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HUNTERS GUILD: Going History
Date Joined:  29/09/13
Current Funds: 8 St

Merits: 1
Strikes: 0


Species: Corsola {Shiny}
Nature: Hardy
Characteristic: Strong Willed
Gender:  Female    Age:  16
Ability: Natural Cure

Strength:      4             Agility: 3
Intelligence:     3          Charisma:  2

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: Water/Rock -> Agility/Strength


Move 1: Spike Cannon
Move 2: Scald
Move 3: Recover
Move 4: Bide


- In Storage Template Armband

----Description:   Armband acquired upon joining the Hunters Guild. She has no use for it, so it’s in storage for now until something better comes along. It’d better be cute.

-Item 2

-Item 3


Species: Banette
Nature:  Jolly
-Characteristic: Loves to eat
Gender:  Female     Age: 16
Ability: Cursed Body

Strength:     3              Agility:  3
Intelligence:       4        Charisma:  2

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: Ghost -> Intelligence

Move 1: Shadow Ball
Move 2: Shadow Sneak
Move 3: Protect
Move 4: Telekinesis


-Desu Hood
----Description: A hood that not only entirely covers the front and back of Luna’s body, but also her hair extension at the back. The base colour is bright pink, along with darker pink as well as a creamy yellow for the markings. Frills cover the entire bottom and back of this accessory, which is also decorated with a small half moon charm on the bottom of the hair extension.

-Item 2

-Item 3

========== WRITTEN TEST ==========


Two pairs of eyes stared up at the buildings surrounding them, one nervous while the other excited beyond belief. While one was seemingly more calm about the situation that was happening right at the moment, the other was fit to burst, not being able to contain her giggles as she tried not to zoom about in a giddy manner. They were both here for a reason and a seemingly simple one at that, but it was the shorter one who felt something wrong about using such a popular place to make such a shady deal.

Darala sighed before looking over at her partner, who hid her mouth behind her hands as she tried to stifle her laughter at just being excited to get into the Guild.  The shiny Corsola could care less about joining this kind of place but the ghost type had been insistent to the dual type about getting in, so much so that all she could do was roll her eyes and say “Okay, okay..” ..which has caused more giggling and hugging and all the twirling..she was still dizzy.

“Ugh, they’d better not expect us to pay for this.” she muttered to Luna, who simply let about another giggle before bouncing up and down in pure delight. The peppery Pokemon couldn’t seem to contain her excitement and literally skipped in through the open door with Darala trailing behind. Within moments they were inside and instantly were greeted by a fancy looking Pokemon, who guided them towards a table in the darker part of the place. There were stares coming from all directions, which made neither of them uncomfortable; they were the sort of team who barely deserved a second glance at first, but when it got down to it they were dangerous.

At the table sat a Pokemon who was familiar to many others and yet not so to the strange pair. A Furret decked out in a dark blue newpaperboy cap. His fur seemed scruffy and yet well kept, as if he maintained a balance between being fashionable and dirty just like that. 

"Hey, pull up a seat. Order your favorites; this one's on the Guild's checkbook," the Furret spoke smoothly with a small smile on his face. He seemed to be analyzing the pair with a bit of intent, though his eyes were..strange for a mon of his type. Light blue in colour, but there seemed to be too much blue and not enough black. Where were the dark pupils?

He seemed a sly one and the smile on his face only made the frown deepen on one face while it brightened on the other, both of them slipping into the chairs with ease, though Darala had to be helped because of her size. Swatting away one of the staff who came forwards with something she could stand on to read the menu better, she simply tilted the menu down and opened it. The prices made her heart skip a beat while Luna eyed the choices with delight, her fluffy tail shifting up and down in a wagging motion.

"The usual," the Normal-type comments with disregard, gently pushing the menu back against the Empoleon's chest. The waiter merely rolls his eyes and turns his attention to your team, waiting expectantly for your team to order.

Lunanette instantly began rapid fire ordering everything on the menu while Darala simply pointed to the top and then skimmed her paw down the list, effectively ordering the same thing her partner did. She skipped over the sweets while her ghost type companion ordered almost all of them. The waiter didn’t seemed phased, but did Pokemon usually eat this much?

Once he has everyone's orders, the waiter shoots one last annoyed glance at the strange fellow, who appears unfazed, before walking off.
"No sense of humor," the Furret remarks with a shrug, before lazily slumping back in his seat. His gaze doesn't settle on anyone in particular, as though he's simply staring off somewhere.

"The name's Cuffin, but I'm sure you've already heard of me. No need for introductions on your part, I already know who ya are," The normal type says with another sly smirk, tapping his paws together. "So... I work for this kid, Sundance. He made me promise to ask ya a few things before I go off on my own thing. He'll get his feathers in a bunch if I don't, so humor me. First things first: why do you wanna join the Hunters?"

This question was completed with an eye roll that the pair caught, but they steadied themselves and answered together. “We like to fight.”

Which wasn’t false; they certainly did. It wasn’t any more or any less than that. Being mercenaries beforehand they knew their way about a scrap or a big battle, and it seems that the hunters were the best bet to get into a bit more trouble than they were used to.

Granted, that didn’t mean they didn’t uphold certain standards. It wasn’t as if they fought just for the sake of it..well, Darala did more than her partner. She did so out of showing people to respect her, simply because her charisma wasn’t that great. Neither was her partners, but that wasn’t the point.

..What was the point again?

At the very least, Cuffin looks interested as he listens. Perhaps it isn't the question itself he's so annoyed about. "All right. Respectable, yeah. Down the list..." The scruffy Furret reaches for a parchment already settled upon the table. Rather than hold it up to read, he crumples it in his paws rather rudely, then promptly tosses it over his shoulder. "What can you bring to the Hunters? What skills or talents can you utilize for us?”

He didn’t seem to be very happy about asking these kinds of question, just like either of them would be. Darala would rather see raw skill and hard work than asking question that seemed redundant.

“Fighting skills, I guess.” Lunanette tossed the suggestion forwards with a curl of her hair extension, having taken to stroking it in a playful manner. The Corsola seemed bored, her eyes roving about the place as she waved her foot paws up and down rhythmically.  “We’ve been fighting most of our lives, but we’re not below helping out people that need it.”

Cuffin nodded in what seemed approval, or maybe he was mocking them. It was unclear at this point in time, but the pair didn’t know him that well to get a good reading or not. 

"Yeah, yeah, I gotcha. I guess we'll get to see some of that soon enough. Don't get me wrong; your answer don't mean you're gonna be taken or thrown out. This is basically... formalities..." The normal type pauses, tilting his head upward thoughtfully as if trying to remember the right word. "...Yeah, formalities. I think that's the word he used. Whatever that means."

He then grinned and leaned forwards a bit, a small spark in his light blue eyes causing the pair to pay more attention; hopefully this would be a better question than the other ones. "This one's more interestin', to the little guy's credit. Are you against doin' things that the Royal Guard ain't gonna like if they catch ya doin' em?"

Darala seemed to let out a growl at the “little guy” comment, her blue eyes flashing dangerously. Her eyes narrowed, but she was steadied by a hum from Lunanette, who was tapping her paws on the table in thought. Then a grin came over her features as she leaned forwards, an almost wicked glint in her eyes. “Well, we’ll just have to find out, won’t we?”

The Normal-type's pointed ears twitch at the reply. "It ain't me, just sayin'. I know well enough that if yer here, then you an' I are prolly already aware of the answer to that question. I just needed somethin' to tell the kid." With a sigh of relief, Cuffin tosses his hands in the air, then at the sides of the chair dramatically. "Whew. All right, enough of that stuff. The kid is on the right track, but sometimes it seems like the royals crammed a stick really far up there, if ya know what I mean. All these "formalities" and junk... anyway, the rest is straight from me."

He looks left, then right... but given the way his bright eyes are never quite focusing on your team, this seems to be one of those "formalities" of his own. He then begins to explain in an oddly sincere fashion, "You already know the basic stuff, so I'm gonna level with ya. Truth is, the Hunters are all about knowin' things about everybody else. Yer gonna learn secrets that nobody else will know. It'll change the way you look at this whole city, and yer prolly not gonna like what you see, but you'll always know exactly what's goin' on under the coat of sugar. I wouldn't blame ya if you'd rather go hang with a Guild that doesn't deal in the worst of what Andalusst can offer."

The pair traded looks before Darala actually piped up from her low position on the chair. Her eyes were alight with the thought of being in dangerous situations, mucking their way through serious battles and even more terrifying quests.  “We can handle anything that’s thrown at us..we’re been through tough situations before.”

Cuffin's non-serious demeanor returns with a smirk at your response. "Is that so? Well... to be honest, I would've blamed ya, actually," he jokes with a lightly teasing tone. "Who doesn't wanna know everything about everybody? Life is all about keepin' yer options as open as possible 'til the right moment."

Just then, the waiter comes into earshot, flippers laden with everyone's orders. As he hesitates with the platter containing Cuffin's meal, one can't help but wonder if he's contemplating on spitting in it. The Furret doesn't appear to be looking at him anyway... and your team may begin to suspect that he couldn't even if he wanted to. The silver platters are placed on the table with mild clatter, but Cuffin faces your team again before paying them any mind.

"Before we eat..." he interrupts, reaching down and palming the nearest glass. He holds it up and forward across the table. "Let's toast, to the new recruits," Cuffin proposes, though he leans in and adds with a whisper, "...That's you, just so ya know."

“Great.” the Corsola grumbled to her partner who muffled a giggle behind one of her paws while raising her own glass in the other one “We’ve got a weirdo on our hands.”

Even so, they clinked glasses and began to eat, each with their own thoughts on the matter. One excited, one indifferent and one slightly curious about the pair, but not willing to begin the conversation once again; he had done too much talking for one day and didn’t want to ask anymore questions.

Besides, they were in the guild anyways, so he would see for time. 



Darala's in depth bio:

Lunanette's in depth bio:


Old drawing Application
New Drawing Application


Writing application:

Writing application


Mission log:

Mission 1 (On Time)


Guild Tasks:

June Tasks



Errand one (on time)
Errand two
Errand three (on time)
Errand four (on time)


- M1: Free customization and accessory (Lunanette used hers for her hood; Daralas is still available)
Reward: Desu hood:
     - In storage arm band

- June tasks
    ~ Chopstick (allows use of Pluck)
    ~ Crayon Drawing of team
    ~ Hunter code #1


Cameo appearances:


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Love the ending to this. Great team as well. Just wondering, but please tell me where you got the team name from? It sounds cool.