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An overcast sky greeted Little Love as they wove their way through the throngs of Pokemon gathered outside or making their way into the Basalt Halls. It was busy outside the dungeon entrance, with many a Pokemon looked excited like Rai was, worried like S.T was, or seemingly indifferent. Swallowing hard, the shy fire pig stared nervously at the entrance to the dungeon, her hooves shuffling as she fought to stay still and failed. The last time her and Rai had been in a dungeon it hadn’t gone well, but what choice did they have? They had to or, she didn’t want to think about it..but the memories the fog had blurred were starting to trickle back, though she had tried to suppress them upon hearing about Geoda. there was a place she never wanted to go back to..but Rai had looked to eager she didn’t have the heart to say no. Did she remember the fear that remained there..or mayhaps moving about to wreak havoc somewhere else?

The memories sharpened and cleared as the Tepig took a sharp breath, her head beginning to lower as she sought to force her mind from going back to that dark place. She didn’t notice that her partner had stopped in mid step and was turned back as the electric type noticed that S.T was paling and a pained look came into her eyes as she stared at the rocks surrounding the beginning of the dungeon.  


Panting. Shallow gasps of breath as paws thudded and hooves clopped on somewhat solid ground. Rooms blurred together; happy, sad, frightening..

Heart pounding, mind racing, searching, always searching. Doors, doors, so many doors. Locked, unlocked, slammed open, smashed shut.

Hurry, hurry. Run, run! Don’t stop, don’t wait, don’t slow, don’t falter..

They’ll catch up if that happens!


The fire type snapped out of her daze and blinked, staring into the slightly concerned face of the Pachirisu as golden eyes stared into blue ones. “W-What?” she managed to stammer before a booming laugh could be heard from the front of the line, where a Swampert stood balanced quite carefully on some of the stones jutting out from the entrance so he was able to see everyone almost perfectly (some of them were just too gosh darned short). The pair recognized it the Pokemon as Luke who they had helped out beforehand; he seemed as eager as usual to go exploring and was doing a good job of getting everyone somewhat riled up before a Buizel placed a hand on his shoulder to make him calm down somewhat. Rai knew that Pokemon more than S.T did and shared the information that his name was Cassidy, who had helped her out on the mission where the statue had attacked. He had helped them both out actually, but S.T had forgotten for the most part at the fear of the statue attacking and nearly blowing everything to smithereens. At least they had a place to live was small but very comfortable, just enough for the two of them to live in peace for the moment.  

“Now if you want t’ get rid of th’ traps, all you gotta do it take a big stone and chuck it somewhere in the room. If you hear a click, then you’ve got it! If not then well..try again.” The Swampert was saying, tilting his explorer hat up with a small push of his hand. His dark eyes glimmered with excitement and it looked like he was going to tear off into the dungeon at any moment, which made a few Pokemon shift somewhat nervously as a result. “Though it’s best if you stand at the entrance of the room t’ start chucking that stone though, or else you might step on it by accident!”  

“Now,” he continued while straightening up to his full height, almost toppling off his perch while Cassidy just placed a paw over his face and let out a small sigh. “Get in there and show, us what’cha got you nippers!”

The braver mons charged into the dungeon with a massive roar with their partners either trailed behind or hastened to catch up, with some of the more timid ones staying behind or either trying to hide behind something or someone. Little Love didn’t seem that effected by Luke’s speech and simply walked into the dungeon at their own pace, leaving the others behind while getting on their way into a place that held many mysteries, secrets and surprises.

Entering the dungeon the pair were hit with an extreme heat wave, Rai almost instantly starting to sweat while S.T took a deep breath and stepped inside the room a bit further, pausing as she noticed a pile of small rocks on the ground. Sniffing at it with her nose, she indicated to her partner with a swish of her jeweled tail to come over and inspect it before they spent the next few moments throwing the rocks about to check for any traps, the clacking echoing off the walls.  

“Hey, hey!” a voice cried from deeper inside the room causing them to pause and halt in mid step/throw “In the name of King Wussy, I demand you stop throwing those stones!”

The room was well lit, so Little Love had no trouble spotting the yelling Pokemon (though Rai had to whisper what it was to S.T because she looked slightly confused as to what it was). It was a raggedy looking fish looking Pokemon, blue and brown in colour with cat like whiskers and an annoyed look on its face. A Barboarch, it was called and it looked about as happy to see the Team as they were to see it, though it was more curiousity on the fire pigs part and excitement on the electric rodents one.  

“What?” chirped the Pachirisu, her ears perking forwards as she made her way closer to the water and ground type, causing her partner to draw shyly closer to her as a result and watch from behind as she interacted with a stranger. “Who’s..Wussy?”

That seemed to be the wrong answer and caused the Pokemon to become more upset, thus making Little Love start backing bit by bit until they were almost in a corner. Peeking about that large tail the fire type could see the mud splattered mon was puffed up with what looked like rage and flailing was almost comical in a sense. Although the words coming out of its mouth were so fast and jumbled together it was complete gibberish so neither of them could make heads or tails of what the flopping fish was saying.  

Trading a quick look with the fluffy fire pig, Rai raised up her paws in a not meaning harm motion and stammering out “W-Well that’s great but we’ve gotta get going now; bye!” before shooting past the offending Pokemon in a flat out run with S.T following closer at her heels. Running through the open space at the end of the room, they found themselves in a small, plain looking room that didn’t house much, with an open end on the right, a door in front and another door on to the left.  

“That one’s locked huh..” mused the fire type as she turned her head to look at the door on the left, sensing that something was off with the panel in front of the door. It wasn’t anything special but something about it..felt wrong. “Looks like we don’t want to go in there yet.”

“Let’s go forwards S.T; I wanna see what’s in there!” chirped her partner before springing forwards without any confirmation, causing shyer Pokemon to blink a few times before hurrying through after her. She almost smacked into the Electric type a few moments, ears swaying backwards as she screeched to a halt with a clattering of hooves before sorting herself out and turning about to face her partners behind.  

“What’s wrong?” the Tepig whispered before trying to peek about the peppery Pokemon. Rai, on the other hand was crouching down before staring about the room. The ceiling was low, too low for any normal Pokemon or tall mons to walk through and even with her tail low the Pachirisu could barely fit. Turning back to her partner she stared at the fire type, making her slightly nervous to shift her hooves but simply return the stare.  

“You gotta go in there..I can’t fit.”  

S.T blanched at this suggestion, shaking her head nervously before catching the lovely Pokemons eye once again..that look was too pleading for any normal Pokemon to resist and even though she was a friend of her..ulp.  

Wait, was she using..?  

Oh no.

“R-Rai,” she stammered, trying to avert her eyes as a blush crept up on her features and her heart began drumming at a rapid pace. The others eyes were so sparkly and full of life; she seemed to be getting closer by the second, that white and blue fur bright against the darkly coloured stones that littered the dungeon “T-That’s not..not fair!”

The chuckle that emitted from her partners mouth only made the redness spread until it covered her entire face..Rai was way too close now and with a huff of what seemed annoyance S.T broke the spell by looking to one side before squeaking “F-Fine! I’ll’ll stay here, right?”

“Sure will~” came the calm and somewhat smug reply as the shyer Pokemon slipped ahead of the Pachirisu to get down on all fours and began crawling through the smaller space with the electric type watching carefully from behind. After her friend had vanished from sight Rai looked about to find what she was looking for, going over to gather a few bits and pieces before lowering herself down to the ground and beginning to get to work. At least she could do this to help her partner get out was the least she could do anyways~

Inside the room the Tepig wasn’t having too tough of a time traversing along the ground, using her nose to scent if anyone was there. There was a faint scent but it wasn’t anything too familiar to her, so she simply ignored it and moved along until reaching the opening to where the next room was. Here she paused, because in front paced a Barboach, but somewhat different looking than the one in front. It seemed cleaner, first of all and was carrying a slightly bent spoon in its mouth. A worried look was plastered on its face as it slid back and forth in front of the entrance, seeming stuck on when to go in or not.  

..Well, there seemed to be only one way out of this situation it seemed.  

“Um..excuse me.”

The duel type jumped and spun around in the same motion, using its sinewy body to twist about and look at the flattened down fire pig, staring at it with curious blue eyes.  

“O-Oh,” it stammered, looking embarrassed after a few moments of staring while clutching the spoon that was usually in its mouth in those small fins “I’m..I’m looking for my friend.”

“He’s in there” the Pokemon continued before jabbing its nose at the opening, where an eerie pressure could be felt emitting from just inside. “B-But it’s scary in there and I’m..well, I’m scared to go in.”

Tilting her head to one side, which caused her a bit of pain as she almost got her head stuck sideways, the fire pig snuffled gently before saying “I could get your friend for you”, causing the duel type to freeze and stare at her for a few moments to begin shaking slightly.  

“You mean it?”

“Uh huh.” she replied almost casually, beginning to wiggle forwards into the room without waiting for a response. Hey, if someone was trapped in there than it was worth it to get them out. Saving someone wouldn’t earn her any brownie points or anything, but she had to help in some way, right? 

Inside the room, she found she could stand, which was a good thing. At first she thought the harshness of her breathing was because she had been on her stomach the entire time, but even when moving forwards the air quality never changed as each breath drawn became somewhat weaker. Shaking her head to try and clear it, she spotted a passed out Barboach that was the same type as the one the pair had met at the entrance. Grabbing its tail with her mouth she began to forcefully drag the fish Pokemon out of the suffocating room, accidentally picking up a spool stone along the way as its floppy head smacked into the material, causing it to roll out with the pair as they made their way back to the low ceiling room.

S.T’s tail bumped into the aforementioned room before she remembered that it was different and turning about, nudged the unconscious Pokemon with her nose while huffing to the other mon of its type “c’mon, take him already” and when the dual type was dragged to safety, got down on all fours to begin wiggling her way back to her own partner. Half ignoring the cries of thanks from the Barboach, a crunching noise distracted her from her thoughts and looking down realized she had trod over a stick lying in her pathway. There appeared to be many of them and as her gaze drifted back towards the door she noted that there was a trail leading up to the door. They certainly hadn’t been there beforehand; maybe Rai had placed them there to help her out..or anyone else who went through this dungeon.  

Her question was answered when she emerged from the prior room to see the Pachirisu sitting up against one of the corners, spinning a fleshcap between her paws. Dirt smudged the front part of her body and the tip of her tail, though the bright smile that lit up her features as she set eyes on the fire pig made a warmth spread throughout S.T’s entire body that had nothing to do with her type.  

“You’re back!” the electric type squeaked while getting to her paws, ears flicking forwards in delight. “Did you find anything neat?”

“I found this Spool stone.” she responded while pawing at her ears to get rid of the access dust that had gotten into them while crawling along the floor. With a few shakes she was ready to go again but staring at the door, she felt that uneasy nervousness once again. “We’re supposed to go in there..right? It..the space in front feels weird.”

“Don’t worry; I’ve got it covered!” Rai responded and simply threw the fleshcap she was holding into the space in front of the door. A click was heard as soon as the item landed and suddenly, thin purple needles shot upwards, causing S.T to jolt back and for the Pachirisu to stare as if stunned before her ears began to wiggle as a shine came into her eyes.

“Whoaaa; so –that’s- what Luke and Cassidy were talking about when they said traps! Well, it looks like the way’s safe now, so let’s go in!”

With that, she bounded inside with a slightly nervous Tepig trailing behind. Although the electric type didn’t get very far as she rammed into something as soon as the door opened and bounced off, prompting a yelp from her partner and an “oof” from whatever she had hit. Shuffling her large tail out of the way, Rai peered up at the large mon that loomed over her, their eyes as curious as hers as they stared at each other for a few moments.  

It was a Lairon, but unlike one Rai had ever seen. It seemed somewhat large for that type of Pokemon and its eyes were each a different colour; the left one green while the right one a startling shade of darkish blue. Sniffing at the pair to then let out a huff, the steel and rock type then turned its head the left and called out in a childish voice, seeming to signal someone further inside the plain looking room.

“Mammee, there are mons outside; small ones! Can I let them in?”

A swooshing noise was heard from the other side of the room as a small figure landed on the dual types back, peering at them with dark green eyes. A female Emolga with a tattered right ear stared at the pair as her zig zag tail swished behind her before adjusting darkly coloured goggles hanging about her neck.  

“You guys are adventures, right; an explorer team?” she said calmly, ears flicking forwards to catch their response as those dark eyes seemed to bore into them, causing Rai to tilt her head and S.T to shift uncomfortably.  

“Yep! ..Wait, are you guys here to help with construction to make the rooms safer?” Rai answered, her ears pricking forwards as she bounded closer towards the Lairon, causing him to blink but not most from position as the electric and flying type simply kept on staring “How’d you get in here so fast, before us?”

Her question was met with a confused look as the Emolga simply shrugged. “Dunno,” she responded before sliding down the front of the Lairons face and landing in front of Little Love, almost face to face with Rai “We just heard someone needed some construction workers and thought it fit us..too bad there isn’t any danger about; we’re getting rusty.”  

Sticking out her tongue in thought, the female Pokemon then held out a scarred hand for the other electric type to shake, which she did after a few seconds of staring at it.  

“I’m Chicu” she stated while turning to S.T to gently shake her hoof as it was offered in a meek manner. Jabbing her paw behind her at the larger mon, who instantly got down on all fours and let out a soft “ruff” with his tail wagging behind him. “And that’s Tank. Pleased to meet you.”

“I’m Rai and this is S.T; it’s so great to meet other explorers!” the peppery Pokemon chirped as she skittered inside the room before beginning to look about at what was in it. Within a few moments she was face to face with another Pokemon sitting nearby; a very calm looking shiny Zorua with a cropped hair piece sitting near a locked doorway.  

S.T followed soon afterwords and introductions were made, nerves were soothed and friendships formed, albeit small. They chatted for a few minutes before deciding to try the locked door, but all was shattered when Tank took a step back and the floor suddenly caved beneath him, causing him to fall backwards and everyone to cry out. Luckily he was too big to get impaled on the sharp spikes down below and ended up getting stuck halfway, though his cries were heart wrenching to the four standing about the mouth of the hole.

“We’ve gotta get him out of there!” Zephyr cried before staring to pace at the edge, almost slipping in himself before Chicu grabbed him by the tail and pulled him back.  

“Stop doing that and let’s think of a way to help him!”  

While this was happening, Rai peered over the edge as where Tank was struggling slightly, his horns and back spike slowing his decent by becoming stuck in the sides of the pit.  

“Hey,” she murmured before looking back at the couple, her golden eyes fixating on the Zorua. “Can’t you use illusions to make yourself look different?”

“Yeah..what’s that got to do with anything?”

“Well, why don’t you turn yourself into a fighting type and break the ground so we can get to him?”

The suggestion seemed strange and after a few moments of thought the shiny Pokemon was nodding, but posed an important question; wouldn’t that damage the ground more than needed and cause them to get into trouble?  

“No problem!” the electric type giggled, her tail swaying back and forth “We can just use board to seal up the damage and make it safe to walk on, right?”

“W..Where are we going to get boards from?”

“We can use that cart, right?”  

Everyone looked over at S.T, who had turned her head and was staring at a large wooden cart parked a far corner of the room. It looked too heavy for one small Pokemon to pull by themselves but all four of them would be able to do it, plus if they got out beforehand Tank could help with placing the boards down.

Within a few moments, everything was situated. Zephyr had turned themselves into a Machamp and was squatting at the edge of the hole carefully while Little Love and Chicu had perched themselves on the other side, ready for action. Lifting one of his four hands the fighting type slammed it into the ground, creating large cracks and causing the ground to shake slightly. A few more times and a large piece of the ground had been crushed down, causing Tank to cough and splutter as dirt showered down on him as he felt the wet ground about his head spike come looser. Staying still he simply waited until he felt himself slipping and let out a small yelp.  

The illusioned Zorua acted quickly, falling down the hole to transform into a Swellow and with a powerful flap of his wings shot down the hole to grab onto one of the back spikes. With Chicu, Rai and S.T yelling encouragement flap by flap he lifted the Lairon into the air and both of them landed safely, though Zephyr slid down the side of his friend soon after words, panting hard as he flopped onto the ground in a bundle of fluffy roan coloured fur.  

“Zephy!” The Emolga squeaked as she hurried to the side of her partner and without another second threw herself on him, smothering him with kisses before he could draw breath. “I’m so glad you’, safe! You brave, brave Zorua you, oo~”

Little Love simply watched as this happened, and as Chicu threw herself onto Tank afterwords for the same treatment, though the Pachirisu had the gall to nudge the Tepig when the kissing started, causing her to turn beet red and shift in embarrassment. She knew what her partner wanted, oh boy she knew it badly, not now. 

With the way things were going in her life, a chance like that might come..never.

Waving goodbye to the trio, the electric mouse and the fire pig walked out into the room, Rai and S.T went to the right and stopped as they realized they were in the exceedingly hot room that they had stepped into when first entering the dungeon. Trading looks with each other they turned about to go back when Rai gave a yelp and was slammed into the ground by a slimy body curling about one of her footpaws. S.T gave a yell as well and charged into the Barboach holding her partner, not only smacking it aside but then becoming a tangled ball of fur as she tripped over Rai’s tail to smack into her body, tumbling a few feet before they landed on a tile that felt smooth, different from the rest.

The last coherent thing she heard, was a click.  

S.T let out a scream that echoed about the room as sharp, pointed purple needled slammed into her body. Rai was also affected and the Tepig stiffened, feeling her slump against her own body. Ah it hurt, it hurt! What was that type of trap anyways? She was more worried about her partner than herself, even though she had seemed to be more affected by the trap..but it was worth it if the effects were less for worth it.

The rest was a blur as the Tepig felt her senses slowly start to fade away. Soft paws picked her up and a gentle murmur of “I got you, I got you.” was heard before a louder calling of “Zephy, you got the Pachi right?” as she felt herself being moved from the set off trap. Pressed against a somewhat rounded belly and half dragged, she could faintly see the outlines of the two Pokemon they had helped beforehand; the other must be behind them.

The Rescuer trio picked up as the pair began to badly feel the effects of the poison seeping through their body. Rai began to shake and shiver as S.T just turned pale, feeling sick to her stomach as she then began to turn a peculiar shade of green. Thudding paws shook their bodies and a yell of “Get out of my way!” followed by  sharp a yelp as something was shoved aside to land with a slick smacking noise on the ground. Someone sniffed to then sneeze and go “Ugh, there’s so much fur in here; did someone just dump all of it and leave?”

“Don’t care; Tank, get that door open!”

A muffled yet determined “right” and a crashing noise was heard as the door swung open by a powerful force. Stifling heat blasted in as the three rushed outside, almost slipping in the soft sand as they rushed to get outside but not drop their charges.

The situation was explained quickly to the Pokemon waiting outside and Little Love was taken to a shady area, where a blurred bird shaped figure was seen sitting and shuffling their webbed feet in the surrounding area. A few lumpy shapes could be seen surrounding him and staring at the pair with beady black eyes they then turned their head and yelled back at a Pokemon sitting in a more shaded area, giving their wings a small shake.  


A gentle call answered and Chicu and Zephyr stepped back to lay Little Love on the ground. Pink legs with a greyish hoof placed in the middle came into view as the Pokemon in question knelt down, murmuring soft words that soothed the pair into relaxing, even in this sweltering hot place.

“ .. kay. It..ght ..ow”

The last thing that S.T felt before drifting off was an immense heat pounding her entire body before the sound of a soft bell rendered her unconscious. Drifting in a soothing blackness where nothing could touch her, her normally organized thoughts jumbled to then straighten themselves out again; where was Rai?  

No please..

No wait..




Application: PMDU - Explorers Guild Written Application
The dungeon I used

Gained three star coins from helping to make the dungeon safer.
-Gained a Merit for dealing with the dungeon traps
- Acquired two spool stones and a fleshcap (but lost the latter when Rai chucked it the ground to set off a trap)
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That was fun to read! Lots of good descriptions and my favorite part has to be when S.T was poisoned, you really described that well and I could almost feel the poison crippling my body while reading it :)