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Standing in the midst of all the loud noises, Team Atlantic Fence wondered how they had gotten themselves into this situation. It had been a perfectly beautiful day to wander about the town, but just their luck that the Reseachers Guild would need their help. They were happy to do so at first, but upon hearing the tasks that had been set out for them, their faces became somewhat confused. Even though they knew that sure, it wasn’t all glory and shine at first for joining a guild, but these were some strange tasks.

Having the tag along Inkay was even worse, for he didn’t do anything to help asides from showing them where the destruction causing Snorlax was and then go off into a rant about how his precious laboratory was being destroyed and how if they didn’t do anything about it blah blah blah..

They kinda skipped the details on that and eventually made their way into the lab with him shrieking in the background. What they saw wasn’t good at all; objects lay smashed and scattered everywhere with a sleeping Snorlax in the midst..he didn’t look all that dangerous, but they still should be careful. 

Making their way through the debris, they were stopped by the attacking Snorlax, who began to Thrash, creating more mess for them to clean up and almost hitting them in the midst. Dara had to keep her eyes on the ground and Gooseka the air as they made their way towards the normal type, hoping not to trip over anything. It seemed the closer they got, the more the Snorlax became agitated and began to attack everything about it.  

Now here they were, dodging attacks and wracking their brains for a safe way to wake him up. It wasn’t like them to beat another Pokemon senseless, but they had a sneaking suspicion that their Guild wanted to do it peacefully.

The sheep skipped out of the way as another attack smashed through not only piles of papers but one of the walls, causing the normally calm electric type to let out an irritated sigh. Her head was killing her, for her eyesight had been giving her more trouble than usual lately and it was affecting her head. She couldn’t keep her eyes closed either, because that would mean not being able to see and even though she trusted Gooseka, she didn’t want to become a burden by asking him to do everything.  

“Ugh, what a mess.” her partner grumbled with a sour flap of his wings, digging his webbed feet into the wool on the Flaaffy’s head to gain better balance so he wouldn’t fall off. Noting something quickly he suddenly sprayed out a Scald attack which blocked a piece of furniture that had been thrown at them, accompanied by a muffled shriek of  “we have enough damage already!” from Archimedes hiding in the back. “Geese, why doesn’t he come out and help; this is his place that’s being wrecked, not ours!”  

“Cause he’d rather let us lowly peons do the work.” came the somewhat miffed reply as her tail stiffened, showing her disgust at people who thought like that. Trying to shake those thoughts from her head was making her headache worse but dwelling on them made her sick to her stomach. “People like that made m-..”

Her sentence was cut off by the smashing of another piece of furniture near them, some of the splinters sticking in her wool and skin, causing her to let out a somewhat high pitched yelp. Gooseka instantly tilted forwards, causing her to almost lose her balance and go forwards, letting him get off at a safer distance to the ground.  

“Here Dara; kneel and I’ll get those.”

“They didn’t get you too, did they?”

“Nah. Your wool’s too thick and it went around, not up.”

Kneeling, the Flaaffy winced as the Ducklett went to work, using his beak to gently tease the wooden splinters out of her wool and rubbery skin. Thankfully they weren’t too deep and it was easy to get them out, but they stayed crouched down just in case something else came at them.  

“Gooseka, how are we going to get close to him if he keeps throwing things at us? We can’t just charge or else whatever he throws at us will go back to him and this cycle’ll never stop!”

Gooseka made a thoughtful honking noise before flapping his wings, stirring up some papers that had landed near them. Dara waited patiently, even closing her eyes so that she could rest them for a bit and willed the headache to go away. She then flinched at something crashed close by to then settle down again as the dual type began to speak, half opening her eyes to get a better look at him.

“I’ll keep blocking the stoof using attack and then you can use your bum to wake him up.”


“Your bell; use your bell!”

Her brow furrowed slightly at this to them smooth out once again as she realized what doing this would accomplish. Sleep was a status condition and since using Heal Bell wouldn’t count as using force against the larger Pokemon they wouldn’t be penalized for it. Nodding in agreement the wooly sheep stood upwards before leaning over slightly to pick up her partner and placed him on her head. Taking a deep breath she began to trot quickly out from the debris while the water and flying type kept a look out for any trouble.

A sudden blast of water from on top of her head made her stumble slightly but still Dara kept going forwards, her head bent slightly so that she wouldn’t lose her balance. Finally they both reached the Snorlax after many close calls and one incident in which they were both hit with stacks of papers and ended up with a lot of cuts. They stung slightly but at least they were here at the source of the problem and it didn’t seem any calmer; if this kept up there would be a hole in the floor before long.

Gooseka didn’t say anything, digging his feet into the sheeps head as she steadied herself and taking a deep breath, swung her tail back and forth in slow motions. The noise that emitted from the jewel on her tail was both beautiful and calming, stilling raging hearts, heated thoughts and tangled emotions with each ring. Standing there in silence (asides from the muffled yelling of the Inkay in the background to which they ignored for the better), the pair could see the larger Pokemon stopping their rampage to slowly awaken, sitting up and holding their head with a groan. Looking about at the damage that had been caused they then began to sniffle and wipe at their eyes. Atlantic Fence traded glances before the Flaaffy began to make her way slowly through the wreckage, papers rustling underneath her hooves

“Hello.” Dara began softly, not wanting to frighten the Snorlax. Even so he looked over at them with a bit of fear, softening as the sheep continued her somewhat slow way of talking. “My name’s Dara and this is Gooseka..what’s your name?”

“It’’s Bartholomew, b-but most people call me Barty.” the large Pokemon hiccupped before trying to stem the tears that were leaking from his eyes. “I-I um..I didn’t hurt you, did I?”

“Not really.” came the calm reply, Dara realizing that mentioning that he had even hurt them a little would mean that he would probably cry harder. “Why would you think that?”

“B-Because I had a bad dream where mean creatures were attacking me and I was trying to defend myself..b..but now I see that  it was you two..I-I’m sorry.”

Trading looks once again, Atlantic Fence assured the sniffling Snorlax that everything was fine before charming him into helping Archimedes (who had come over to yell at them) clean up the damage that all the attacks had created. The Inkay was silenced by a loud honk from Gooseka before the sheeps charm took effect on him and he began helping out as well.

They had been at it for a while before the pair remembered they had another task to be at and apologizing toward the Snorlax and other dual type, who said it was fine for them to leave (but grumbled they should get out anyways), hurried along the path they had created while cleaning to their next task. Hopefully this one would be a bit more lenient than the first and didn’t involve any danger.

Granted this was a guild, so they’d never know until they got there..and that was fine with them.  


Huffing, Darasheep screeched to a halt to bend over and begin to pant, almost losing Gooseka in the process as they made their way towards their next task. She didn’t know why she was in such a rush to get to the place they were supposed to meet with the lady bat, but she felt if they were late she wouldn’t be happy in the slightest. Granted this meant going quicker than her normal gait and being a slower than the normal Flaaffy meant the going was tougher. Gooseka was fast, but he was a bird and she simply a sheep. At least they had gotten the reward for the first task, which was tucked safely inside the sheeps wool to be used later on; a grey coloured key that neither of them knew what to do with it at this point, especially since Archimedes said it was useless at this point and to wait to use it later on..what he meant by that was unclear.

Pushing those thoughts aside as the Swoobat called Solstice came into view inside the building they had just gone into, raising a wing to wave at them. They both waved back and approached her with a bit of glee; at least she would be better than that pompous Inkay who thought it was okay to yell at them when they didn’t do something quickly enough.

“Hello you two. Nice to see you again.” came the melodious voice of the female bat, her fangs turning up slightly in a gentle smile. “Here to help with the next task?”

The smile went a bit wider as they both nodded, the Flaaffy’s tail wagging happily behind her. With a flap of her wings, Solstice indicated to the mounds of papers beside her, which made Dara’s normally cheerful face blank in a little bit of fear while Gooseka’s remained blank. She swallowed fearfully as the bat began to explain what the task was, even shuffling through a few papers herself before beginning to sort them.

“Now, I hope you both like writing. I don’t take kindly to slowness to filling paperwork out and there’s quite a lot of it so be quick! Anything to help speed the process along is appreciated but as I said before, do it quickly..or else it’ll never get done.”

Solstice let out a small sigh at that which causes Gooseka’s head to tilt to one side in a bit of curiousity before he leaned over to begin whispering to Darasheep, who had crouched over to start shuffling through the papers herself; the bat was right, there were a lot! Some with numbers, others with strange writing neither of them could comprehend..papers upon papers upon papers..

“Dara, maybe it’s better if I do the papers, if you can sort em. You’ve got paws to actually pick them up and I can mark them with my beak.”

“How do you want me to sort them?” she responded after a few moments of thought. It made sense what he was saying, even though he was a silly goose for the most part. It’d be easier if she put them into the correct piles while he depleted them..hopefully they wouldn’t be too scattered about the place, but it seemed that Solstice had them all into piles..even if they weren’t all properly sorted.  

“We’ll put the numbered ones there, the ones with writing there and each ones with different colours into separate piles.” the Ducklett answered before preening underneath his wings. He let out a somewhat surprised honk as the sheep leaned over and picking him up off her head, set him down on the ground next to some papers. While he busied himself gathering ink and a pen to start marking down some papers on the one side, Darasheep began to sort through papers and put them into piles. They both got into a rhythm, the sound of ink upon paper and rustling the only noises that were to be heard at that time until the sheep began to hum softly. She then began to sing underneath her breath, her partner picking up the tune as he continued to mark the paper with almost lightning speed.

“Sing and I will hear you, no matter where you are

A song to light the darkest night and guide me from afar

And I will never be alone, now I know you’re somewhere

You’re everywhere to me.

You’re the colour in the sky

A reason to believe

And when the rain falls down, you tell a story

And I will hear you, always near you

By the boab tree.”

The sound of wings startled the pair as the turned about to see Solstice flapping towards them, landing close to the sheep and startling her backwards, so much so that she almost stepped on Gooseka by accident.  

“That was a beautiful song, thank you.” she murmured softly, touching a talon to her head in thanks to the pair who upon realizing what she meant, said it was no problem and they were happy to help. “You’ve finished quite a bit of paperwork as well; I’m very impressed. I’d say it’s a job well done.”

Thanking the Swoobat before she handed them a book with the cover containing a hammer and the letters “D.I.Y” on the front; it seemed interesting enough to read in ones spare time but not right now when there was still work to be done. So thanking Solstice again the pair headed off for their next task with Dara carrying the book to tuck it underneath her wool after a bit, a more cheerful spring to her step.

What kind of things could they discover in their next task? Only one way to find out~


Reaching their next destination was easier than the first two, for all they had to do was follow the smell of singed grass and burning chemicals to get there. A curious sight greeted their eyes; Chelle floating about talking to someone on the ground but they were too far away to see properly, even from the Ducklett’s perspective. Wanting to walk and talk for a bit he had been placed on the ground and was waddling at a somewhat hurried pace since his two steps matched Dara’s somewhat long and sloping gait. Still he honked in a happy manner which made the sheep giggle as she watched him make his way along, trying not to trip over her own two hooves or anything on the ground. Granted, it was much easier to travel this way because then the electric type wouldn’t have to worry about him being knocked off of her head or if she wanted to bend over he wouldn’t topple off.

Approaching the Reuniclus almost carefully as to not startle her, they greeted her in a cheerful manner to get the same response.  She explained the task casually to them before ushering the pair towards where the experiments were taking place. There seemed to be a lot of mess about where some had gone wrong, Chelle commenting dryly “they got a strike because they tried to blow themselves up”, causing the team to trade somewhat worried glances.

Down the beaten path they trotted casually until the pair reached the place where making the fireworks were to take place, the psychic type looking about for someone else who was also working nearby, floating away while leaving Gooseka and Dara by themselves so they could figure the task out themselves. Concoctions were everywhere, some sparking while others looked like they could blow up at any moment.

The nervous sheep shifted between trailing after her partner or going off to search by herself; she didn’t seem the type to meekly follow but she wasn’t horribly independent either..what to do?

She was startled out of her thoughts by a chipper voice calling out from seemingly beneath her, causing her to take a step back and look about before the voice called again.  

“Down here hon!”

Looking down Dara was greeted by a pair of big brown eyes staring up into hers and with a small yelp sat down on her tail, scooting closer to the water duck who had come running when the sheep has yelled. Upon closer inspection they had run into a taller than normal Oshawott with a red kerchief tied about her shoulders (it housed an egg when the pair looked closer, though Gooseka had to whisper it to Dara when she squinted). Her smile bright, she giggled before her tail wagged happily at meeting new Pokemon she had never met before.  

“Oops, sorry t’ scare ya; it’s just me!”

When the pair gave her blank stares the water type simply giggled again to give a wide grin and stick out a paw for both of them to shake, which they did so after staring at her for a few more moments. She seemed so polite and cheerful that Atlantic Fence didn’t want to seem rude to her, especially since she had given such a friendly greeting.

“I’m Mamawott! Pleased ta meet’cha hons~”

“I’m Dara and this is Gooseka.” the sheep mentioned while motioning down to her partner, who honked and lifted a wing in greeting before beginning to nose about at the components that had been left on the ground for them to experiment with. “Oh no..t-the pleasure is all ours Miss Wott.”

“T’aint Miss Wott hun, it’s Mamawott!” the Oshawott corrected in a cheery manner, though she still made Dara flush with embarrassment, her tail swinging down lower to the ground as if she thought she was going to be yelled at for saying the wrong thing. When it didn’t happen she straightened up and nodded, trying to fix the name in her mind so that it wouldn’t be lost in the shuffle of where ever her mind went at different moments.  

When the trio was left alone again for a few minutes, Gooseka tapped Darasheep on her leg to begin whispering softly to the nervous but eager to learn sheep as she bent down to hear what he had to say, her heart picking up the pace at finally being able to do something again. Granted this wasn’t to her taste but she was sure that with the both of them together they’d figure something out.  

“You done this kinda stuff before, shoop?”

“O-oh I um..well I’m more on the mechanics of taking objects apart and putting them back together..n-not mixing together chemicals.” she responded softly back, her paws tapping together in somewhat rapid motions; neither of them knew much about chemistry but it couldn’t be too hard..right?

“Don’t worry sweeties! What’s a bit of adventure without some setback?” Cowrie piped up, startling the pair slightly; they hadn’t realized she’d been listening. Letting out a sigh and scratching the back of her neck in a bit of agitation before responding to the eager Oshawott, who was poking through the parts with gusto.  

“Even saying that..I think we should probably move away from the lab so if anything does go wrong..”

“You must stay put” came a somewhat sharp voice from behind the two teams, causing Dara to let out a yelp and twitch before turning to see that Chelle had come up to see how they were making progress and had heard their conversation. She didn’t look too pleased with what they were saying and her body language said as much to the semi blind sheep, for her arms were crossed and both of her antenna pointed forwards towards them. “I won’t have you blowing up any others or landmarks when we’re still in the process of building everything up again. If you move from this area I won’t hesitate to instantly add a strike to your records.”

She moved away from them again but the point had hit home as the sheep paled and began to shuffle along towards the items that littered the ground, flanked by the two shorter Pokemon. Crouching on the ground a wing brushed against her leg and she flinched before remembering that Gooseka was on the ground, once again bending down and allowing him to whisper into her ear so that the Reuniclus wouldn’t hear.  

“Don’t listen to the jelly lady; she wouldn’t give us a strike! Just breathe and think aboot what we need to do. I’ll bring the stoof over and we’ll all figure it out, okay?”

Nodding, Dara sat down and tuned her senses to what not only Mamawott was playing about with, but also what Gooseka was shuffling in her direction. He had seemed to find a box that had everything in it that they needed and was pushing it over to his partner. Settling into her lap while she dug through the box, he explained what they looked like as she picked each singular item up and placed it outside the box onto the grass below.  

“We’ve got some blue powder..don’t rub it so hard shoop; you’re causing it to spark! And them some squishy’s not very pretty but I guess it could be used for something if we squish it reallllly flat.”

“That looks like a jar of oil.” he honked, nosing it gently with his beak before the sheep placed it on the ground and began to dig about again. “Seems like it’d be kinda sticky though..”

“Dunno what this is though..” the water bird murmured as the sheep took out what looked like a bunch of seeds, though both of them felt a little wary holding them and extreme caution was used in placing them down, for a faint but high pitched whistling noise could be heard from the seeds if one had highly attuned hearing. “Could be useful, I guess.”  

“Oh I know this one.” Dara chirped as she pulled out a glass jar containing some blue powder, holding it close to her face to get a better look. As her nose touched up against the glass she felt the familiar thrill of electricity run through her entire body and took it away before any real damage could be done. “It’s chargestone dust. My Da used it in almost all of the factory work that he did..we’d better be careful opening the jar..I’ll do it when we’re ready cause I’m the one who’s impervious to shocks. Though we can also use it to make object float if it’s used correctly, so it’s useful in that as well.”

“That’s Shoal Salt hon!” Mamawott crowed from nearby where she was gathering her own supplies as the pair tugged a white substance that seemed to be powder like the chargestone dust but was much grainer. “You’ll get blue flames if you burn it, it’ll explode when you charge it and if you add enough liquid to the salt it’ll become like water itself.”

“Saturation huh..well, I guess that’s useful.” the electric type murmured half to herself before placing the item down and dug for the last thing, drawing back somewhat quickly as she felt her paw touch something very sticky. “Ugh, what’s that I just touched?!”

“Not sure.” Gooseka piped up before tipping the box over with his beak, something black and sticky flopping out like a grimer or a muk to simply settle on the ground like it belonged there permanently. With enough prodding they unstuck most of it and placed the goo into a jar that the Oshawott had come up with in her search. “Looks kinda like tar though..”

“Maybe it’s to stick everything together?”

“..Sure, why not.”

“Good idea sweetie~.” the water type cheerily agreed before staring at the pair with eager eyes. “Now, what do you say that we’ve figured everything out we get to work on making a fire work?”

The process went simple enough. For one firework they used brightpowder, light clay, the gooey black stuff and vibrapod seedlings. This would not only cause the firework to emit a high pitched whistling when it exploded, but the light it made would be amplified because of not only the light clay but the brightpowder. The second firework was composed of Flarevine extract, shoal salt, chargestone dust and the gooey black stuff. With these components added, the firework would burn brightly red when it went off and explode in a multitude of sharp sparks that shot high into the sky.

Breathing a sigh of relief that their experimentation went well, at least for the most part, the trio was given two pieces of paper that would allow them to use fireworks in whatever was to come next, which caused the move Flash Cannon upon impact. If both of them were used more could be given to them at the start of every mission, task, event and dungeon (but hopefully they wouldn’t need it every time something popped up).  

While Atlantic Fence turned back to start walking home a  “wait a minute!” stopped them and they turned back to see Mamawott toddling towards them, panting slightly. “Do ya need some company for th’ way home hons?”  

“Sure.” they both replied while the sheep giggled quietly and offered the Oshawott her back, to which she stared a bit before climbing on up. Toting the non heavy Pokemon back into Andaluust, she marveled at all they had accomplished today. Sure it didn’t seem much, but at least it had been rewarding and fun, for the most part.

Hopefully tomorrow would be just as fun!  

Insert creative title here

Yay July Tasks are done..I don't really like how I did it but mehhhh.

Rewards: Two fireworks that cause Flash Cannon, a storage key and a book that helps one to learn mimic


Mamawott by :iconrainbowfilled: and :iconcelestial-moo:

    - Two fire work flash cannons
    - A storage key
    - A D.I.Y handbook that teaches Mimic
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