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Record of Lodoss War

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Parn's most beloved wife. Good job!

SkyrimFan1138's avatar
Absolutely stunning! :love: Beautiful job! :D
SereneMountain's avatar
i'm really a huge fan of record of lodoss : ), well done
chad-spider's avatar
I'm never sure what to say when I favorite something, but this is very good.
FortKing's avatar
StriderSyd's avatar
One of my favorite shows and OST's.....I think I'll go listen to "Fantasia Of The Wind" right now.
miura-n315's avatar
kaze no yousei, hane wo hirogete...
StriderSyd's avatar
Google Translate tells me: "A cold, spread the splash..."
But I get the feeling that is not what this is meant to say.
miura-n315's avatar
its my favorite line in "Fantasia Of The Wind"
Fooled-Trooper's avatar
This is wholesome.
breathelifeindeeply's avatar
Wow!!! So pretty :D  It's nice to see new artwork of an old show. It makes me want to dust my Deedlit cosplay off again!
Mayleth's avatar
So beautiful! I love the background scenery, and how her skin looks so smooth :love:
Mizutanitony's avatar
I just bought this on blu-ray. You have made my day!

rhyming not intentional
newboldworld's avatar
Brilliant!     :-)
sickoleman's avatar
absolute beauty
GrandMoffPony's avatar
She's so gorgeous.  :)  Nice work, as always!
zeroomega77's avatar
blast from the past. very nice artwork! wow
Omoidenoki's avatar
Been a loooong time since I've seen this wonderful character ! thanks ! 
Shinto-Cetra's avatar
Beautiful. Deedlit's great.
Tsuyoshi-kun's avatar
I've never seen this series, but that is one nice piece of fanart. Thanks for sharing.
skysoul25's avatar
looks like princess Zelda.
Flariah's avatar
So nice to see Deedlit fanart! Glad she's remembered and loved today still! :D
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