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Silmeria Dock

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Silmeria Dock

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This is a simple rainmeter skin that adds a hidden icon dock to your desktop. When your mouse is over the action area, the icons will be showed. 
Everything is explained inside the "Settings.ini" and "Icons.ini" files, so it will be really simple for anyone to configure and modify the skin, you only need basic knowledge about where are located the files. (I recommend notepad++ for editing but Windows Notepad it's all you need).

Common path should be:
C:\Users\YourUserName\Documents\Rainmeter\Skins\Silmeria Dock\@ Resources

If you right click on the skin you'll see direct access to "Settings.ini" and "Icons.ini", these are the files that you've to edit and adapt to your setup/taste. See how it looks here.
The icons images are stored and ordered inside @ Resources\Icons, go there to edit and adapt that to your own icons.

This skin was born after I tried HiddenIcons by Sjoti, credits for him for the original idea and for inspire me to make my own skin.

Reddit thread (there's some extra details and Q&A)

Hope you like it  ^^  bye!


An updated version with an intuitive configuration menu was developed by Kanwenixmenimix ().


06/09/2017  |  Re;Birth (3.0)
  • I've reworked all the "Skin" and made several changes about how everything works.
  • Now the images for the icons are properly ordered. I think order==easy management.
  • There's a new file called "Icons.ini", now you don't have to go to every single "dock.ini" (TopDock, BottomDock, etc..) to adjust your number of icons (by adding or deleting entries). So now you don't need to edit anything inside the "docks.ini". Great!
  • Now if you right click on the skin, you'll see direct access to "Settings.ini" and "Icons.ini". No need to browse to find the config files, yay!
  • Summary: think in this version as a "Quality of Life" update: better functionality, ordered files and more user friendly in terms of edits/changes needed to configure the skin.

24/03/2017  |  Honeymoon (2.0)
  • Public release. It's 2.0 because the "initial release (1.0)" was closed for some friends to test if it was at least working. After all, this was my first week using rainmeter.
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how do i add new icons