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Gala Dress - Fluttershy

By MixiePie
Credits go to :iconhasbroplz:
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cheerful9's avatar
I like it! It's so beautiful!
CharPonyVA's avatar
Rarity. I am disappoint. -.- That dress is hideous. 
merrittwilson's avatar
that dress looks like a dress from Mozart's Opera The Magic Flute
Martialarts2003's avatar
She looks really cute in that new Gala dress. :)
unicornsmile's avatar
She's very pretty and can you design a gala dress for sugar belle ?
priyan26's avatar
i want to see the humanized version
Chiyawa's avatar
This Gala Dress, in my opinion, is not as good as the first gala dress, but it still looks good on Fluttershy.
TrixieSparkle63's avatar
Please do Pinkie Pie!
lilyr0sepage's avatar
I can't wait to draw this! :D
anstasia-kunningham's avatar
Agetian's avatar
Really pretty!! :heart:
Ro994's avatar
That princess Leia mane, though :D
NinjaShadow-X's avatar
I like both of Fluttershy's Gala Dresses; old and new. As a matter of fact, I love Fluttershy all together.
SuperliciousRainbow's avatar
She looks so pretty! I can't decide whose Gala dress looks better- Fluttershy or Rarity. XD Are you going to do the rest of the mane 6?
Sugarilicious's avatar
If you can't decide then choose both :aww:
MixiePie's avatar
SuperliciousRainbow's avatar
Oh yeah. The first time they went to the gala and they look so pretty especially Apple Bloom. 
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