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April 29, 2011
It's Vector Resource Friday again. Not only that, but it's Project Educate's week of Icons! Let's celebrate with Circle vector tutorial by *MixedMilkChOcOlate! Learn how to vector your own awesome avatars with this easy to follow guide. The nice thing about vectors is that you can scale your avatars to any size to use in other graphics; allowing you to brand yourself in a more dynamic way.
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Circle vector tutorial

Other tutorials made by me -> [link]

Exemple :

Emoticonist wallpaper -> [link]

italian version -> [link]

Now Make your own with the amazing vectmote maker :la:
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An easy to follow tutorial that is also very attractive, the colour scheme is great. By making such a cute character, I think this will make people to try this out for themselves. I also like the fact part of the yellow emote is hanging out on the edge. I enjoy looking at this and hope to make one of my own as well.

To my opinion, the orange gradient background, the reflected text(the title), and the fading in/out parts(e.g. the white edges on the corner of each step) give a wonderful modern style and I am certain people will love this tutorial.

J'adore MixedMilkChocolate! <img src="…" width="38" height="15" alt=":hug:" title="Hug" />
cherry1114's avatar
he he :XD:
im currently learning french so i think j'adore means i adore :XD:
Sap-Green's avatar
Well, it means "love" but it doesn't matter I suppose, as long as it's that sort of stuff :)
felisdeityus's avatar
Great observation - cuteness DOES make people want to learn.

I would have also suggested spell-checking though. Even if it is a pain, it really does make your tutorial a little more formal.
MixedMilkChOcOlate's avatar
Thank you so much :aww:

I hope you will try my tutorial :dummy:
Sap-Green's avatar
:D me too, your welcome :bow:
PaperMasking's avatar
i cant go to the make your ownv ththing
Acewell's avatar
thanks man, it's so cool :D
omgolivia123's avatar
Thank you so much for this tutorial. I'm just learning Illustrator really good, and it helped me a ton! :)
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I create mine using photoshop cs5 see [link]
Thanks for the tutorial
Nit13's avatar
awesome!! I did this!
This is soon going to become our profile piccture at
Youtube - username -> zGreenApplez Pls visit us
AbstractMentality's avatar
Love the tutorial! great for a fun and easy practice exercise. thanx for making this.

Also how did you do the shadows?

Coklathijau's avatar
thanks :D
simple but very useful for me :D
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Greeeeeeeeat tutorial! *----*
used it here --> [link]
hope you like it ^^
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Wow I always wondered what vector was and wanted to try it. The one you made in the turtorial looks so shiny.
I'm going to try it out. Thanks so much for making this. :iconredbullglompplz:
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Hey awesome tutorial, but I was trying to use your vector emote maker and it says "404 Not Found."
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