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Wasabimote riding sushi

my new avatar :dummy:
and a free to use avatar :iconbummiesplz:

and a plz account :iconiamparanoidplz:


to use wrote :iconwasibimote:

hope you like it :aww:

want more ?
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this is one of the most adorable things ever i love it amazing job

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I almost died of cuteness when I saw this. It's absolutely adorable!
The color and shading is nothing I can really complain about; the shading on the sushi is perfect, but the highlights on the top of the emote itself are a bit drastic.
I like the idea of the animation, but it's a bit jerky and rough. I would have liked it better if the animation was a little smoother. The 'tail' of the sushi is also a bit jerky - perhaps you could have made it a bit more in sync with the rest of the animation.
The shadow underneath the sushi is also bothering me a bit; it doesn't quite fit the shape of the sushi and it's a bit sudden. Maybe you could blur the outsides of the shadow to make it appear less solid.
In general, this is a lovely piece that is very original. I look forward to seeing and critiquing more of your emotes. ^^
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May I use this for my profile pic possibly? That would be great~
I'm debating if I should change it at all, but this just caught my eye.
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This is soooooooooo cute! I am trying to do a mobile app that integrates with Deviantart login and accounts. I will like to request to use this in the app. Please approve. I can credit you in the app. Thank you!
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This avatar is sooooooooooo cool!! i am doing a mobile app that allows deviant art users to login. It is hard to explain totally in this little chat box.
Please, can i use this avatar in the mobile app? We can credit you. Thank you!!
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<----- Here you go, used!
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