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Starlight Glimmer

She's cuteLa la la la 

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One of my favs^^
Rail-Brony-GXY's avatar
Geez. So much controversy. I'll have to write a journal about this. Anyway, I really don't know what to say about her new mane.
hannah731's avatar
I Want Her Old Mane Style Back
unicornsmile's avatar
I love her new mane style.
Sparx24488's avatar
I like her new look but I also miss her old look DX
lizzymae17's avatar
My thoughts too! The solution for that is to re-watch that Christmas episode. *Goes to Netflix*
Exylink's avatar
What are you talking about. 99% of Starlight Glimmer haters are Sunset fans. She (starlight) have a bunch of haters. Sunset on the other is, is glorified like a goddess.
Lillywork's avatar
Cute expression :D
kysoshadowblast's avatar
*oozes salt* I swear this "redemption" is gonna bite somepony in the flank.
gemoholic's avatar
You agree with me that Hasbro is slapping Sunset in the face with Starlight
kysoshadowblast's avatar
Yes. Starlight should've been sent to the moon for eternity.
Exylink's avatar
Can you just calm down. Starlight Glimmer won't ruin the show. And you are here if you hate her? Sunset's redemption wasn'T better. She wanted to take over Equestria! Starlight didn't knew what she was doing. 
kysoshadowblast's avatar
I'm starting to grow on Starlight (hence this was over a month ago and she seems to be somewhat competent.) I watch Mixie Pie. Starlight almost destroyed everything, not take over something.
Exylink's avatar
I never said she wanted to take over Equestria. I was talking about Sunset.
kysoshadowblast's avatar
gemoholic's avatar
Hasbro better have something 100x better for Sunset
GunnurBoyExo's avatar
Starlight's mane is so glimmering and cute. XD
kysoshadowblast's avatar
And a total rip off of Sunset Shimmer.
Phaedrolous's avatar
You can look as cute as Scootaloo, but your lack of character growth will always forestall any interest I could have in your character.
(In this generation, anyway)
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