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Akame Ga Kill!

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Ayaka by miura-n315  Violet Evergarden by miura-n315  Misato Katsuragi by miura-n315  Sheele by miura-n315  Chelsea [ Akame ga Kill! ] by miura-n315  Mitsuru Kirijo by miura-n315 
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Now if only she wasn’t an insane Social Darwinist and could possibly become a good guy... and if only there wasn’t any main character deaths at least (being rendered incapable of fighting, by losing some of a leg for example, is fine. I’m also fine with her being about as sadistic as Darkness from Konosuba is a masochist, as it could make for some humorous moments, and a blood knight in the form of enjoying a good fight with or WITHOUT killing the person she’s fighting).
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That is an atmospheric, detailed scenery artwork that captures her spirit (and body...) really well :)

I want to ask in a humble way, if I could
1. set the colors on black and white / or maybe there is a line art which I am allowed to use
2. print it and
3 (re)color it (with credit to the artist) to learn more and led me lead by the atmosphere of your artwork and the characters/scenery. This means: No commercial use, just uploading it to my 'gallery' with credit to you and linking to the original artwork

You can find examples in my 'gallery'
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I'm very glad you like my art.

Usually i ask to not modify my art.

Thank you.
I like to see a version of diva or saya from blood+.
Nice eyes  and boobs
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hmmmmNuu  i would be so happy if i can make art like you do...Heart Heart  
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never thought Sdeath could be that sexy. Great work and nice colours <3
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doesn't matter how sexy you make them.   there are people who are hated and she is one of them
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My favorite lady from Akame Ga Kill. Not just because she is powerful and beautiful, her demeanor throughout the entire anime just made me love her more and more.
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Really nice atmosphere and lighting you conveyed.
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she looks so beauty in your pic :heart: :happybounce:
could think she´s one of the good ones ^^
even we all now she´s evil =)
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Absolutely amazing!
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Aya, Sexy thorn rose
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Wow, I love your skin! I-I mean I love the way you draw skin, it looks incredibly realistic! You inspire me! ^^
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Put this boy on the watchlist
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Haha 😅😅 I'd appreciate it 🙈🙈🙈
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really beautiful work on esdeath here. love the shading you used on her.
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