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The Science of Magic

What's next? Wink/Razz 

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How does magic work in this world?
Pixl Medic I have no idea!
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(Guitar Solo) All the way (all the way), ALL THE WAY (All the way), TO THE FRIENdSHIP... GAMES!!! (Na! Na Na! etc.) WONDERBOLTS!!
LOLZ!!! (Referencing the short btw!!)
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Her hair is on drugs.
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Sunset: Finally after all this testing I've come to a definitive conclusion! (coughs) I have no idea how magic works in this world. (faints)
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Hidden rainbow power Sherlock Holmes interesting
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U can make my OC? If not U can make,Mane in Shadow Bolts??
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Sunset: Well the transformations defy all Scientific logic but I tried it on myself and found out that I'm actually the host to a cosmic entity powerful enough to destroy the universe called the Phoenix force.
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Well, to her credit, she tried.

Just writing it off as beyond understanding just because of a few setbacks, or not even trying at all, is the path of ignorance.
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You mean like "Feeling Pinkie keen"?
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Never liked that episode. 

RealityCheck had presented a possible explanation of Pinkie's abilities which made sense in his story "The Great Alicorn Hunt". 
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I took 'Feeling Pinkie Keen' to mean 'Just because I don't understand it, doesn't mean it's fake.' Like how 99.99% of the first world treats their cell phones. Maybe Twilight kept a logbook for such events that she goes over when she has spare time.

Likewise, Sunset's proclamation of 'I have no idea how magic works in this world' is probably an admission that it works sufficiently differently that her existing knowledge of magic does not apply. I.e., she would now have to reverse engineer magic from near scratch.
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Interesting interpretation...
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yes the power of magic.
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Ok, then use my artwork ^^.
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I didn't use your artwork. I based on this…
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I told other people to use my work instead of your art.
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But your artwork is great Wink/Razz 
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Same, i think (: mlp mane 6 (hug) plz mlp mane 6 (hug) plz mlp mane 6 (hug) plz mlp mane 6 (hug) plz .
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I say she got what was comeing to her.
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That's a bit harsh...
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That maby so, but I still dislike her after those stunts sheed did in the first EQG movie.
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Dude, it's 2017. Sunset being a villain is outdated.
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