I think it's one of the first times I draw Flash angry or cursing.  I just wanted to try experimenting with expressions and make a somewhat good history.
Who was the one who made Flash lose his calm?
Guess who has a job? MEEEE!!
Well it's really not and art job or anything, is a cashier job, but I'm happy!
It's close to my house, it's the weekends, 10 hour each day, and they pay me extra if I work on holidays, of course those days are half a day. But it's double the pay!
I'm so happy! Dont worry I'll continue with my art and doing commissions. I also need extra the money.
Remember now I have no order comm, ask me for commissions! I'm free, take this opportunity!
Hey, I've seen many doing these things and I wanted to do it too. It is not from one of my ocs.
I present to you the moodboard of your dear artist no less than me. Basically one of the many faces of my personality.

This Is Me Moodboard by MiyaTheGoldenFlower
Ok Im big Otp and Flash mood, but I can not hear this song without imagining Flashy-boy singing and dancing with his girls. Also dears, seriously listen this guy his voice is beautiful and his songs are very good.
Will Jay- Gentleman

I like to think that in the first dates with Twi and Tempest, he did this. Of course Tempest dances much better than the princess, Twiligh cant dance even for save her life. But Flash love to see her dancing so happy and uncoordinated, she was so cute, even in the actuality he still does this corny-musical-thing, just to make Twi blush.
In another hand, the first times Tempest only watched with indignation at Flash during his musical number, but internally she was a total excited school filly, and then she joined and danced along with the orange dork. 
But when these three dance and sing together, THAT is a spectacle XD
Hello there! I really sorry for not to upload anything new from my Aus and my nexgen but I have been a little sad these days.
You know I try to look for a part-time job, like in a supermarket or a store, to have more money to pay my bills of the dentist , doctor and of the college.
I have been rejected before,'because of my age or lack of experience. Its cool I understand that.
But they had never rejected me... because of my physical appearance. Apparently my body was not appropriate for the eyes of the clients, they wanted something... "attractive" and with "big curves". They literally told me in my face that with a body and face like mine I was not able to work there.
Now the job for which I applied was to order and clean materials such as cards, chips and dices of a small casino type in a mall, which is a copy of a real casino.
And in no moment, in any time the clients were going to see me, because I would work in the back rooms with the other employees.
I know I'm overweight, I struggle to maintain an ideal weight and take care of myself so I do not have diabetes because I have insulin resistance I cant lose weight like a normal person. Call me fat if you want, but I'm not stupid maybe something clumsy or rough but it's because I do not control my strength well and I'm much taller than the average woman in my country.
The whole world says that overweight people cant do anything and that we should not use things that show our unpleasant bodies for the sake of the eyes of others.
My body is my, MY business, I have stretch marks on my arms, legs, chest and stomach, if I want I will wear short sleeve or sleeveless shirts. I dont like to use makeup, or combed my hair with elaborate hairstyles.
I dont follow the fashion of the season, because I like to use what feels good for me, I dress for myself not for someone else.
Now I am talking about being overweight, this and having an eating disorder are two very different things.
And the worst part the girl who was next to me was a thin girl without curves, like a ballet dancer and they also told her the same, practically they told her you're cute but your body does not have enough mass. 
Ugggggh I was so ANGRY!!!
But in the end I just left and I warned them that maybe next girls who insult in that way, they are not goint to be so patients as I was, that they could denounce them by discrimination.
In short, I just wanted to share this with you guys. Has it happened to you? Being discriminated or insulted by something that is part of you and you can not change?


MiyaTheGoldenFlower has started a donation pool!
1,030 / 4,000
Thank you very much in advance, my sweet sugar hearts!
I never did this... but I thought I could give it a try.
Every little bit is important.<3

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MightyRaptor Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2018  Student Digital Artist
Hollaaaaa Hopefully 2019 becomes a better time like 1999.
Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2018
Do you take customs (for Points?)
MiyaTheGoldenFlower Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, forgive my ignorance, but what is custom?
And I dont know if you know, but how to transform the points into money? I've seen some artists that do that and I would like to know.
Claire-Cooper Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2018
A custom is pretty much someone asking you to design an character for them depending on the complexity people tend to charge more.

If you want to convert it into real money I'd suggest asking around on how to post a Widget usually I've noticed people who make commission widgets can transfer it into cash but not entirely sure how. Sorry for not being able to help more with that. 
MiyaTheGoldenFlower Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh very well in that case, yes I'll take your custom, send me a note :)
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I must say, I love *every single one* of your DA stamps. I think you're the cutest.
MiyaTheGoldenFlower Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh Gosh! Thank you (>//v//<)
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Also, I now follow you on Twitter as well. And guess what? También hablo español.
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