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December 28, 2010
Water emote wallpaper by =MixedMilkChOcOlate Realityfaery says of this artwork:"Who doesn't like emotes? Especially for your screen!" And I say what a nice way to greet the New Year than with these cool emotes full of positive energy. :)
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Suggested by realityfaery
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Water emote wallpaper



Because some asked for it !

I added 2 diferent color and i used diferent screen size, hope you like them :aww:

size :
- Widescreen : 16:10
- Fullscreen : 5:4
- Fullscreen : 4:3
- Mobile : iphone size

original work by me

I'm using it right now :la:
this is free so if you like it go ahead :aww:
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Very nice. You give us not one, but three different versions of the same picture. Your picture blends the colors in a way that, simply, pleases the eyes. Each one has a different form, yet switches the color incredibly well.

These pictures show promise, simplicity, and ease. Very calming, yet very humorous. Very well worked. You obviously put time into this, and it shows tremendously. You should continue to work on your designs. I only hope you can do better than this your next time. I don't mean that in any bad way. You should always try to do better than what you have done before. Doing well is all the more reason to do better.