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Cheerleader Fluttershy

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Cheerleader Fluttershy Another Colour by MixiePie by MixiePie

Credits go to 
Paint Tool SAI by LumiResources
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find the $ and you will have good luck for 2 years



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Find the m and your wish will come true
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me fluttershy you relly cute
fluttershy blush tank you
me i love you do you want to be my girlfriend
fluttershy yes
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(faints due to cuteness) Oh man, that is super cute. Thank you for posting this.
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she's so cute as a cheerleader. ^-^
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Awensome Job on her, I loved it
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Then she will say the big fat "Yay" when cheering. 
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She's so pretty.
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Wow, she is so shy, she's not really sure about cheering. Boys are eyeing on her, but that will only make her freak out even more. :o

But still, I would date a pretty cheerleader. :D
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same here bro, especially Fluttershy in cheerleader uniform!
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I'm ok with nerd girls, but with a balance of beauty too. Good examples like : Velma from Mystery Incorporated (Yes, she looks prettier than the default version), Jeanette Chippete & Sadness (A bit chubby but still likeable), Twilight Sparkle (In EQG, I'm more attracted to the pony version, flowing long hair and no glasses is more pretty)
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She's just too cute!
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awww shes adorable as a cheerleader^^
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We need cheerleader Pinkie
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do you do commissions for people?
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thanks anyway
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WOW ! Flutters can chear me up all the time  Love 
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so very awesome :D
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