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Mxls: The Mindwarpers

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Published: March 1, 2016
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Couldn't think of a clever tribe name, so yeah. :/
To wrap up my Fanseries 7, meet the Mindwarpers! They're based on mind control and the like.
These bunch of quirky and mischevious Mixels likes to warp, control, and screw the minds of Nixels because they felt like it. The thing is, sometimes their pranks are little too overboard... They're cyan and dark green in color.

Ticker - Leader
Ticker is a grade A prankster who does 'tick-tock based hypnosis' for a living. Some think that she's just an ordinary Mixette with no powers whatsoever. But, when she wants to get dangerous, she can, and she will.
Ability: She can do hypnosis by swinging her pocket watch. The best part, the effect applies to more than one person and she can control them with desire.

Hallunopsys - Second Member
Hallunopsys always concerned whether her powers are helpful or going to cause troubles, so she's always nervous about using it. Yeah, she's one nervous Mixette.
Ability: Her eye can cause mind-screwing hallucinations to everyone who stares on it. Good thing it lasts for a short while.

Minn-Skru -Third and Fourth Member (Adopted from MatrixStyle101)
This two-headed Mixel never agrees with everything their half says. Minn likes this but Skru likes that. Sure, they may love to argue a lot, but they still care for each other and their sisters.
Ability: Mind screwing, 'nuff said. And also Minn can do ventriloquism and Skru can do telekinesis.

Who's your favorite?
Hope ye' like it!

Mixels (C) LEGO & CN
The Mindwarpers (C) Me
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MissCutesyMeowMeowStudent Artist
Hoo-dy: Hey ticks. Want go on a pranking spree?
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Pinkstarfazbear1987Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ticker: i want u to join my tribe!

Zaptor: nope! sorry! i already have a tribe of my own!

Ticker: have it ur way then! (pops out watch)

Zaptor: ha! what are u going to do with that thing?

Ticker: (swings watch) now Zaptor..... ur getting sleepy.....

Zaptor: ugh.... im feel weird now......

Ticker: u r now under my control..... u will obey me......

Zaptor: i will obey u...

Ticker: now... go get me all the hamalonga sandwiches u have...

Zaptor: yes master.... (gets sandwiches and brings it back)

Tiker: thanks! now... i will awake u from the trance.... when i snap my fingers... u will not remember anything... ok...?

Zaptor: ok....

Tiker: (snaps fingers)

Zaptor: huh?! wha... what happened!?

Tiker: u were in a trance!

Zaptor: wait! I WAS!?

tiker: yes u were!

Zaptor: uhh.. now i have an headache...

When Zaptor came home....


when Tiker was walking home...

Tiker: (hears Zaptor scream) hahaha...!

that's my story starring Tiker and Zaptor!!
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stoopid-kirbehHobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey,that's pretty good.
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Pinkstarfazbear1987Hobbyist Digital Artist
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stoopid-kirbehHobbyist Traditional Artist
I wrote a script centering around Minn-Skru and the Munchos...Wish to see it?
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Pinkstarfazbear1987Hobbyist Digital Artist
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stoopid-kirbehHobbyist Traditional Artist
Okay! Here we go!
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Pinkstarfazbear1987Hobbyist Digital Artist
What is the script?
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stoopid-kirbehHobbyist Traditional Artist
It is nighttime in Muncho Land,and everyone is asleep...All except one certain intruder...who seems to be bickering with himself,quite literally...

???:You know that's not the right direction to the Wiztastics' tent,is it?

???:We're just making a pitstop...

???:I don't care about the pitstop,KID!

???:HEY!Who you callin' a kid,CHILD?

ZABO: (waking up)Hey,would you two keep it down? Some mixels are trying to sleep!

The intruder stops bickering with himself and settles down,right between a camping Gummo and Nummie...

???: Oh well,better do as that hooligan says...

???: Okay,but don't you talk in your sleep this time...

???:I won't...Night,buddy...*falls asleep*

???:Night to ya,too,pal...*kisses the other on the cheek*I love you...*drifts off as well*

Nummie:I wish I had someone to kiss me goodnight...

As the intruder is sleeping however,one of his selves gets mischievous and points at Gummo,who mysteriously gets lifted off the ground and out of his sleeping bag!

GUMMO:*wakes up*W-what the-?*looks down*AGH! Help! HELP ME!*starts flailing around*Somebody!

Vaka-Waka:*rushes in,hearing the commotion*Great Mixels! Vat vas zat?!

Berp:*rushing in as well*We came here as soon as we could...

Gummo:Oh,thank the Maximum Mixel you’re here! I was camping with Nummie here *gets lifted even higher*when all of a sudden I started-WOAH!

Berp tries to reach up and pull Gummo down,but to no avail...

Vaka:Here!*tosses Berp a cubit*Use zis!

Berp:Great idea!

Vaka-Waka touches the cubit!


The cubit transforms into a furnace with arms,pulling them inside and what comes out is a...


Berp+VakaWaka Murp:*in Berp’s voice*Uh...no.*pulls out another cubit*

A knife minces the murp until the result is a...


The Mix then uses its elongated upper arms to reach up and once again fail to grab Gummo because the strange force is spinning Gummo around and around...


The mix then stretches its arms bigger lengths,but they caught in the force and soon starts spinning around along with Gummo,but after a few seconds,the mix finally manages to get Gummo back onto the ground and back into his sleeping bag...

As the two mixed munchos demix,they notice the intruder laughing a bit...

Gummo:HEY! That wasn’t even funny,do that again and I’m gonna lose my meals!

???:*slightly waking up*HEY! I was only having a little fun...

???:*wakes up as well*Fun? Skru,we talked about your sleep-telekinesis habit months ago...Why are you still using it?

Skru: Because,it’s what happens when you,my dear,don’t talk in your sleep for a few weeks...

Berp:Wow,*turns to the intruder*You’re a strange looking Muncho...

Skru:Muncho?*whispers to his other self*Minn,this is...

Minn:*tries to push Skru away from him*Now’s not the time...*turns to Berp*Berp,me and Skru will have you know we are NOT Munchos,we are Mindwarpers!

Berp:Mindwarpers? What’s that?

Minn:You don’t wanna know,Berp...

Berp:Well,listen here,Minn-Skru,if that is your real name...


Minn:*smirks and points to Berp*

Berp...and I’ll have you know that*voice changing to Minn’s own voice*Mindwarpers are a top secret tribe in Mixel Land!*covers mouth*

Minn:*chuckle*He deserves it...

Skru:*darker chuckle*Exactly...*kisses Minn on his cheek again*I love you...

Skru points at Gummo again,only this time,Gummo’s pants fall down...

Gummo:*shaking a fist at Minn-Skru*HEY!

Minn:Heh heh heh...We should do this more often...

Minn-Skru then runs away out of Muncho Land,with an angry,pantsless Gummo chasing after him!

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Nderman080Hobbyist Digital Artist
i think a clever name would be like the Hypno-tics
get it?
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WildbugWarrior1545Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds like Hypnotick.
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