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Atlantic Fence 2.0 - official application



Collaboration Team between :iconmnjooschji: and I. Gooseka is his and Dara is mine.

Tumblr link

Darasheep's in depth bio:
Gooseka's in depth bio:


Old Application


Old written application
New written application


Mission log:

M1 (complete) + 5 SC
Bringing Home the Basalt (complete) +3 star coins


Guild Tasks (in no specific order):

Customize Me
Tea Time
Fireworks, singing and scribbling
Overlord of sheeps (Frosty festival Shenanigans)
AF Cactus Tasks
Dara goose cactus tasks



Errand one (on time) +1 SC
Errand two
Errand three (on time) +1 SC
Errand four(on time) +1 SC
Errand six (on time) + 1 SC
Errand seven (on time) + 1 SC
Errand 12 (on time) +1 SC


- M1: Free customization and accessory (Dara uses hers for her coat; Goosekas is still available)

- June Tasks :
   - Two customization slips from defeating the Greninja (bringing their counter up to two)
   - One pair of glasses from the fashion show
   - Two fireworks that get replace each mission/task/errand with one use of Flash Cannon each
   - A D.I.Y handbook that allows the use of Mimic
   - And a storage key

Basalt Halls: Three meatroot and a merit

Geoda Tasks:

A version of the knuckledusters popular throughout Geoda. Made from from a hunk of cactus and a strap, it's simple to make and simple to use. Allows the use of Needle Arm.

-Pollen Sample-
A sample of Gigant cactus pollen. Incredibly light and fluffy, it sticks to almost anything and is a pain to remove from fur or feathers. If tossed into the wind, allows the use of Cotton Spore; if poured on oneself, allows the use of Cotton Guard. 3x USE only.


Cameo appearances:

Giveaway prize from Tumblr
Kyaaaa~ (June Task from :iconleoguardian:)
THIS IS SRS BZNSS (June Task from :iconbunyro:)
A kind sheep (June Task from :iconsanngot:
Sticky situations (June Task from Mommawott)
Shocked sheep (M1 from GameMaster15)
Chatter (M1 from KitHasArt) (Also featured on page 7 and 10)



Double Meme
Evolution Meme (shoop)



You fool, you fool
First Year Anniversary
I can never go back there
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