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30 Day Drawing Challenge

By MiyaSekaia
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I made a Sheet for my 30 Day Drawing Challenge =) 
My Challenge started on May 1st.

How about you?
Challenge Accepted? :D
Feel free to use the sheet for your Challenge. :la:

Deutsche Version;…

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Well I accept but I'm using my sheet.

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Well, seems like I might be a little late for this, but quarantine demands I say yes.

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Challenge Accepted!

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Challenge accepted!!
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Quick question, what is Contrasts supposed to mean?
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Challenge started. Let's see if I can remember to fallow the rules. 
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gonna do this on insta owo
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I'm doing this! :3 Emoticon :3 
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What is number 12? xD
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I think it supposed to be pirates. Lol
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Sounds good I will try this
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About day 13, is making digital art cheating?
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Oh, well now I know what to do when I go on art block.... oh wait...

*starts challenge*
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Could I do this challenge pls?
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I think I will try, though, I might not have time to do one everyday, I won't miss one theme ;)
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Gonna start my dA account with t-
Oh wait no pencils? Why don't you try throwing a ball without arms?
Gonna find something else
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How about a brush? It's just say no pencils. Be creative.
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Oh you mean no pencil tool? Ok. I never draw with the pencil tool. Looks like MS Paint.
But I'm not drawing with a mouse. Looks like modern art.
Anyways. Challenge accepted.
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Challenge accepted
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