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Just A Bin

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Just A Bin

White and Black  ●  Easily customizable  ●  Simple design

This is a simple rainmeter skin that adds a recycle bin icon to your desktop. The icon will change when your bin is empty/full.

  • Empty bin: right/left click doesn't do anything.
  • Full bin (well...not empty): it will display the number of files, also when your mouse is over the icon it'll show you the total size of those files. Left click to open the bin, right click to display delete confirmation dialog.

The idea for this skin was born when I came across with this little icon by Christian Burprich during a small web project, credits for him for the original icon design.
I've made a remake of his icons, from two hand made .svg (512px). Super extreme and useless quality just for you!!

Hope you like it  ^^  bye!


    08/05/2017  |  Scrap (1.0)
    • Public release.
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Arthasys's avatar

Just great ^^ Simple, doesn't have the common delay that I saw in a lot of recycle bin skins and it's easy to tweak ^^