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A Few Passing Stars
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"A Few Passing Stars"
20"x24" acrylic on canvas.

It's been just a little longer than normal since I've shared any artwork with the world.  I actually have quite a few pieces in their final stages but, in the meantime, I keep starting new things.  I'd like to just say that this is a precursor to some magnificent epiphanies that I hope to share with you.

There is an accompanying poem for this piece -- it's written on the back of the canvas.  However, I'm not too keen on sharing any of my poems right now.  They're visual in nature and typing them out wouldn't do them much poetic justice. ;)

But what can I say about this piece?  It's definitely in line with an overall, widespread theme I've been working with. If you prefer metaphors, it's something of a tributary tugging at the side of the river of my ideals.  It's a freestyle interpretation of space and a piece that was potentially born of my need to finish something...  ANYTHING... this month.  Though busy, my life has felt just a tad bit more idle recently and I'm working tirelessly to get back to a place where I'm doing things that matter again.

I recently read The Rose That Grew From Concrete, which is a collection of poems by a young Tupac Shakur.  I'll say more on that later, but I read (in the preface) a piece of poetry by his mother, Afeni Shakur, which really spoke to me:
"When you're not here
I measure the space 
You used to occupy.
Large areas become
vast and endless
deserts of you
not there."

It sent me on a philosophical trip. I mean, she says it all, what a fascinating concept ... it's something I've often pondered but never necessarily put into words. (And if only you could see some of my poetry.........!! It said so much on so many levels....)

I took a break from my more "serious" pieces to work on this painting and to sort of gather my thoughts on distance in all forms.  We sometimes close our eyes when things are too near or too grand ... the words I used on the back of this canvas, "My heart is an atom split by atmospheres; my eyelids -- blankets to console my refugee eyes".

"A Few Passing Stars" ... they are recurring, taunting glimpses of the grand and unknown.  All we tend to see is a spark of light and the lightbulb in our minds, reiterating the notion that we are in the presence of something greater than we ever anticipated.  There is a vast amount of space between us, what we believe, our dreams and nightmares, goals, social class, and those who we've loved or lost ... 

Enough on that piece before I spoil the rest, haha Creativity is a conversation with the self.  I hope you enjoy my thoughtful doodle! ;)

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Aeroslash|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Beautiful, ominous, empowering piece. I see in this piece "Look within yourself and you will find the Light" (His Light if you want to add a religious connotation to the piece). I can't help but feel almost a ghastly, haunted feeling when looking at this piece. It's simply complex--if you get what I mean. It's almost as if the soul of this young woman is being fleshed out for a higher cause--perhaps she has found her "higher meaning" or the reason why something has happened in her life that means a great deal to her. Almost like a darker, graver enlightenment. 

Another interpretation--the religious one--could be an angel has visited her and is leaving her in a flash of mystical light. The young woman is left spellbound, her breath taken in the sheer ethereal moment. She perhaps murmuring "Was it a ghost; or my Guardian telling me it will be alright in these darker times?"

I tend to ramble, but these are my thoughts on this piece. :) I love your artwork because it really makes me think about things (vague, I know, but you get what I mean!). So much talent you possess, it's truly a great gift you have been bestowed! 
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Mivala|Professional Traditional Artist
You are the best, I love the interpretation!!!
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AnonTheDarkOne|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know this is probably not the concept, but it's like her internal light is coming out via her hair, illuminating herself inside and out...
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Mivala|Professional Traditional Artist
Very cool!  I dig it. :)
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AnonTheDarkOne|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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