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Download full version to see details and such c;<3

First: Okay, so the dragon drawing is coming soon, I haven't forgotten about it, I just don't feel like continuing on that one for the moment ><

Second: I have this short explanation to why all the things that are in the picture are where they are;
(I won't give you the long explanation, I'm too lazy, hah... no, but I want you to think a bit as well and create your own perception :))

Key: It's the key of love, and somebody stole it, probably from you P:<3
The staples on her face: The pain you feel from being in love/being loved. They were placed on her head to symbolize the painful thoughts you have after a heartbreak, the blame for example. It also symbolize how fucked up in the head you can get c:
The branches: They symbolize the growth of love, even if they don't have leafs - or flowers, they still grow until somebody or yourself cut them off.
Demon: I drew a demon to symbolize the darkness that exists within love, yes, there's happiness as well, but I wanted to focus on painful love in this picture.
The cuts on her arm: The cuts also symbolize the pain you feel from being in love/being loved.
The eyes: I didn't give her/him a pupil and an iris because painful love can make you feel empty inside, the saying "The eyes reflect your soul." sound good to me P:
The earrings: I didn't draw them to symbolize anything, I just thought it looked empty so I added a few earrings XD but uh, I guess you can think they are there to symbolize the painful words you hear ^^'

I hope you understand what I mean *isn't good at explaining things* ><'

Tools: B, HB, 2B, 4B, 6B and 8B -pencils, eraser and my braaaaain<3
Time: Several hours, don't know the exact time ><


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It's a beautiful creature. I understand that it's anatomy is symbolic, but I also think the idea of a horned creature that also has branches is intriguing.