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Parai. A place of wonder, where many Pokemon live. Some survived off the land, living in harmony while others ravaged both bad and good Pokemon, only caring for themselves as they tore apart both cities and towns, creating fires, wreaking havoc and throwing the world into chaos.  

The creator abhorred such actions from its children, deciding to shroud the entirety of Parai in fog. This, it decided, would be for the best, if the ones that it had created were to act in such a manner.

But within the fog, came Andaluust.  

The fog swallowed the town from view as if wanting to hide it from prying eyes, working its way across until everything around was covered. Still, many Pokemon made their way through the fog, becoming lost as soon as they entered it. Some stumbled through on their way to other locations, others tried to get out to no avail. It was frustrating to many, but they soon learned to live with the fact that they could never leave, choosing to settle down and start a new life.

Even though this was probably a life they never would have wanted.

*   *   *   *  *


Through the foggy area that surrounded Andaluust, a lone Pokemon wandered, hungry, thirsty and exhausted. They had been walking for days at a hurried pace, barely stopping for any food or water. To find anything was close to impossible, either way in the thick fog that surrounded many of the towns in Parai. They doubted they could ever find their way back to their own town at this point, but if they tried hard enough it would probably come into view at one time or another. At least, so they hoped.

“Gooseka, where are you?”

Every sound was muffled in the fog, causing the pace of the calling Pokémon's heart to pick up speed. They hated being in such a shrouded place like this. It was enough that their friend was missing, gone from their village before they had a chance to talk to them. Granted there wasn’t much choice when they had simply stormed off, not wanting to vent their anger on the Pokemon who had made havoc in their once quiet lives.

They instead turned to the surrounding problem: the fog. Touching up against it was interesting, like a blanket made of water. Droplets clung to their body, causing the Pokemon to shiver and try to brush the offending fog away.

Squinting to try and see better was pointless, as their eyesight was not very good to start with. Besides, trying to see through the fog, even with good eyesight, was like trying to see through murky water; it was impossible no matter how one looked at it.  

“Goosekaaaa!” the Pokemon hollered, placing their paws on either side of their mouth so that their voice would amplify, even though they knew it was impossible to do so in this kind of situation. “If you can hear me, call out! Say something, please!”

Something was becoming visible through the fog and with a slightly uplifted heart, the Pokemon hurried through, finally shedding the fog cloak that they wore in their excitement to go somewhere new.

It was a town. A bustling one, at that. Pokemon could be seen everywhere, either chatting amongst themselves, or hollering from shops set up on the sides of the streets. It didn’t seem like a place where Pokemon idled and lazed their days away.

With the fog gone from their body, a somewhat young Flaaffy could be seen shuffling her hooves on the ground as if testing its firmness. Her mane contained only one swirl instead of the usual two that a normal Flaaffy would have, as well as various flicks of hair that seemed to stand up as if charged with electricity. Curious as that was, the most interesting aspect of her mane was that two parts of it hung down, curling at the very tips and framing her features to give it a softer look.

Her dark blue eyes seemed sharper than the average Flaaffy, taking in everything with quick flicks while her tail hung slightly low, as if portraying her nervousness at this type of situation. She was never good with crowds and large ones, even worse; just the simple thought of talking to them gave her goose bumps.

She had to do this though. If it wasn’t for her foolishness, her friend would have never fled their town. Wishing that she had never met that Pokemon wouldn’t help either, for that experience had made her grow in more ways than one.

She wasn’t great with other Pokemon, especially strangers; it took time for her to get used to a new face. In a dire situation such as this one however, she had no choice. Gathering the courage from deep inside herself, she approached the nearest vendor with a deep breath, her nerves trembling as she pasted a smile on her face.

“Excuse me ma’am..” came the quavering voice with a very shy undertone, known to rise in pitch when afraid and darken considerably when angered. She didn’t get mad often but when she did, it was a terrifying sight to behold. “I was you seen a strange acting Ducklett about? H-He’s a bit hot tempered but very sweet a-and he cares a lot about his friends. A-As well...”

She prattled on about her friend for a few more minutes while the vendor stared at her with a look of pity and a bit of confusion. Darasheep was then halted by a gentle hand on one of her shoulders, looking up into the kind eyes of the one who has listened to her ramble on.

“Sorry hon.” the merchant murmured with an embarrassed an almost shamed flick of her ears and tail. “I haven’t seen him, or anyone of that description. There’ve been a lot of new arrivals lately, so I’m sure if you ask someone else they would have seen him.”  

The Flaaffy stared at the vendor for a few moments of disbelief before giving a very shaky smile and thanking her. She had barely turned about before she broke down in front of a complete stranger.  

“Breathe, Dara.” The Flaaffy thought to herself as tears began to gather in her eyes, her breath catching as she fought to swallow the lump that was beginning to form in her throat. “He’s got to be about here somewhere. You just have to keep looking for him.”

So she kept searching, but it was to no avail. Everyone she asked either turned her down cold or simply looked the other way. No one offered to help, busy with their own tasks at hand or simply thinking that she was trying to trick them.

Darasheep chose to halt before one of the many alleyways surrounding the town she had wandered into by complete accident, her aching hoofs reminding her that she had been walking for a long while and should probably stop to rest. So rest she did, plopping down before placing her head in her paws, a shudder passing through her entire body.

While she rested, automatically her overactive imagination attacked her thoughts, showing her pictures of her Ducklett friend being bullied, lying injured on the ground with that jerk she had once called a friend standing over him, seeing the look on his face when she told him to stay back. Her mother and father looking worried but swallowing the lies she told them, the guilt as well as relief she had felt when she had finally been telling the truth and them not yelling at her.

On and on those images reigned supreme in her mind as the Flaaffy’s body shuddered once more, before she realized it was the sound of her own crying, big heaving sobs wracking her body as all the stress of the past two years suddenly left all at once. Tears streamed down her face as she tugged her knees up to rest her face on them, trying to muffle her sobs to not appear weak.  

Why? Oh, why had she responded to that letter?
Part one of ??? for Atlantic Fence's M1 for PMD-Unity.

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Ah, don't cry, Miss Dara!  ...Though maybe you should invest in a bell to put around his neck so he'll be easier to find.