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October 5, 2009
USS Enterprise NCC-1701 by ~Omtn-DNfanzZ. From the suggester: "It's beautiful. Everything in this piece works really well together. The way the hair flows is really unique." Not your standard piece of Star Trek Fan Art!
Featured by aunjuli
Suggested by Rainbow-potato
mixed-blessing's avatar

USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Lady Enterprise. ^ v ^//

Finally done:heart:
I work so long on this piece, copy details from the model : P
her orbital skirt's fancy, I like it. = D

wanna do Narada too.(If I can. haha XD)

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Teebsy-86's avatar

Brilliant use of the skirt to represent the saucer!

enterprise1701e's avatar
"You treat her like a lady, and she'll always bring you home." --Admiral Leonard H. McCoy

Wonderfully done!
SCSpinCycle's avatar
Hooo Boy thats some Enterprise. A pretty amazing Kancolle Style.
zxoverdriver12's avatar
Damn she cute (would be besties with jaeger girls)
Coraxus's avatar
Cool, love the TMP refit :3
Pulsarium's avatar
...y'know, I was wondering where the gijinka/humanized version of the Enterprise would be. Considering Kancolle, I figured this would be the next obvious step.

There needs to be more like this.
ZAGWEI's avatar
Oh, she's enterprise A.As far as I am concerned, the JJ's enterprise is more suitable than A.And, of course she's lovely.
szaman1701's avatar
This is fantastic, maybe skirt is to fancy, but beside that I just LOVE IT ! :)
procyonpaw's avatar
This is a bit late, but this is the Prime Timeline Enterprise, right?

Are you going to continue with doing Star Trek stuff?  Your art is quite nice :D.
guny666's avatar
somebody call William shatner
Lucario-Stl's avatar
Seeing this all I can think of is Mister Scot's line about calling the ship a lady.... 
CLMine's avatar
Jim will be head over heels for the lady!
Mickeymouseisgay's avatar
I have to show this to scotty. HEY SCOTTY, COME TAKE A LOOK AT THIS!
CrouchingAllosaurus's avatar
I'm sure he'd love to get into her engines...
flandre495's avatar
BloodLily16's avatar
GIJINKA FTW!!! (And she's really pretty too!)
Snyslon93's avatar
Think this is how Kirk sees the Enterprise? Just a thought.

Nice artwork.
JibrilMudo's avatar
Tr3s-sSs's avatar
great idea and awesome work! <3<3<3 =^^=
Pinkss234's avatar
Wow. She's amazing 
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