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Activity was high at the entrance to the dungeon as many Teams prepared to face their first dungeon. No one was more excited than a certain Flaffy with a Ducklett on her head standing in the middle of the bustling crowd, her blue eyes bright with wonder and determination as she stared at the rock formations about the entrance. Everyone surrounding Atlantice Fence could tell because of Dara’s constant shifting and bouncing on her heels, never standing still for a moment. Gooseka remained still from on top of the shy sheeps head, letting out a wide yawn to then give a low grumbling noise as the lamb shifted once again, blinking heavy eyes as he surveyed the situation as well.

Perched upon the sheeps nose was a pair of thick rectangular glasses with somewhat thicker wire frames curled upwards at the end to be hidden in her thick head wool. They had the unfortunate factor of being coloured green with a yellow tint but that didn’t matter to either at the moment. All that mattered was what was happening here and now, nothing else. They were going exploring into a new place, a new adventure, filled with so many possibilities!  

Swinging about to look at all the activity going about her, the electric types eyes sparkled but she soon stopped moving as Gooseka dug his feet into her head wool, scratching at her scalp slightly. He then nudged at her forehead, causing her to look up slightly, but not so much that he was worried about falling off onto the ground. The Duckletts features were creased with a small bit of mirth, a small smirk curving his normally still mouth at the edges as his black eyes danced with laughter. It caused a blush to spread over the sheeps face; was she really moving that much?

“I can get down if you want.” the dual type murmured, causing the blush to darken in colour. Seems like that was a yes in the moving too much department.

“N-No,” she stammered almost instantly after, somewhat frightened to lose him amongst all these mons. Plus bolting into the dungeon would probably be a thing for her, due to excitement of not having done these types of activities before. “It’s..comfortable and I don’t want to lose you or for you to get trampled if there’s a rush.”

That seemed to satisfy the Ducklett and settling back into place, both of them looked forwards as a hush settled over the crowd. Seemed like things were getting started and neither of them wanted to miss out on the information, especially if it was important.  This place was going to be dangerous; both of them knew that but were excited nevertheless.  

Chelle floated in front of the large group, every eye on her as she prepared to speak. She seemed slightly nervous but kept a professional attitude, holding a sheaf of papers in one of her paws, looking at them occasionally while addressing the crowd.  

“Attention members.” she started off, her eyes traveling about to seemingly each and every mon looking in her direction. When she met Atlantic Fences eyes a thrilling chill went up the sheeps spine and she had to remember to breathe; this was too exciting! “It’s nice to see all of you here, eager to test your skills and mettle against this dungeon. I will warn you that it is dangerous (though I’m sure most of you know that already) and feel free to take your time exploring; we aren’t here to risk life and limb to acquire valuable research.”

“Speaking of which, no dungeon is alike and will create a variety of phenomena and rules upon entrance. Teams who manage to re create one of more of these ever shifting changes in their dungeon will not only be rewarded with three star coins upon bringing their results in, but if it is particularly valuable to our research will gain entrance to a more comfortable room upon reaching Geoda.”

“A warning to all who wish to gain these rewards.” she continued, her gaze turning hard and causing some of the less brave members to swallow hard and look away slightly “If any of us catch you – and we will – doing dangerous experiments such as defacing valuable or strange ruins, making strange weapons or simply throwing a mysterious substance at anothers head will result in the revoking of access to the Researcher Archives until we are certain you will not destroy that as well and a strike.”

The Reuniclus suddenly relaxed and the air about the group became easier to breathe as a result, placing her papers away in some strange location. Waving a hand at some bundles placed in front of her she then spoke again, causing the new Teams to become excited once again. “There should be everything you need and more in these satchels before me. One per Team please and no more, though if you feel you don’t need one then feel free to enter the dungeon.”

With that, most teams eagerly gathered a satchel before making their way into the dungeon. Atlantic Fence waited a bit before picking up one of the few that was left and taking a deep breath, made their way through the gaping hole that was the dungeon called Basalt Halls.  

The darkness surrounded them in a few minutes, causing both pair to blink and squint slightly as their eyes adjusted to the dim light inside. It seemed such a different world than outside; everything was still and was an almost eerie feeling to one who wasn’t used to it. Taking a few steps, the sheeps eyes wandered in an almost feverish manner as the hoofs on her paws clicked in a rhythmic pattern off the cold stone floor. She had just gotten her glasses a few days before the dungeon mission had been sent out so seeing everything clearly was still shell shocking for her. The day after she had gotten them the pair had gone outside and Gooseka had to her used to getting the sheep to slow down because she would have fallen flat on her face at the pace she had been going to see everything all at once.  

Her heart thumping almost painfully in her chest, the Flaaffy raised a paw unconsciously to touch at the modified glass that allowed her to was so wonderful she could cry and cry she had when they had been given to her. For so long she had been worried about what others would think when seeing her like this. They already thought her strange back home but these people were strangers, complete ones at that. Who cares what they thought; they were doing something enjoyable and no one could stop them now!

"Dara.” the Ducklett perched on her head called, flapping his wings to snap her out of her thoughts before she almost toppled over from the slight force on her head. She still wasn’t used to that no matter how many times it think she would by now but nope, still surprised her “You can set me down now..please.”

Obligating, she reached up and plucked the dual type from his wooly nest, setting him gently on the ground as he honked his thanks and waddled off to explore on his own while the sheep knelt down to stare at some scattered pebbles and marvel at the structure in general. No one in her family was into archeology but she always found it fascinating how rocks formed, split, crumbled with either a huge effect on something or simply no effect at all.  

Turning her head to watch what her partner was doing at the moment, those blue eyes caught him inspecting something far off in the corner, tucked away from prying eyes. Well, that would make sense he would spot something no one else really could; he always seemed to notice the little things that everyone else ignored for the most part.

..He had noticed her, after all.  

Moving to join the Ducklett, they stared at what seemed to be a makeshift shelter with a small campfire in front (though the ashes were very cold upon further investigation), a rumpled cot with a few thin blankets placed on it in a very specific manner. Rummaging about they found nothing of interest and were turning to leave when a rustling noise cause the sheeps sensitive ears and looking back, spotted some crinkled papers fluttering gently in the draft that came from the entrance door. Scooping down the pick them up, Dara tucked them into the satchel carried about her shoulder before following after her partner into the room to the right, through an old wooden door.  

As soon as they entered the room a chill ran up both the pairs spine, causing the electric types tail to tuck underneath in fear and doubt with the dual type rustled his wings to peer about. Every step they took caused the feeling of unease to grow until the pair were shaking, though they managed to pick up a meatroot with trembling paws and escape thorough a door to the right, not wanting to go back into that feeling any time soon. The next room was littered with broken twigs and stones, as if something had smashed through of its own accord with no will or care to anyone about it. It was plain looking for the most part and as the pair were looking about, they noted something shuffling about as if to make a nest and decided to skirt through the area without looking about too much. In doing so they avoided a strange looking creature who was nosing about and grumbling to themselves with a bent spoon in their mouth as they poked at a twig, prodded at a stone to then let out a sight.

Going to the very far edge of the room the pair were halted by the sight of a door in front of them and looking closer at it, noted there was a lock fastening it shut. It didn’t look new but neither of them could spot any rust about either..strange.

“Why don’t we go in there and see if there’s a key aboot?” Gooseka questioned softly while jabbing his beak in the direction of an opening to the left of the room. The sheep agreed and they moved on, but when entering the room she paused almost instantly while her partner walked on, eyes filling with wonder.

Tiny blue lights floated about the entire room like fireflies, spreading shadows across everything in the room. It was hard to tell what was real and not real; the lights made them feel as if they were being transported to another dimension, or at least another world. Blinking to shake her head, the Flaaffy reached out to touch up against one of the lights and watched as they surrounded the pair as if curious about them.

“Maybe this could be our experiment!” she squeaked to Gooseka in excitement, kneeling down to place the satchel on the floor. Standing up once again she began to note the position of each and every floating light, wondering how they could capture them. They didn’t seem dangerous in the slightest, more like intrigued spirits that were minding their own business and just hanging out rather than something that would attack them. “Now, we need to count how many are in the room, and see how they react to different that’s heat, cold, wet, light..”

“Hm, they don’t seem to be affected right now; I wonder if there’s anyone way we could get a f-..”

“Got some.”

Looking down in surprise from her somewhat incoherent ramblings, Dara noted that her partner had his wings holding a jar he had somehow gotten out of the satchel. Inside flickered a few of the blue lights, casting a warm glow upon the jar and causing it to be slightly heated as a result. It was more a comforting warmth than anything and the pair stared at it for a few minutes before deciding to move on. Tucking the jar carefully into a pocket deep inside the satchel where it wouldn’t be jostled, the Flaaffy stood and began to make her way to the door before a low moan caused the pair to pause and look to the right.

One of those strange creatures could be seen illuminated in the opening that lead to the next room. It was larger than the one they had seen in the room with all the broken material lying about and seemed to be having a hard time keeping themselves upright, even on such steady ground. Pushing themselves upright with a grunt, it tried to make its way through the alcove and simply flopped down once again, panting.

Approaching the whiskered Pokemon Atlantic Fence introduced themselves and listened at the frantic Pokemon babbled on about something or other about their companion being trapped in the next room and how they couldn’t go inside the next room because every time they tried to go in something happened to push them out and they ended up more tired than before.

Trading glances with each other, Gooseka simply said “We’ll do it”, causing a stunned look to come over the dual types face before they let out a squeak and simply bowed until their head touched the cold stone floor, stammering many thanks. Waving his thanks aside, the unusual duo stepped through the passage to halt once again, both of them blinking in astonishment.

Pure white snow filled the entirety of the room from corner to corner, cold to the touch but beautiful nevertheless. Breathing out, the pair found that they could create mist with their breath as it seemed to hang in the air to then vanish without a trade soon after. The pair hadn’t seen snow in quite some time and from the feel of it, it seemed to be packing snow from the crunching noise it made when one lifted a paw to set it back down again in a different place. Eagerly looking at each other they then both dove into the snow to roll about in it, snorting and huffing as it chilled their bodies and stuck to both feathers and wool. Stopping after a few minutes so they wouldn’t become too cold, the pair shook themselves free of the snow to then start making piles, which they then shoved together after making them tall enough. The finished project was a little lumpy, but they soon smoothed out the edges to make some sort of creature like shape that seemed more lumps than anything.  

Searching about the room they found the water fishes companion, half frozen and buried in a pile of snow that had seemed to be tossed upon it. Since there were no other creatures inside the room except for them and no paw prints to be seen they were undecided on what happened to them, for there was no proof how they had ended up this way..maybe it was simply an accident?

A few moments after, the sound of a thumping noise and a click, followed by a loud “fwoosh” as if something had been set off caused the pair to jolt and turn about quite quickly. Witnessing the end of a trap that had been set off by the pairs large snow creature, which hadn’t been able to hold itself upright and toppled, its weight setting off the trap in the corner of the room, where flames shot into the air, melting a large area about the room and creating a huge plume of steam that caused them both to cough until it cleared. Staring over at the frozen cold ground and water type the sheep ambled over and scooping up the other Pokemon she gently held them over the still smoldering trap until they seemed warm enough to at least move about on their own.  

Deciding they had spent enough time in the snowy room they went back, reuniting the two companions with ease and picking up a meatroot that they had skipped before when first entering the room with the floating blue lights. While the two mons of the same type chatted amongst each other, Atlantic Fence realized they hadn’t found a key to the locked door but were still curious about what lay inside it, so decided to check it out anyways.

Taking care not to step on anything that alerted the whiskered Pokemon that prowled about the area, the pair paused in front of the door to examine it once more and decided the only way to get into that room was to break the lock. Using the jewel on her tail Dara quickly smashed the lock and Atlantic Fence went into the room without a hitch, the door shutting behind them with a click.

Or at least that’s what they thought; the sound had actually come from underneath the sheeps hooves and looking down, the Flaaffy noticed she had stepped onto a trap. A rumble signaled the pair into looking upwards, only to have the Ducklett let out a sharp cry and the electric type a scream as a torrent of rocks tumbled down onto the two, burying them both in a variety of stones.  

It seemed a while before the sheep stirred, letting out a cough as she struggled to sit upwards to give a soft moan. Thankfully she could still see, her glasses having miraculously survived being shattered or scratched by any of the rocks. The Ducklett poked his head out from underneath that lengthy body to let out a somewhat muted honk, having been dove on by his partner in an unconscious effort to protect him.  

“Daraaaa..” the dual type huffed softly, rustling his wings to stir up more dirt and causing them both to let out a sneeze “Don’t go setting off any more traps okay; it’s not good for either of us if we get injured!”

“All right, all right..I’ll do better next time.” she replied, a weak chuckle escaping her mouth. It was pitch black inside the rocks but they didn’t have to worry about that for long, because a soft glow was coming from the satchel that the sheep had lost track of while throwing herself forwards when the rocks had started to come down. Inspecting the source it was seen that those wisps that they had trapped in the jar in the other room were glowing all the brighter, allowing them to see each other clearly. While the sheeps face was slightly pale, Gooseka didn’t seem worried and even wandered about inside of the rock slide to check if there were any openings to escape from.

“Well.” he murmured after a few moments of waddling back and forth to turn back to the now kneeling sheep, who had collected the satchel and seemed a bit harried. “Doesn’t seem to be a way out but we can make our own, no worries!”

“Wouldn’t that cause the place to collapse on top of us?” came the worried question from the lamb, her dark blue eyes turning towards where the rocks had formed in a strange manner above them, almost as if teasingly forming a dome where she could kneel or sit, but not stand. “Busting through the’s kinda dangerous, right?”

“No more dangerous than entering this place, and we did that no problem! It’s fiddle-proof!”

“You mean fool proof?”

“Yah yah, same thing.” he responded, waving a wing back and forth in a nonchalant manner. “Now, let’s see what we can do to get out of here.”

A low rushing noise solved their problem as they felt a small breeze and upon looking closer at the rocks some of them seemed loose, as if they were going to collapse at any time to bury them completely. Thinking for a few moments, Dara looked at her partner, giving a grimace before letting out a sigh and speaking, the water and flying type giving her his full attention with those far seeing eyes.  

“I’ve got an idea but..”


“It’s going to hurt..”

“Dara,” he interrupted, giving his friend a somewhat sharp look that made her blink before relaxing slightly. Gooseka wasn’t mad at her and she didn’t think he ever would be. They understood each other that much at least..but there was still so much more she wanted to learn! “We’re both going to get hurt if those rocks think of moving and smush us. Just tell me, okay?”

“All right..” came the somewhat uneasy reply as the sheep indicated to the breezy part of the trap they were buried in. “With enough force we should be able to break through the trap and not bury ourselves alive; just one swift motion will do it.”

“..I need you to use Brave Bird and smash your way through, just like we did with the statue.”

The Ducklett looked from the sheep to the hole and back again before nodding and without another word started to glow many different hues of blue about the edges of his body. Dara barely had enough time to grab him before he shot towards the small hole with enough force that not only did they both crash through the rock formation of the trap, but almost hit the wall as they tumbled to a halt. With her paws up in the air, the timid Pokemon panted as if she had been the one using the move to sit up and gather her partner, who had landed in a heap of feathers as she shakily began to brush the dust off of him.

A cracking noise caused them both to look the one side as a treasure box popped into view, having been set off from the trap; seemed that they had to escape it or else their prize wouldn’t come..though it must have been something very rare inside for such a dangerous trap to appear in the first place.

Or, it might just be how the dungeons worked in general. Survive/beat a trap, get a treasure!

It’d better be worth it..

“Maybe it’ll be helpful for the expedition.” came the murmur from the Flaaffy as she inched closer with her partner in her paws and gently opening the lid of the wooden chest with a foot paw, blinked in confusion as what the compartment contained. It was filled to the brim with almost everything one needed to perform a multitude of experiments, ranging from glass to some sort of elastic material to something that seemed like rubber but when touched against, the surface was somewhat rough. Gathering what they needed from the box they sat in silence for a while, gathering their nerves before the water duck asked a question that caused the electric type to jolt slightly; she had been so caught up in her own thoughts that she almost forgot that her partner was still in her grasp and awaiting an answer to his question in a somewhat eager manner.  

“..So what now?”

All the Ducklett got from his partner was a slow shake of her head as she tried to get the dirt out of her wool and came to his own conclusion, though neither of them seemed to like the outcome, but forced themselves to go along with it because it was their only choice. They had to head back to the uneasy feeling room, because not only did they have no where else to go, but from what the pair remembered, there hadn’t been any doors leading outside from the rooms they had just traversed through.  

Traveling back was an easy task; skirting past the still shuffling Barboach the pair made their way back to the shiver room without any hassle, though every moment in that room was growing more uncomfortable by the second.  

Sticking her head into the opening to the north of the impending doom room caused the sheep to become ill almost instantly; there were reflections everywhere, bouncing off everything and everyone to give the feeling of light-headedness. There was no door to be seen, so hurrying back with her partner, the pair back tracked to the room with the shelter and gently opened the door to the room in front of them. Stepping into this room Dara tripped on seemingly nothing and went sprawling, letting out a squeak as she prepared herself for a less than nice landing. To her surprise the ground was soft when she met it with the side of her face and the rest of her body, bouncing upwards slightly to let out a confused noise. Testing her weight against the soft ground, the shy sheep bounced slightly before noticing that her partner was bouncing along himself. It was hard not to with such spongy rock and they even noticed one of the larger enemies trying not to lose their balance on the rocks and failing because of their enlarged body, wobbling and wiggling with every sliding motion that was made.

Making their way to the exit of the dungeon easily they pushed open the door and almost immediately regretted their decision; the air was hot and sticky, causing an instant sweat to break out over skin and feathers as the pair struggled to breathe. Thankfully there were already some others there who had made it through and the pair were offered some water, to which they gulped down gratefully. Being guided to a shadier area which offered a large relief from the blazing sun, Atlantic Fence settled down to relax after their somewhat hard journey, shuffling their paws in the sand to cool them and peering about the area. Sand, sand and..more sand; how exciting.

Taking off the satchel they had been given, the shy Pokemon was going through it to sort through what they had gotten out of the expedition when the papers came into view and curiously, she took them out to begin reading them..or at least she tried. They were in a strange, cryptic language that seemed impossible for her to figure out, but she was a researcher so she had to try. Maybe Chelle knew what they were, or someone else could help them with this problem; it never hurt to ask, right?

Maybe they could help them figure out how dungeons worked..just maybe. But who..or what was experienced (or strange) enough to figure out what these letters meant?  

Oh well, now wasn’t the time to research that. It was time to start experimenting on the strange floating lights they had found in the one room and pulling out the jar, the sheep held it up to her face with a small smile. With her brain starting to click away at the endless possibilities, she noted they remained the same consistency in the bright sunlight and the intense heat didn’t change them either. Just the same, quietly floating dots of light that had immersed the pair when they had walked into the room.

It was time to do some research~  

PMDU - Researchers Guild Written Application - Application

Dungeon I used

Gained three meatroots, three star coins and a merit
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You caught a fairy in a bottle! 

I didn't get a treasure.  I feel so cheated... :<

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