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This is a collab between :iconmnjooschji: and I!

I did the sketching and lineart and he did the colouring/shading.

Atlantic Fence Application

Obtained: -Pollen Sample-
A sample of Gigant cactus pollen. Incredibly light and fluffy, it sticks to almost anything and is a pain to remove from fur or feathers. If tossed into the wind, allows the use of Cotton Spore; if poured on oneself, allows the use of Cotton Guard. 3x USE only.

Sol asks you to collect samples from the four principle plants of the Cactus Fields: Spelon, Petaya, and Gigant cacti, and Agaves. Be sensitive, however, to any locals who seem unhappy with your activities. Try to win their trust; successfully befriending a local and getting their help collecting samples will earn 1 Merit

Excadrill not included.
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That's a nice cactus :)