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Going History - New application



Collaboration Team between :iconlunaokamii: and I. .w. Lunanette is hers and Darala is mine.

Darala's in depth bio:

Lunanette's in depth bio:


Old Application


Writing application:

Writing application


Mission log:

Mission 1 (On Time) + 5 SC
Bring home the Basalt (on time) + 3 SC


Guild Tasks:

Regi Rep
Frosglass protection
Shuttlecock Action
GH's story (frosty festival)
Winning Hearts and Stomachs
What One Wants...



Errand one (on time) + 1 SC
Errand two
Errand three (on time) + 1 SC
Errand four (on time) + 1 SC
Errand six (on time) +1 SC
Errand seven
Errand eight (on time) + 1 SC
Errand twelve (on time)> + 1 SC


- M1: Free customization and accessory (Lunanette used hers for her hood; Daralas is still available)
Reward: Desu hood:
     - In storage arm band

- June tasks
    ~ Chopstick (allows use of Pluck)
    ~ Crayon Drawing of team
    ~ Hunter code #1

- Basalt Halls
    ~ Three Meatroot


Cameo appearances:



Darala Evolution meme (joke)
Darala Evolution meme



Nothing to see here
Kawaii as shit

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Team Clairvoyance Festival Event Cameo - sorry that the hood design isn't correct, I've been drawing for about 12 hours and I'm just dead now ;w;