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Final Fantasy VIII

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not a fan of Rinoa but this is fantastic

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I can't believe how powerful this image is. It is one of these drawings that make a strong impression on me and I have no idea why. I think the blur has something to do with it. It looks... soft.

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Your take on Rinoa is amazing~

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This is such a great drawing of Rinoa! I like how it's realistic, but still has the sort of video game aesthetic! Beautiful work, thanks for sharing it!

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Man I still remember how much shit Rinoa got when FFVIII first came out.

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The shape of her face seems a bit different but it works. Nice bright sky making the lighting make more sense.

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your art is always getting better.

plus this piece is very nice. rinoa looks wonderful.

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that sounds weird but I love how the clothes wrap around the body <3 Looks so real :la:

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Amazing artwork!👍
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Aaaaah, she looks amazing!!!

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She's a cutie ^^

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wow! Those skin tones, and the soft shadows on the skin are fantastic!

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childhood dreaming ... <3 ...

beautiful picture!

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Absolutely fantastic! Beautiful!❤️❤️❤️
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