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Mxls: The Xenomixels

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Published: March 31, 2016
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After a quite of pause for my Mixels OCs, here it is! The first Fanseries 8 tribe, the Xenomixels. They're based from aliens and the like.
These three alien Mixels were runaways from their home planet before crashing into Planet Mixel. They may be friendly, but if you tick 'em off, well... that's an alien invasion for ya'.

Enlien - Leader
This alien Mixel came from the war-ridden planet Mixomorphis, where his species, the Mixomorphs are fighting their greatest enemy the Predanixes.
Contary to the other Mixomorphs, which are vicious and war-hungry, he's actually all nice, naive, and snarky. Just don't let him releases his inner Mixomorph.
Ability: His claws can cut through nearly everything, and has super agility

Groi - Second-in-command
Groi came from a planet named Greyons. He ran away from his home planet because no one treated him with respect, despite he's doing that too.
Groi always thinks he should be the leader of the refugees and wants to treat him like a king or such. And also, he likes to say "DOOM!" a lot.
Ability: He has a ray gun and increased intelligence.

Martyen - Third member
Martyen came from the planet Mixamars (just think of a Mixelfied Mars). He ran away from his home planet because he thinks Mixamars is boring and wanted a new home.
Martyen is the fun guy of the bunch. He'll always be the one who'll crack a joke and cheer the trio. The problem is, he's very clumsy. So much that he's the one who made the refugees (including him) crashed into Planet Mixel.
Ability: He can shape-shift into various things or Mixels.

Which one's your favorite?

Mixels (C) LEGO & CN
The Xenomixels (C) Me
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MissCutesyMeowMeowStudent Artist
Harchi: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ALIENS!!!!! [Hides under the table]
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Why does enlien remind me of a type of alien i know.. And theyre tribe name xenomixels sounds a little like Xenomorph... And enlien looks like a Xenomorph.. This...oc...IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!!!
JoshuaTheKid24's avatar
Wait a minute...Martyen has Tentro's squid leg, Malleet's mallet hand, Kazooka's blaster hand, Pikkap's wheel, Slumbo's foot, and I dunno what that other limb is. Noice, especially as a shape shifter. XD
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MixelTimeStudent General Artist
That one is Gox's leg. :p
Nderman080's avatar
Nderman080Hobbyist Digital Artist
What, is Groi Invader Zim?
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MixelTimeStudent General Artist
A subtle reference of him. :p
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jahmirwhiteHobbyist Traditional Artist
Enlien is like the only Mixel or only Mixel OC to not have eyes. 
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If I'm correct enlien is based of an alien in a game and the other two are based of the Grey and Martian rumour. Right?
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MixelTimeStudent General Artist
The former is loosely based on Xenomorphs of Alien fame, and the latter are correct.
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