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Mxls: The Samurei

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Published: April 9, 2016
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The second tribe of my Fanseries 8. They're pretty much based on samurai/swordsman stuff.
And new OC layout style test. :p

The Samurei family were used to be a regular, loving family. Their father, Roonen, was an actor who always played the role of a samurai on his films. However, he was later believed to be an actual samurai thanks to his carrer, even though he doesn't. He had a wife and two daughters later on.
It was all happy and stuff until some scavenger Nixels raided their home. His wife, Katani was severely injuried, and he was captured and imprisoned for life.
After the incident, Katani started learning swordsmaster skills with one of Roonen's friends and teached them to their daughters.
Together, they'll avenge their father for that incident.
They're bright blue and lavender in color.

Katani Samurei (Middle)
The mother of her daughters, Hekk and Slash.
She used to be a sassy, yet loving housewife of Roonen. After the Nixels incident, she started to grow over-protective towards her daughters. She still keeps her "sassy and loving" attitude, thankfully.
She mastered many swordsmastery skills from one of Roonen's friends. She also gains an ability to control her swords/katanas via telrkinesis.

Hekk Samurei (left)
The second child of the Samurei family and Slash's younger sister.
She pretty much rebels her mom's strictness. She's also aggresive and hot-blooded. However, she still cares about her mom and older sister deep down.
Thanks to having six arms, she can pretty much blade spam her opponents.

Slash Samurei (right)
The first child of the Samurei family and Hekk's older sister.
She's used to be a quiet kid before the incident. After that incident, she went even quieter. She doesn't bother talking everywhere except on certain circumstances, like asking to go to the bathroom or throwing cheesy one-liners.
Aside from all that, she's pretty brave and cunning. And she's not afraid to test her strengh.
Her sword moves are very quick. Not even her family knows what the heck is she doing when she does that to an unfortunate Nixel dummy.

Who's your favorite?
Hope ye' guys like it!

Mixels © LEGO & CN
The Samurei © Me
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interesting idea.  i like the family dynamic
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StarRion20Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hmmm... They Look Similar too My Star Series Mixel Tribe, The Samuraidens.

The Tribe is Based on Samurai, Old Japan Culture and War. The Trademark Colors Are Green, Silver, Yellow and Bluish Green.
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alex20191Student Artist
they just looked like Swordster than mine

(can i permission for your new tribe meet Swordster?)
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MixelTimeStudent General Artist
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alex20191Student Artist
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