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LL's story (frosties festival)



App: Little Love

There once was a Magby who thought he was the best of the best. His bragging soon made most of the villagers detest him, for it was all bravado and hot air. His sister was in charge of the sword that protected their village and was calm, sensible, plus the only one who tolerated her brothers stories. Soon, a monster began to terrorize the town. So, to teach the Magby a lesson, the villagers sent him to slay the beast or chase it away.

The Magby was terrified. So he went to his sister and begged for help. She told him that she would take care of it only if he promised to stop bragging.

"I promise!" he cried.

"Good." she replied "Now go to where the monster is; you owe them that at least."

And so with a heavy heart the brother set off to go meet the monster, not knowing his sister was following close behind. Soon he met the monster, a lone Garchomp.

"Well, well." said the Garchomp, looking hungrily at the fire type. "Looks like the village has sent my next meal."

The Magby was so terrified he couldn't speak. All he could do was stare.

Just then the sister came up, pulling a covered wagon behind her. "Hello little spirit!" she said cheerfully to the Garchomp.

Both of them were shocked; where had she come from?

"Little spirit?"

"Oh yes!" There's a monster around here that's twice as big you that my brother is supposed to chase. My brother is a very brave warrior."

"But he get so absentminded sometimes so I brought him some food." she murmured, digging about in the cart behind her. Within a few minutes she had pulled out a poffin of enormous size, to the likes of what no one had seen before. "This morsel should tide you over for a small bit."

"T-That could feed me for a month!" the Garchomp thought worriedly, inching away slowly from the sibling pair.

"Now I know I brought that knife with me to cut it." the Croagunk mumbled as she dug about in the cart some more. "Ah, here we go!"

The sword she had brought out was the one she guarded that belonged to the village. It spanned many feet, made of blue steel and was razor sharp, striking fear into the hearts of many.

"Perfect for spreading moo moo butter as well. It has just the right sharpness too~"

When the Magby looked over once again the Garchomp was gone! He had fled, not wanting to deal with the monster killer Magby and his sister. And so the pair went back to the village, where they were greeted with happiness and surprise as the Magby promised never to brag again.

And he still keeps his promise..most of the time

Also Da is glitching out so it's not letting me posting proper links to the teams so I APOLOGIZE IF I MESS UP OH MY GOD DA STAHP


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Such an inspiring tale!  :'>