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Mxls: The Rapidgunners

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Published: May 31, 2015
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My first tribe in my Series 2.

The Rapidgunners are based on... well, rapid-firing weapons, mainly gatling guns and/or miniguns. They like to shoot everything as a defense from enemies. They're also states that "There is not enough dakka.". They're dark blue, grey, and dark grey in color.

Sasha - Leader
This Russian-accented Mixel is a fun gal to hang out with. But, when it comes to protecting her friends, hoo boy, she'll firing her minigun-left-hand around the place while mimicking the sound effects!
Ability: You've guessed it, a gatling gun/minigun as her left hand. But unfortunately, it has limited ammo of 300 rounds and needs to be refilled everytime when it runs out.

Dakka - Second Member
The ammo-stocker of the trio. He knows when his teammates will ran out of ammo, and when will he provide more ammo for them. But, due to this, he becomes paranoid and overprotective towards his teammates.
Ability: He's got dual miniguns on his head and it contains the same ammo as Sasha each gun. And yes, it needs to be refilled every time when it runs out.

Gattlo - Third Member
This silent Mixel is quite gentle and helpful to his friends. But, when you tick him off, prepare for the most rampaging bullet barrage ever.
Ability: He has a humongous gatling gun/minigun as his mouth. But, he still have limited ammo of 400 and needs to be refilled like his teammates.

Mixels (c) :iconlegoplz: & :iconcartoon-networkplz:
The Rapidgunners (c) Me

EDIT: Added ammo compartment on all of the members and changed Revvo's name into Gattlo.
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MissCutesyMeowMeowStudent Artist
Teeorphay: [in a Russian accent] Hi I'm Teerrrophay Leader of Parrrsytes nice meet you.
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RocketBunny99Hobbyist General Artist
I think I'm gonna take Sasha out for a steak dinner tonight, whaddaya say to dat?!
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junballe-birdStudent Digital Artist
because the letter has been improved?
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IzaStarArtist17Student Digital Artist
He looks like wuzzo
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MixelTimeStudent General Artist
Yeah, but I haven't draw it yet.
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GauntletPorscheHobbyist General Artist
Legit one of the best Mixel OC tribes I've seen. I'd love to have toys of these little guys
Will their Maxmix form be called Kalashnikov? Or Izmazh?
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ZoomTorch20Student Filmographer
Yo Jingo! Is that your another brother!?
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MixelTimeStudent General Artist
Jingo: Uh...
Revvo: *makes minigun revving sounds*
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ZoomTorch20Student Filmographer
Jingo: *Ducks* Whoa brother! Calm down!
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MixelTimeStudent General Artist
*Sasha appears*
Sasha: *in a heavy Russian accent* He can't talk, so he made those sounds to communicate with us.
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