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Mxls: The Teleportals

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Published: January 28, 2016
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Meet the first tribe of my Fanseries 7 OCs, the Teleportals. They're based on portals and a shout-out to Valve's Portal.
Teleportation is a dangerous thing if not performed right. No need to worry! The Teleportals are here! Fresh from the Mixeture Science Centre, they're ready to make travelling easier through science! However, they're kinda klutzy and reckless sometimes. They're light grey, grey, orange, and blue in color.

Gladell - Leader
The elite member and scientist in Mixeture Science Center, this tough-as-nails Mixette is ready to fight evil and kick butt. However, she rarely talks, thanks to her monotous, robotic computer-like voice which'll scare everyone away whenever she talks. 
Ability: She has portal guns for arms, 'nuff said.

Riftos - Second Member
Another elite Mixeture scientist, he discovers things that normal Mixel scientists don't. And also, he's ranked as the second most intellegent Mixels, right below Flain. However, he's kinda selfish and brags about his intellegence everywhere.
Ability: He can open portals which also a time rift.Therefore, it's possible to him to travel somewhere with that portal and came out riding a pteranodon.

Wirtal - Third Member
Being the most laid-back member and scientist, he always cracks up jokes to lighten up the mood. But the thing is, he's sometimes unready for his adventures. In other words, he's a scaredypants.
Ability: he can cast portals from his wings.

Who's your favorite of this tribe?
Hope ye' like it!

Mixels (C) LEGO & CN
Portal (C) Valve
The Teleportals (C) Me
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MissCutesyMeowMeowStudent Artist
Charlotte: [To the Teleportals] Hi. I'm Charlotte.
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WildbugWarrior1545Hobbyist General Artist
Wonder if the leader think 2 plus 2 is 10. That's a reference to BioRockDude.
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RocketBunny99Hobbyist General Artist
This fan tribe was a.....HUGE SUCCESS.
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RocketBunny99Hobbyist General Artist
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
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I think gladOs and cell had a baby that they abandoned 
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MixtopianGabe13Student Digital Artist
I don't know why, but Gladell kinda reminds me of Ruby from Steven Universe.

Ruby Emote 2 Ruby Emoticon 2 AY YO RUBY CHILL (F2u icon) 
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what's their Max form? and where do they live?
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ZoomTorch20Student Filmographer
Absolutely love this tribe!
I thought you were ran out of ideas for future tribes...
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MixelTimeStudent General Artist
Yeah. Almost ran out of ideas exactly. :p
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FlainStormStudent Digital Artist
How about Technology Tribe?
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Wirtal looks da best to me
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Sprinkles257 General Artist
I like Riftos - no I like the whole tribe! :D
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