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RE: Cassian Chimal App by miuXgrimmjow1 RE: Cassian Chimal App by miuXgrimmjow1
Full Name: Cassian Chimal
Nickname: Cass and/or Chim
Relatives: None
Occupation: Matter Handler
Personality: Cassian is a quiet man who says little, except to his own teammates. He is very calm, rarely irritated or annoyed, and even when his mood changes Cassian still maintains his composure.
Hobbies: Cass adores literature and alone time to simply sit and read. Occasionally, he will sit outside and watch the sky at night, occasionally dragging his cello along to play a soft tune. When he plans to stay inside he may spend his time composing on a piano. Cassian smokes often, and is usually seen walking around with a cigarette in his hand.
Background: Cass is the second child of a captain. He was always quiet and reserved as a child, generally always behaving as his father instructed. He was never really close to his father, which caused his quiet manner, and often sat alone in his room. He discovered his ability to manipulate electricity in an unfortunate accident which killed his brother, who had been on board to visit his father due to their parents' separation. He can only control small amounts, which caused an equipment malfunction on board his father's ship. Afterwards, his father became even more distant and Cassian decided he would leave the ship. He wandered from town to town, working different jobs.
Mutations: Cassian can easily manipulate small amounts of energy. Due to a chemical imbalance caused by the previous ability, his irises change colors often. They are usually blue, yellow, and green. His ears are also pointed, similar to that of an elf, which is just a birth defect. His vision and hearing are sharper than average.
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xMIndaTaia Featured By Owner Mar 16, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
epic sis
kittyblood Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2013
i want to re draw him aaahhhhh *requires your premission and stuff*
cynicalStrider Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Aaaand now Leviticus has a slight gay crush someone else to pick on.
Also holy shit he's pretty.
Why are your characters so pretty????
Firt Eratempis and now this.
You're killing me, here.
Boomsaint Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2013
he look so fancy ;w;~
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