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Sorry for no activity, but I was quite busy and had some problems. Don't worry, everything's okay now. Anyway, I'll try to be here more often.  Also, I'll do all commissions as soon as possible ;)
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Finally I finished school   Also, commissions are open!
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Happy Birthday! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Hello @MixiePie are you there and if so i was wonderin if you were currently accepting art requests again and if so could you possibly consider digitally drawing my 2 separate requests if you don't mind me asking because i'm curious to know and would be honored if you could digitally drawn the full body poster of the council of evil aswell as digitally drawn the full body team png vector of the council of evil

my super-villain oc malice (xelyk quinzel) (who is the caring 23 year old young adult super-villain brother of harley quinn and brother in law of poison ivy and the last remaining member and remnant of the true organzation 13) (with those details of my super-villain oc malice (xelyk quinzel) is that his skin looks like salem's skin from rwby but has the same eye color as king sombra from my little pony friendship is magic and his hair looks like vanitas's black goku like hair from kingdom hearts and his coat looks like the master of masters's coat from kingdom hearts fused with yokai's coat from big hero 6 and the masked figure's coat from scooby-doo 2 monsters unleashed and his mask is basically a fusion of yokai from big hero 6's mask and the masked figure's mask from scooby-doo 2 monsters unleashed and has a red tattoo on the right side of his mask that looks like a scar and my oc malice is in kingdom hearts manga style)


my oc malice's love interest is catwoman (selina kyle) (max's harley quinn the animated series but in a fusion catsuit of arkham-verse video game series universe catwoman's catsuit and the batman 2004 catwoman's catsuit and tim burton's batman returns catwoman's catsuit)


his old friends basically are villains that he made friends with while traveling to the different worlds under the orders of the true organzation 13:

adam (hazbin hotel) (malice's right hand man)


belos (disney xd's the owl house cartoon series) (the powerful magic user)


lobo (puss in boots the last wish) (the reaper wolf)


the ultimate green goblin (norman osborn) (the ultimate green goblin (norman osborn) has his wings like his ultimate green goblin (norman osborn) counterpart from kid arachnid (miles morales)'s dimension from disney xd's ultimate spider-man cartoon series but also has the addictional accessories from his ultimate green goblin (norman osborn) counterpart from into the spider-verse animated film) (the muscle)


dr. eggman (sonic the hedgehog live action movie series) (the details of dr. eggman that he looks like his counterpart from rwby x sonic the hedgehog fanfic story called a red rose in the wind by Framraw who is also known as Iron117prime on Fanfiction) (the mad genius)


together they are called the council of evil

the council of evil is inspired by and shares similarities to the 13 seekers of darkness (kingdom hearts) and steeljaw's pack (transformers prime spin off series robots in disguise) and the sinister six (the ps5's spider-man video game series) and the foot clan (tmnt 2012) and the negative 10 (ben 10 the original cartoon series) and h.i.v.e. (the teen titans 2003 cartoon series) and team nefarious (ratchet and clank rift apart) and salem's inner circle (rwby) and the chaos council (sonic prime)

Hello there I have some MLP stuff for you.

Ninjago and My Little Pony
Sunset and Starlight meet Marx and Magolor
A New Friendship
Worlds Collide
Worlds Collide Final battle
Worlds Collide part 2
Lloyd and Twilight's Wedding
Children of Lloyd and Twilight
Paper Mario and Equestria Girls
Sunset meets Pac-Man
Equestria Cars Main Characters
Equestria Cars
Strange Encounter
A Brand New crossover
MLP EG and Pac man world connection
Pony Life in FNAF World
The Mane 5 meets the Pac-Man family
A Princess Crossover
Mario, Thomas, and Twilight Arriving at Disney
A magical crossover

Hope you are well

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https://www.horse-news.org/2018/04/cringe-corner-audiowave-dashers-years.html i would recommend blocking this man

they also have an alt called "thegreattailz1" where they are LITERALLY CYBER-BULLYING-

Check this out friend give like ;)

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