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Two Princesses

Next: Daydream Shadowbolts ;P

Credits go to 
Paint Tool SAI by LumiResources
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Would it be okay if I use this as fanfic cover art? I'd link the source and credit you of course. Seems this is about the only picture of yours that's marked "STOP" and not "YES". so I thought it prudent to ask. 
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omg!! the expression of twi and sunset are so funny!!!:squee:  good idea!!!Clap Clap 
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Derpy Dud emoticon  I think we've reached an impasse here...
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That must have been some extra strong cider.
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It's neither the wings nor the horn that makes the princess :-)
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Meanwhile both together...
:iconchrysalis-the-queen: Only applies to Ponies!
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This level of troll ... DISCORD DID IT !
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I could see that being a series-end kind of thing, if Cel and Luna had to "move on" for some reason. They fit the sun and moon theme well enough.
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I'm not sure who is more freaked out: Twilight seeing Sunset as an alicorn, or Sunset learning that she is one from Twilight.
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Twilight meets AU Sunset.
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So cute! Sunset would make such an adorable princess along with Twilight!
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And then starlight princess
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Yay! Can't wait for the Daydream ShadowBolts! Awesome Job on this by the way, Mixie. :)
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XD This is so awesome here! :D
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