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Her name is Elizabeth
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Published: September 15, 2012
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SPOILLER /o/ From the Chapter 57

“I am the daughter of the leader of the British Knights, Marquis Alexis Leons Midford: Elizabeth! The wife of the queen’s watchdog!”

Oooooooh, I loooved! I confess that I hated Lizzy. With thousands of frills and always saying: “Ciel! Ciel! Ciel!” (Read it with a shrill voice) :iconnotlisteningplz:
BUT I was completely wrong. Man, this girl is a fighter… literally. And she sacrificed so much for the one she loves… An amazing girl.

I thought about using this image for a music excerpt, but the other (this [link], with Sebastian and Ciel) got better.
I imagined all the colors of the clothes >.< If there is a certain color, sorry for the mistake, but I have not found them o.o

Tell me what you think :)


“Eu sou filha do líder dos Cavaleiros Britânicos, Marquês Alexis Leon Midford: Elizabeth! E noiva do Cão de Caça da rainha!”

Oooooooh, adooorei! Confesso que detestava Lizzy. Com mil frescuras e sempre dizendo: “Ciel! Ciel! Ciel!” (Leia isso com uma voz aguda) :iconnotlisteningplz:
MAS eu estava completamente errada. Cara, essa menina é uma lutadora... literalmente. E ela sacrificou muito por aquele que ama. Uma garota incrível.

Pensei em usar essa imagem para um trecho de música, mas a outra (essa [link], com Sebastian e Ciel) ficou melhor.
Imaginei todas as cores das roupas >.< Se existir uma cor certa, desculpe pelo erro, mas eu não as encontrei o.o

Me digam o que acharam :)
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May the Goddess of Light, bless your soul! This is superb!
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really awesome!
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AndreaTheChinchillaHobbyist General Artist
Yes! Elizabeth needed some love!
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The most beautiful, passionate and amazing character in the series. This girl's got it all.
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OtakuGirl14Student Digital Artist
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One of the things I found amusing was that since this chapter was sprung on the readers, a lot of people who disliked Elizabeth were blown away by her strength, integrity, and loyalty.

It was highlighted by the fact that Ciel was virtually useless in that chapter with his gun jammed an everything. Meanwhile Lizzy was all badass and tearing zombies apart in a corset. Heels are one thing, but a corset? The fact she could move so fluently in a dress that had a skirt that long to hinder her movements and on top of a slippery surface without losing balance was pro. Of course, she was mentioned to be the fencing prodigy, but on a sinking ship versus undead creatures? I know I would be running screaming at the top of my lungs! xD

I'm glad you made this, it's AMAZING. And it really does her justice. ;p
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The zombie arc is the best it describes lizzy.that she really fights and protects ciel
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Bah Ficou bom demais, curti muito, principalmente o corte do tampão da cabeça ali atras, ficou muito bom!
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YorukoHimesamaHobbyist General Artist
Ai meu deus! tao lindo :squee: adorei ^^ :heart:
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ani-chi-chanHobbyist Traditional Artist
omg! i remember this scene!!! its awesome!!!
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Nekogami13Hobbyist Artist
This looks awesome! I like how you can't see her mouth
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SeaOfFirefliesProfessional Digital Artist
The anime didn't do her justice. Her character had so much more dimension in the manga. :)
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okay, so Lizzy being badass almost makes up for all the times my ears bled when i had to listen to her squealing "SHIIIIIIIIEEEEERRRRUUUUUUUU" like a car alarm.

argh. i have no idea how Ciel puts up with that, childhood friend/cousin/fiancee or not. i'd be like "Lizzy! STFU!" :iconcielwtf-plz:
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Uh.. You know.. It's not just Ciel who puts up with her. Lizzy does the same with him too. It's called consideration of one another.
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Yes, I thought the same. I actually watched the anime first and hated her. She was the typical high pitched voice, clingy anime girl that I hate. Once I read the manga my whole attitude about her changed. :) Great art of her.
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KimikoEmiSamaHobbyist Digital Artist
I love lizzy! She's amaaaazing! <3
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This is as awesome as Lizzie is!!
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Yes, she is so amazing :love: I'm so glad you did this pretty picture of her, it's a wonderful pose and idea!!!!
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Mixirica037Student General Artist
I'm very glad. Thank you soooo much \o/
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EKUSASxISxGODProfessional Traditional Artist
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Mixirica037Student General Artist
Thanks \o/
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Mixirica037Student General Artist
Haha, valeu XD
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