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Da Button revamp

Get the icons + PSD file -> [link]

I tried to make a revamp of DA menu bar, I think it could be more funny with those icons :dummy:

Just for fun :w00t:

Critiques are welcome :aww:
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It's important that I mention you have created one nicely interesting work of art .The method you have decided upon is clearly fan-bloody-tastic. The quality of this artwork makes it discernible that you worked hard on this with your gratuitous variation of talents. The form of this artwork is exactly exact for the effect that I feel you are striving to achieve, but now that I think about it this comment is likely trivial. But, I sense that your implementation of depth could have been a lot better as I sense that it wasn't able to equal the capability obvious in the remainder of the creation. In conclusion I would like to illuminate that it has been a treat to pen this critique for you and I hope it will motivate you to enhance your creation.
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This icons are amazingly done, and would definetly look good as the dA buttons. I personally don't like the colour of the portfolio icon, but I love the animation on them all. It's a great idea and revamped very nicely. My favourite ones are probably the revamped 'Today' and the 'More' icons. The animation on the 'More' one is great. I also like how you have given all the icons a more 3D look, it looks real good.

To be honest, and I am being truthful, this is one of the best revamps I have seen in a long time.
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Thank you it would be awesome to use them on DA
And thanks for the critic :thanks:
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Your welcome :)

Apologies that it's not a very good one, I just suck at critiques. :lol:
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I very much like your icons. Much more than the ones we have right now. The mouse over animation really adds effect. DA really needs to update icons and such and pimp their stuff. I really like the shininess of the emotes. We should honestly take this up to Community Relations. I'm being 100% honest that this is well worth changing our already great icons. I hope to see more art like this in the future added to your amazing gallery. The only thing I request is that you make much, much more art like this. You too, Misc! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=";p" title="Wink/Razz" />
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No problem. I really do like it! It should be an extension script for firefox for dA! :la:
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Yes but I don't know how :x
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They should apply it in the next version.
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omfg, i would LOVE to have those as the original icons, you should get in contact with the admins of this site somehow. :D
MixedMilkChOcOlate's avatar
haha thanks but I don't think DA would use them :giggle:
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I think these are realy cool =D
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>w< THEY ARE!!!! >w< *wants them as the icons* XD
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these are awesomeness. :D
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Yes, please. This is a very good idea. These icons are a lot better than the current, and your version of the portfolio looks like it's half suitcase half cake, which, in my opinion, is a positive quality. =P
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haha a cake :giggle:
THank you :bow:
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