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July 11, 2009
DreamArt by =MixedMilkChOcOlate
Featured by JJ-Ying
Suggested by xxkiriku
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This is a fanArt of Fella and DreamWorks :)

What is your favorite(s) movie from DreamWorks studio ?


Update : OMG a DD :iconbabyeagerplz: :iconbabyeagerplz: :iconbabyeagerplz:


Want to try an Emoticon platform game ?

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My fav Dreamworks movie would be HTTYD3.

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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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I've not been one for writing reviews, but, to me this deserves one to just express my joy that someone has made this. I'm a big fan of DreamWorks, and you've developed this beautifully; the whole scene looks perfect, down to the simple design of the stars and the glorious shading on the clouds. And what could be more fitting to the creativity and wonder that is DeviantArt! My only qualm is that it doesn't quite look like Fella to me; the shape of the ears are just not right to me, but it's a tiny thing. You sincerely deserved that DD for the clear imagination that got you to make this. I can find nothing more to fault with a beautiful piece of emoticon-ing. Well done.
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Okay thank you so much for the critic :aww:
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DreamArt Animation!
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Ok, this is pretty damn amazing!!!
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transformers, i think.
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like the night sky thing you've got going.
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Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Saving Private Ryan, and War Horse.
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I LOVE this! So original!^^. I like Shrek:iconblushplz:
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damn it! now i'm stuck up here fishing for an eternity!! lets hope that blue boy comes back!!he needs an ass whoopen! :katana:
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:clap: Really creative! :la: And my favorite from Dreamworks would be The Prince of Egypt. :)
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They should use that in all DreamWorks openings! Great work
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too bad it wasn't animated like you see in the actual Dreamwork's movies. that would be awesome!
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Now THAT is awesome. :clap:
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