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“Luna; we’re going to be late!”

Came the cry as a cheery looking Banette could be seen floating over top of what seemed a very angry small blue blob, the end of her hood swinging down as she began to play with it unconsciously.

“Well you’re the one that decided you wanted to walk by yourself; it’d be easier for me to carry you.” the ghost type replied, getting a huffy look from the shiny Pokemon as she stumped along. Her legs hadn’t really gotten any longer in the few months they had been in Andaluust and shedding had been painful at best. There wasn’t any clean water about unless they went out of the city and even then she had to submerge herself completely while her partner simply floated on by.  

“But you’re the one who wanted to stop for pastries!”

“They were good though!”

That stopped the stream of complaints for the moment at least. They had been good, very good in fact. The bakery never seemed to have stale bread either or if they had, the owners were very good at hiding it or gave it the mons that needed it most at the end of the day when they closed shop. Though neither of them had become much friendlier towards the three who worked there, the atmosphere was quite enjoyable and the two found they could relax when they were there and just let time pass them by without having to worry about anything.

A shout from behind them jolted the pair out of their thoughts and turning, noticed that it was the panda Pokemon who had given then their mission from beforehand. She was quickly catching up to them and within a few moments was almost in Daralas personal space but backed off a few paces upon realizing she might be a smidge close to at least one of them.

A piece of paper could be seen in one of her paws and when asked about it, Kara seemed a little shifty but answered anyways. It was an escort mission for the dungeon that had just been found and reading off the well creased paper that looked like it had been smashed into a ball multitude of times, the dark type didn’t even wait for the pairs reaction before squinting over the fine handwriting and rereading the message for what seemed the hundredth time.

“Hunters Orders:

Esteemed nobility and community member Reuben Hetterich will be accompanying the expedition team through to Geoda on an express business trip. Teams who wish to earn a Merit should volunteer to escort Mr. Hetterich through the dungeon, keeping him safe from any aggressors. Keep in mind that if the opposing faction's leader sees a member of Andalusst nobility directly, they may assume he is a general and attack. Try to keep the peace so that our charge can complete his journey safe-..”

“There’s no damned way we’re doing that.” the Corsola interjected huffily, not only cutting the Guild assistant off but causing her ghost type companion floating nearby to let out a muffled giggle, her eyes squinting as she fought to contain her laughter at her partners attitude. “If that guy thinks that he can get a free ride without doing any work then he’s got another thing coming.”

“Look, I don’t like it either, but we need –someone- to do it.” the Pancham snarled, the paper crumpling in her balled up paws as her fangs chomped hard on the leaf dangling from her mouth. “And I don’t have ti-..”

“Well neither do we. C’mon Luna; let’s go.”

With that, the shiny Pokemon turned and stalked off with Lunanette giving a somewhat apologetic glance back to Kara before floating off while calling “Wait up!”. The panda Pokemon simply stood there in shock before smashing the ball of paper on the ground and storming off, muttering underneath her breath “This is the thanks I get for hiring all these damned if I give them another free pass; they’ll have to earn it next time!”

Standing at the entrance to the dungeon a few moments later, the pair noticed that there were many paw prints outside. Seems that they were slightly late in coming, though the food run had been necessary to calm grumbling stomachs and they had wasted a few minutes talking to Kara about that stupid side thing before coming but they hadn’t been that late going in..geeze, how eager were these guys to go inside a dungeon?

Stepping inside was easy enough, though the temperature seemed to plummet from lack of sunlight and though neither were bothered by the cold, looking about there wasn’t much to this room at all. wait, three doors could be seen, though a strange enlarged plant was settled in front of the door to the north of the room, blocking it from view to the untrained eye.

Inspecting both doors, the Corsola bit back a groan as she noticed that they were both locked. What was it with strange places and locked doors? Was there some kind of theme to mysterious places that held treasure and other weird or fascinating objects that required locked doors as a challenge? No matter, because in a few seconds the doors on either side of the room splintered open on account of the shiny dual type using a barrage of Spike cannon, cracking them to pieces before one final shot cracked them open like the shell of a nut.  

The room on the left held nothing of interest to the pair. Not only was it boring, but sticking their heads through the shattered remains all that could be seen was a shaking Barboach who stared at the pair in horror as if they were demons. They left for the door on the right after that, not bothering to check out what the large plant in front of the door. Exploring these rooms was first and foremost; checking out strange flora and fauna came later, when the danger was all gone or at least tamed enough so that others who wanted to traverse it after them could do so peacefully, or at least with little to no trouble.  

Inside the room on the right, nothing could be heard. The silence was eerie and chilled one to the bone as they stepped inside the room, much like going underwater where one could only hear their own heart beat. Looking about the room they spotted a fleshcap in the corner and went to pick it up, only to have Darala trip a trap by accident and almost fall into it. She was only saved by her partner taking hold of one of her head corals to tug her back gently before she toppled in, the Corsola resigning herself to being carried for the rest of the room in case there was anything else. Having picked up the fleshcap in the corner, they were startled by a yell from a different part of the room, excruciatingly loud against the silence that choked the room. A soldier who had been occupied by something else had finally noticed them and was coming over to investigate what that noise was. He stopped upon seeing the pair and prepared to charge, but simply rushed by and dropped into the hole with a yelp as the ghost type simply shot to the ceiling with her partner in her paws to avoid contact.  

Within a few moments they had broken yet another locked door and floated into the next room, where the rocks formed strange patterns and even what seemed symbols. It wasn’t like anything they had seen inside the caverns so far and studying them curiously for a few minutes, decided to sketch them out on a piece of paper the Banette had stuffed inside her hood before moving back. Choosing to rescue the pitifully crying Barboach still trapped inside the pit they simply set him on the ground and moved back to the first room they had walked into.

Nothing had changed sadly. The plant was still there and interested, the pair moved up to it and were at the point of brushing up against it when a “stop!” made them halt. Turning back they saw that the raggedy looking water and ground type had followed them in, panting slightly from having to move at such a fast pace.

“D-Don’t touch that.” it gasped before leaning over to try and catch its breath. When it had recovered slightly Going History simply sat with the Barboach, who introduced themself as “Splash”. 

“You guys were going to get yourselves blown up!” the dual types yelped, their eyes wide as they stared at the enormous pulsating root sticking up from the ground in front of the door. “That’s a, a Bustershoot!”

“Your name’s Splash?” Lunanette replied, not seeming interested in the subject in hand while Darala took time to look over at what Splash seemed worried about. Upon closer inspection, it looked like the root was alive..which seemed impossible..though it also looked like a giant..

“An explosion huh..” she mumbled to herself while a small smile flickered over her features “Sounds like fun.”

Having just heard the first part of the conversation, Splash blinked and nodded mutely, their eyes flicking nervously to the plant before Lunanette simply stood up and stretched, letting out a small groan of pleasure. Before the Barboach knew what was happening the chipper Pokemon had flipped back her hood and scooped up his slimy body, depositing him in the soft folds of the hood where he wiggled furiously before poking his head out confusion as to what these two had planned.  

“Well, might as well get it over with.” the cheery Pokemon chirped, clicking ghost fingers at the Bustershoot in a gun like motion before sing songing the next part while Darala simply let out a sigh; she would have liked one time they did a mission to be less..messy. “Go go, Darala rangerrr~”

Without another word, the Corsola pointed her head spikes forwards and fired off a volley of Spike Cannon. Her aim was true and the explosion loud, but while Splash began to yelp and wiggle about more, Lunanette was calm and simply held out her hands, creating a green barrier than surrounded all three of them the moment the piece of coral hit the Bustershoot. The noise and motion from the blast shot everything backwards, also creating a large hole that took place of the door and the adjacent walls, bits of stone crumbling from the opening that looked out of place in the somewhat pristine dungeon.

“Well, that did it!” the ghost type noted, causing the Barboach to cast a worried look at not only her but the shiny Pokemon who had been scooped up into that gentle grasp, who stared over at the dual type for a split second with uninterested eyes before turning back to where the hole was. “Let’s go inside~”

With that, they all floated in, Lunanette not seeming to care about the debris falling all about them. The next room was a disaster, but that was understandable considering what they had just done. Not only was it in shambles, but the damage had been a bit more wide spread than the trio actually thought it would be, with dust everywhere and a large black splotch to show the remains of where the Bustershoot had exploded with the force of the Spike Cannon attack.

Noting that the door on the right was blocked by large chunks of rock that had come away from the walls, they floated towards the left one and were just about to go through before a loud shriek caused them to pause, neither member of Going History giving a sign of distress while Splash squirmed about for a better look at who was shouting.  


Halting with one paw on the door to push it open, the ghost type turned her head to look down at a chubby Barboach who was heading their way, huffing with exertion. Their tiny face contorted with rage, they spluttered a few times before finally finding their voice and continuing their rant.  

“Do you have –any- idea of what you could have caused?! An earthquake, a cave in, a tsunami..y-you both could have been responsible f-..”

“It’s all right Puds.” Splash interrupted, poking their head out from the folds of Lunanette’s hood to stare down at the infuriated water fish. “They’re with me.”

“I don’t care!” the larger fish almost screamed, their completion turning an almost purple colour with all the rage they were exerting at the moment. “You almost blew me up and besides, we’re supposed to keep intruders out, not be all chummy with them!”  

“This is Puddles.” the smaller Barboach explained while ignoring the “Don’t ignore me!” yells from the aforementioned water fish as they continued to steam. “He’s my cousin.”

“Good.” Darala commented while her eyes bore down on the larger Pokemon with seemingly no emotion whatsoever “Then I’m sure he won’t mind if we take him with us.”

“Great idea!” her partner giggled while giving a click of her fingers and before Puddles knew it, they had floated into the air by a strange force and within a few moments, was grabbed and stuffed into the back of the Banettes hood alongside his family member “In you go, Poogles!”

“It’s Puddles!”  

Ignoring the outraged cries from the clearly insulted Barboach, the puppet Pokemon simply shoved on the door to enter the next room. Before they could take a step into the next room, both of them felt a presence that had the ghost type stepping backwards in an instant while her partner pointed her horns forwards. A swishing noise could be heard and it seemed only a second before something sprung from the entrance, too fast for the eye to see. Speeding towards the Hunters Team they dodged to one side as Darala shot off a quick Scald attack, only to be jerked backwards as a dark green ball of pure energy was shot at them.

Twisting to one side Lunanette avoided it to shoot back her own Shadow ball, the Corsola shivering from the dark energy coming off of her paws as it exploded against the wall as the figure dodged to one side. Facing off against each other, the Banettes face was wild and eerie in the light of her attack while the other figure remained hidden in the shadows, readying another attack.

At the same time that the ghost type released her attack and the shadowy figure launched theirs, another dark shape shot out of the doorway to get in between them, blocking their attacks with one of their own. A bright light filled the room as electricity could be felt crackling from the force of the attack and everyone was blinded for a few moments before blinking to clear the spots from their eyes.  

When the spots had cleared, a Pokemon that neither Going History had seen before could be seen facing them with a somewhat determined look on their features. Aqua coloured in body with a sea foam green stomach and dark yellow markings streamed from the sides of their mouth to end in a loop about their behind, two flower shaped fins could be also seen on the sides of their body in the back. Dark eyes watched the Hunters Team curiously and without malice, though their stance was determined as if to protect the Pokemon behind them. Upon closer inspection it was shown that it was a Nuzleaf who had sprung through the door to attack them, their gaze feeling like the nick of a razor as it razed across the pair before they stepped back and simply became watchful. If their student had stepped in to stop the fight, then they probably weren’t that dangerous as he had first thought.  


Turning towards the doorway where the voice had come from, a baby Pokemon could be seen standing there before racing forwards to the Nuzleaf and clinging to one of their legs in a bit of fear. Bright blue eyes turned towards Going History, causing them both to freeze. Neither of them were used to children, Darala being the least because..well, everyone in her town had been her age for the most part.  

“Ooo, she’s so cuteeee!” Lunanette squealed while clasping her paws together, those almond shaped eyes glittering in delight as silently, the Corsola agreed even though she rolled her eyes and internally sighed. Even so the tiny dual type kept hiding behind the grass and dark but the water type took to staring at the shiny Pokemon until she began to feel slightly uncomfortable.  

“What?” she finally piped up, but not before noticing that the Shellos had a healed scar on the right side of her mouth. It was jagged but didn’t seem to pain the other much, though with the right facial expression she could become downright terrifying.  

The other water type didn’t say much before gently reaching out and touching up against one of the Corsolas head spikes, causing the shiny Pokemon to shudder slightly. She felt no malice from the touch, only a bit of concern or worry..she wasn’t sure what it was. Before she could utter another word the grip on her coral tightened slightly and she was tugged into the next room with her partner and the others following right behind.  

Inside the room, large scratch marks that looked like a multitude of claws could be seen all about the floor and on the walls as if some type of large creature had come through the wreak havoc and simply just ended up trapped in the room. Nothing else in the room seemed worth mentioning, asides from the Pokemon sitting calmly in the middle of the room surrounded by a lot of ratty looking papers. They looked over in a bit of interest as the trio entered, followed by the other Team and a small smile came over their features as their eyes roved over Going History.

“Welcome back.” the Grumpig called, raising a paw in greeting as the group halted before returning to studying his papers. “I see you found friends; who’re they?”

“I’m Lunanette and that’s Darala!” the ghost type tittered as she twirled her entire body about in delight, yells being heard a few seconds later as Splash and Puddle shot out of her hood and fell to the ground. In moments, they were accosted by the Smoochum who stared at them with sparkling eyes before squealing “ more fwiends!” and pounced on them both, ignoring their yells as she hugged their slimy bodies to her own squishy one in delight.  

“Poppa, Nunky, Momma; can I play with my fwiends?” the little Pokemon squeaked, holding up the slightly stunned Barboach in a surprisingly firm grasp and when getting the nod from all three, let out another squeal before tearing off with the dual types yelling “We’re gonna pway tag! I’m it, I’m it!”

“Wait wait, I wanna play too!” the puppet Pokemon called before floating over to where the long haired Smoochum was giving out instructions in a somewhat excited voice, leaving the shiny Pokemon alone with the others as she looked about in a bit of interest at the notes before being tugged along at the horn by the water type Pokemon with the  

While the psychic type studied notes and made a few markings here and there, Lunanette continued to play with the tiny Pokemon, who within a few moments had introduced herself as Tovah, as well as the Barboach cousins. Gleefully chasing them across the room to one side of the dungeon to then be chased herself, their giggles echoing about the walls of the room as it took on a cheery atmosphere.

Over in one of the corners, Darala was having a conversation with sea slug Pokemon, though it seemed somewhat one sided to her. In a few moments she had spent with the other, the only noises that she had made were peeps and whistles. It was pretty, but slightly frustrating if one wasn’t used to it. Thankfully, she had the somewhat silent Nuzleaf, who had introduced himself as Pilvi helping her to translate simply by offering a few words now and again.  

“Huh so I..yeah, I guess that works out too.” the shiny Pokemon mumbled before her head coral drooped down slightly. She had never thought of using pure rainwater to gather into tubs to purify herself and alleviate the dryness that itched whenever she hadn’t gotten into water for a long while. Though that made a lot of sense if the pair weren’t able to find a body of water around and heaven forbid if it was dirty..ugh, those were the worst.  

As Shellos, or from what Pilvi had said, Ruka was her name reached up to tug on her own ears gently, a loud noise like a yell could be heard coming the closed door, causing both the two members of Going History to turn sharply, their eyes sharp for danger if it was to come through. None of the others seemed to be bothered by it though and continued on with what they were doing, though after a few seconds the strange duo made their way over to the still studying Grumpig, who looked up at them with clear yet gentle green eyes.  

“What was that noise?” Darala asked softly, her horns swiftly clicking towards the door as if the enemy was to spring through at any moment.  

“Just an annoyance.” the psychic type replied calmly with one paw on the papers so they wouldn’t float away by accident if a sudden gust of wind came along. “I’m Edmund by the way; it’s nice to meet you.”

“..Nice to meet you.” she answered somewhat skeptically, both eyes narrowing towards the larger Pokemon before turning towards the weak wooden door, scuffing a paw in the direction of it to kick up some dirt “So is that the door to the exit?”

“I would assume so; a lot of the doors were locked when we came in so we couldn’t get through those for fear of damaging the dungeon even more before we could research it. And there’s also the fact that..”


“Well, there is the fact that the so called “Boss” of this dungeon is just up again” the Grumpig pointed out, shifting his position in front of his work so that his paws wouldn’t cramp if he stood up suddenly. When Going History turned their eyes almost greedily towards the plain looking door that stood in front of them, he simply raised a brow as a small smile played on those calm features “You’re eager, I get it would probably be for the best if you appeased to him and brought him back to your members, right?

“I guess it wouldn’t be so good to just kick the shit out of him.” the Corsola agreed after a few minutes of raising and lowering her head spikes in thought, though a part of her dearly wished to scrap with a “boss”; now that would be good training! “But uh..”

“How’re we gonna appease to him?” Lunanette chirped while following the chubby Smoochum and taller than usual Shellos trailing behind her in sort of game as they scoped the area, the silent Nuzleaf watching with slight interest from where he squatted to look over the research notes with the psychic type. “He’s royalty right? We’ve never dealt with royalty before..they’re all fatty snobs!”

They missed the look that passed between the Team, though the ghost type then almost got plowed over by the baby Pokemon and her follower as she thought it was a good idea to change direction at this point and simply try to catch the water type, who hustled to stay away from her daughter in their strange game of tag. Splash and Puddle were taking part in this game as well, though even though they hustled to catch up with the trio they never seemed to win or lose, only get stuck in the middle.  

“If he’s got an really large ego like most royalty does, you should be able to stroke it.

“Stroke it?”

“Flatter him..really well. Not enough to be suspicious of course, but enough that he’ll want to see your side of the matter.”

Getting somewhat confused looks from the pair the Grumpig let out a small sigh to then turn his attention on both of them. They weren’t dumb, but it seemed they hadn’t tried to talk their way out of this type of situation before..though with the way Wussy was, it wouldn’t be hard to stroke his thought he was better than anyone anyways.  

“Make him see why you don’t want to beat him up and he doesn’t destroy the dungeon so you can’t get back to Andaluust..or where ever you came from.”

That made Darala freeze for a split second and turning sharply, she beckoned for her ghost type partner to follow, which she did without a second of hesitation. Edmund knew that look; pure terror. His only thought was that there was someone that shiny Pokemon did not want to lose forever and the only way to do so was to butter up that Whiscash in the best way possible.

It would be hard, but she could do it.  

Shuffling aside some of the papers, Edmund straightened before rummaging about in a satchel sitting beside him. Pulling out a pencil he leaned over towards the pair, his dark eyes gleaming with a bit of eagerness as he lowered his voice to a whisper, the two wondering what he would be able to tell them. Putting complete trust in a stranger was something they hadn’t done before, but they didn’t have much else of a choice in the matter considering the situation they were in right now.  

“Okay.” he murmured, eyes intent on the paper in front of him as he began to sketch out a few words. “Here’s what I need you to do..”

Inside that particular room, there was no rest for the wicked as a large Whiscash wearing a crown perched on top of its head fun could be seen ordering a lesser servant about as he wobbled to and fro in a large cart containing water, surveying the area.  

“Quickly River, more mud, more water! No trespassers are going to escape this dungeon if I have anything to say about it..and I will say much!”

“Yes sire, yes sire..” the Barboach meekly replied as they stacked more mud on top of what looked like a large barricade in front of the exit door, blocking all hope of going to Geoda for anyone traversing this specific dungeon.  

The door opened behind them and both of them turned to see a cheerful looking Banette and an apathetic looking shiny Corsola walking nonchalantly in through the door towards them as if they owned the place. Halting just a few feet of the supposed King and his servant, both of them bowed before Lunanette removed her hood and began to speak, keeping her eyes respectfully lowered.  

“All hail King Wussy Whiskery Montgeomery Mudsuckery Sedimus Munge IV, Surpreeeeeeeeeeeeme Overlord of the underground lakes. We humbly request an audience with you and plea you hear our words.”

As she was speaking, two figures flopped out of her hood and began to squirm their way over in front of Going History, both for support as their eyes locked onto the staring King, who was looking at their pair as if slightly impressed. Rolling his way forwards to stop in front of the Barboach cousins, regarding them with one large eye before returning his attention to Going History.

“What is it you want, peasants?” he mused while inspecting a fin as if uninterested by what they were saying, though his eyes betrayed otherwise. They held greed like theirs but it was much..much different. His spawned from figments and grandeur while theirs spawned from training and the wild hope that maybe..they could be someone someday “I am busy plotting your demise mmnyes.”

“O gracious king, we ask you grant us passage.” Luna continued while sweeping her paws outwards. Darala was impressed; not only did her partner seem to have really good memorization skills, but this was all being pulled out of thin air as Edmund had simply give them a few lines and told them to go off of that before bidding them good luck and them going through the door to the next room. “Not only is this dungeon dangerous to your subjects but also to you.”

The Whiscash drew himself up to his full height, an unimpressed look on his face as he huffed and water sloshed all about, staining the floor about them. He now had an unimpressed look on his face and it seemed no amount of words would make him change his mind about letting them leave.

“There’s a monster in here, you know.”

All eyes turned to Darala who was staring at Wussy with a no nonsense look in those dark blue eyes.

“Yeah.” she continued in a nonchalant manner, not watching the others faces (especially Wussys) become more and more frightened, though she wasn’t too worried about the cousins or her partner, because they were simply acting. “We saw it on the way here; it’s pretty big. Sharp fangs, tough claws..lots and lots of fur. It was eating something when we snuck past too and it didn’t look too friendly either, mumbling something about more meat and how this wasn’t going to be enough.”

At that moment, a roar sounded from deep within the caverns of the basalt halls, echoing louder and louder until the force of the noise almost knocked the group over. The Whiscash had gone white with fear and was shaking, sending up small ripples in his cart and almost losing his crown before he steadied and smoothed himself out before speaking in a calm, albeit quavering voice.  

“I will accompany you to this..Geoda place if you promise to protect me from this mons-..”

“You got it!” the Banette chirped and promptly took hold of the cart that held the so called king. Wheeling it to the barricade she paused upon noticing that while they had been talking the mud had hardened, creating a somewhat impenetrable force that neither of them at the moment could bust through; Luna because she was holding onto Wussy to make sure he wouldn’t try to escape now that their plan had worked. Now all they had to do was get out of here and into Geoda so they could finally be out of this place.

“Ah, we’re trapped, we’re trapped, we’re trapped!” the fish Pokemon whined as he began to wiggle back and forth in a way of escaping, though wasn’t able to move very well because of the vice grip that the Banette had on the cart, keeping him from moving too much.  

He then let out a yell as the door behind the pair slammed open and the four mons who were in the other room strolled in as if on a picnic, being lead by Edmund carrying . Though this didn’t seem like the calm, gentle psychic type who had greeted the team upon first entering; this one was confident with a straight back and a gleam in his eye that said “I know what I’m doing so stay out of my way”.

“Who are they?!” Wussy yelled as the chipper Banette let go of his cart and he wheeled forwards a bit towards the team, who ignored him and began to inspect the barricade instead with concentration. “Guards, I order you t-..”

“Please sire.” the Grumpig interrupted with a cold gleam in his eyes as Going History stepped back to let them through, causing Wussy to scoot backwards a bit in what seemed submission before he bumped into a wall, water splashing all about the dual type Pokemon. “Let us help you with that.”

Without hesitation, Pilvi and Ruka both charged up attacks, one a glowing green ball of energy and another crackling with a multitude of electricity before releasing them straight at the barrier. With a crack they both hit, creating a large plume of dust and an explosion, though when it cleared not much harm had been done to the room itself, though the mud pile was completely destroyed.  

With the Smoochum cheering in delight from her position in the Grumpigs arms, her tiny paws hitting against his own large one until he ruffled her hair and caused her to start squeaking, the others began to make their way through the exit out into the blazing sun and stifling heat. Lunanette was the last to leave and she was almost through when something in the wreckage caught her eye. It was a type of food item popular in Parai; surely that would be helpful for their adventure!  

Rummaging about for a bit through the shattered pieces of the wrecked pile, she flipped up the fleshcap in an expert manner to then catch it, following after the others with a spring to her step and an even cheerier look on her features.

If this was how exciting all dungeons were going to be, then she never ever wanted to miss out on one!  

Dungeon used
PMDU - Hunters Guild Written Application

Gained three meatroots and three star coins
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