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i dont think ive ever related to an anime character as much as i do to tomoko
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FlareEmerald77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I can't stop reading the manga.....just hoping something good actually happens to her
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i really wanna know,  how do you read manga?
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FlareEmerald77Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Right to left
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The best characters are those that touch your heart on how relatable they are.
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ColossalDreamHobbyist Traditional Artist
I agree. I've never seen a Character I empathized with more. Watching Watamote is like watching my past replayed in front of me.
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same for me =(
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I feel for this kid. I was a complete mess like her back in the day.
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NikaerinStudent General Artist
ahh she looks so cute in your style! <3
and the atmosphere you created with those colours really suits it
it's really scary how much i can relate to this anime, too .__.
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KapalskyProfessional Traditional Artist
Really sweet picture
And dear this episode was kinda disturbing...especially the end 
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Kuchario-chanStudent Traditional Artist
Ahhhhh! WataMote fanarrrt~
All of your art is great and this is just amazing. 
I especially love the coloring on this. 
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GalejroHobbyist General Artist
This looks more like her as a grown-up with that adult looking face and a briefcase (yeah I know it's supposed to be a backpack). Like after the seires passed and she failed (Which I do not know, don't spoil it for me manga fans).
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It's a pity because she is the icons of most anime/game fans. There's no tricks, just a typical girl who isn't blessed with everything.

She isn't cool, she awkward. A Rarity among women made into main/supporting characters. Only that easier to find in men/boys and they're "Cool"
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This isn't a girls only issue, though.

There are just as many guys struggling with social anxiety.
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I've been seeing giffies of this girl a lot on tumblr, is the anime really good? 

omg Miu your colours thooouuuuuggghhh *////0////*
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MiupokeStudent General Artist
yeah, its pretty funny!! you should try watching it if you have time!

thanks kitbby <3
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I just almost killed myself over the depressions!
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omg mwappy and I started watching it aaahhh it's so funny! Poor Tomoko ; v ;
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AnimeART-by-Ari-aHobbyist Traditional Artist
i seriously love her. shes just so cool! too bad she doesn't know that shes popular out here among us anime lovers!
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